Chapter One: Lily and Winter

Winter never believed in anything she didn't see. The only she knew was snow and ice, but her friend tried to tell her different, saying that a strange women was telling her, that the world they lived in wasn't always like this. Winter only helps, after her sister passes away and the snow gets deadlier, more deaths come. Can the uncontrolled snow and winds, be stopped. Only time will tell and the stories that Spring knows.

Winter looked at the frozen river; her long brown hair was covering her face. She couldn’t believe what just happened.

“Lily!” She shouted, hoping that what happened was fake. Nothing happened. The large hole in the ice was getting bigger, but she deserved what happened. She let Lily die. She was one of the lucky ones, the only one to be fully related to her sister.

“Winter!” A male shouted it wasn’t her father; she would never be able to look at him again. When she looked to see who was calling, everything turned black.

“Winter,” A woman said, her short black hair, was familiar to Winter, this has happened, since she was a small child.

“What do you want?” Winter asked, trying to forget what happened.

“This is going to happen,” The woman, Gaia, reminded her “You must stop it; you and your friends must stop the world from getting colder.”

“And what! ‘Cold’ is the only thing this land has ever seen,”

“Winter! Winter!”


“Come on Winter, it’s time to get up,” The voice of her little sister said, Lily. Winter was glad that it was only a dream, and that it didn’t really happen.

“What’s wrong Lily?” Winter asked, as she pushed her furs to the side, looking at the small girl on the other side of their room.

“I had a bad dream;” Lily told her, “Just like you did,”

“I didn’t have a bad dream,” Winter told her, looking around the pure white room, everything was white. Food was hard to find, and many died because it was too cold, or many other reasons to do if the deadly snow.

“Winter, you forgot that you talk in your sleep,”

“I do not talk in my sleep,”

“You do,” Lily told her, after they got ready and walked out of their little igloo, and walked to wait for their parents.

“What was your dream about?” Winter asked Lily, it was her way, to tell others that she didn’t want to talk about a subject.

“I was playing on ice and then it was cold,” Lily said, “Is something going to happen?”

“Why do you think, something’s going to happen,”

“Because Rain, said that dreams have meanings behind it,”

“Rain is old,” Winter said Rain was the tribes elder, one of the few to live until old age; she was also the one who told everyone how old they were, by counting the number of nights and days. One night and one day, meant one year. 

Death was a part of normal life, when everything was fatal; you never really took any changes. The smallest stich could kill and most of the time, the person did die.

“Hey Winter, Lily,”

“Luna,” Lily shouted, pulling the girl into a hug.

“It’s almost time for the night,” Winter said, “Father and I are going to go hunting, before most the animals go to sleep.”

“Spring and I, need to make blankets,”

“I’m going to help Mama,” Lily said, looking at the two, “I’m going to be ten,”

“Rain told you?” Luna asked, as she stopped hugging her and pulled Winter into one.

“She’s getting crazier with old age,” Winter said, she didn’t believe the white haired women, in fact she trusted Rain, as much as she trusted Gaia, and the women wasn’t real.

“Hello, Luna,” Dylan, said “Winter and Lily, need to do their chores.”

“Of course Mrs Imani,” Luna said, walking towards the elder’s house.

“Winter, you need to have more respect,” Dylan told her, “You can’t talk about the elder like that.”

“Mother, I don’t trust her,”

“I don’t either, but she still needs respect,”

“Mama, she knows everyone’s ages,” Lily said, tugging on her mother’s long dress.

“I know sweetheart, we celebrate at the end of the year, and she tells anyone who asks.”

“How old is Winter?” Lily asked, Winter never tells anything and she never sees her big sister, at River’s, what if her sister didn’t know?

“I asked, she’s fourteen,”

“I was born during the darkness, and everyone thinks I’ll die, just because River said I would,” Winter said, “I have to find father,”

“Don’t worry Winter,” Hunter said “I’m here,”

“Of course father, isn’t anyone else coming with us?” Winter asked.

“No, Autumn and Summer can’t come,” Hunter reminded her, “They needed to check up, on their families.”

“Of course,” Winter said, “Do you have the weapons?”

“Of course,” Hunter said, pointing to the bow and arrows on his back, along with the spear that he was holding.

“Be safe,” Dylan said, kissing her daughter’s and husband’s check.

“Yuck,” Lily said, picking up the washing while, she stuck out her tongue, as she watched her mama, kiss her papa’s mouth.

“Don’t worry Lily, it’ll be you one day,” Winter told her, poking her sister’s head. Her sister was already up to her shoulders and Winter knew that she was going to be their father’s height, while Winter was going to be stuck at her mother’s height.

“Winter, come on, we need to fish and hunt,” Hunter said, giving Winter her bow and arrow’s.  Along with a bag to hold any meat, they might get and Hunter hoped he’s get enough for about twenty people, ten children and ten adults.

“Of course,” Winter said, as she followed her father out into the forest, some had leaves while other’s where bare. Women where always long distance fighters, having a good eye. Men would chase the animal around until it ran off a cliff. Hunting was always done in two’s, doing it with one person, was silly and the person always died.


The hunt was successful, Winter had shoot two deer’s, a buck and doe. This could last the tribe a week, before someone would have to go hunting.

There weren’t many tribes, at least not in this area. There was the Seasonal, Mountain and River tribes. They mainly live in peace and away from each other, since they understood how fragile human life was.   

Getting a hunt back to the village was hard, but doable. They just had to fight off, other hunters and animals. Hunter, was good at what he was named after, had built, what he called a sleigh, and this made it easier to carry back and to defiant.

“Winter,” Hunter said, as they got to the village “Spring asked for your help,”

“Why does she need my help?” Winter asked, she always thought River’s granddaughter was just as crazy. Sometimes, Winter couldn’t believe that Spring was two years older than her.

“Weaving, but I think she wants to talk to you,”

“What about the hunt?”

“Autumn and Summer, will help me salt it, now go Lula looks like she’s about to pop and we’ll need something to keep the babe warm.”

“Of course father,”

“That’s my girl,”

Hunter might be her father by blood, but everyone helps protect and raise a child. Hunter and Dylan told her, it was they knew how to hunt together, without fighting and killing everyone, because they didn’t get enough food. So everyone helps everyone, if only to make sure they can leave another long day or night.


The walk to River and Spring’s house was short, but Winter wasn’t looking forehead to it. The Petunia house was made out of wood, Spring’s father made it and it was one of the few houses that were made out of anything, but snow.

“Winter, you come.”

“Of course, father would have been angry, if I didn’t.”

“Still the same, huh Winter?” Spring asked, her long blonde hair in a braid. Most people have brown hair, but every one in ten will have blonde or blue eyes, Spring had both, the same as her mother and father. Her mother was born in the Mountain tribe.

“We’ll need to make cloths and a new blanket for Lula’s babe, hopefully the poor thing lives,” Spring said, opening the door, so Winter could enter.

“Of course,” Winter said, as she picked up the needle and wool, and sat on the floor. Spring might think it’s strange, since they have chairs, but Winter’s family doesn’t, so she sits on the floor.

“While we’re doing it, may I ask a few questions?” Spring asked, as she two, starts make small cloths for either a boy or a girl, not that it makes a difference.

“Only if I can ask some in return,”

“Of course Winter,” Spring said, smiling at the young girl “Is Lily you’re only sibling?”

“No, I had an older brother and sister,” Winter told her, “And you?”

“No, my parents passed away,” Spring told her “What happened to them?”

“Rose and Alex, were twins. They both passed away, because they were too loud on a mountain and the snow covered them, they died before they could be helped.”


“It’s fine,”

“I need to tell you something.”  

The End

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