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Chapter two




That night after Jessica closed the door after making sure he was in bed asleep, Tristan opened his eyes as they started to glow a lime green color over white, that would fade in and out like cat eyes. He got up off the bed and stood there growling and snarling before looking to the window and opening it. He then jumped out of the two story window and landed on his feet before walking up the dark street toward the playground and park.  

     The air around the park was foggy and cold with darks clouds hanging in the sky. As Tristan walked, each step he took made crunching sounds in the snow as he sat on the swing by the monkey bars. He grabbed the ice cold chains with his puny hands and kicked off the ground with his feet, back and forth before singing to himself in his child-like voice.

     “Jesus loves me this I know, for the bible tells me so, little one in who he Loves they are weak but he is strong…”

     As he finished, a middle-age man walked up from behind him in the darkness and stood there watching.

     “Hi, what are you doing here by yourself?”

     Tristan did not answer. He just stared at the ground with his hoody covering his head. The middle aged man looked down at Tristan with a hungry like stare. His eyes were locked mostly at Tristan’s mid section as he licked his lips a little.

     “Is cold huh? Do you want to come to my house for some hot chocolate? It’s not far. You can come over

and warm yourself up.”  

     Tristan didn’t move as the middle aged man looked around. He was more concerned if someone were watching him than anything as he reached his hand out.

     “Come on, I’ll help you up.”

     But as the man put his hand on Tristan’s shoulder, he felt a sudden pinching at his index finger followed by agonizing pain. He looked down to see blood on Tristan’s shoulder followed by a missing finger.

     “Jesus!” he screamed as the boy looked up at him growling. The middle aged man could see through the shock that eyes had dilated, and his cheeks were wrinkled up with small whiskers, like an animal, as saliva mixed with blood dripped down from small long sharp incisors in his mouth. The boy’s veins on his arms suddenly built in muscle mass as his hair stood up. His fingers became long claws as the fingerless man called out in fright.

     “Look at my hand you, little bastard! Now you’re gonna get it.”

     “I don’t think so.” Tristan smiled. “Don’t worry, this will only last forever.”

     “What the hell are you?” the middle aged man demanded as a ferocious roar escaped from Tristan’s mouth as the man turned and ran in terror.

     Tristan then jumped high into the air and pounced on the man’s back who fell in the snow hard. Tristan then bit the man’s leg sinking his teeth into the femur as the man screamed with agonizing pain. Now that the man was wounded and couldn’t run, Tristan made his way up to the man’s face and drove his clawed finger across the man’s throat exposing his trachea. The middle aged man gagged on his own saliva and blood as he lost air through his mouth. His throat smoked from the cold oxygen hitting his exposed skin as Tristan fed on the man’s flesh before he died.

     Tristan found his way down by the river after finishing his late night meal. He bent his head into the ice cold water washing off the blood and mucous. After he was finished, he ran as fast as he could back home where he was up the side of the house and back through his window in a few seconds. His clothes were off and he was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

     The next morning, Tristan woke to the smell of bacon in the air again. He looked around his room feeling as though he got only one hour of sleep and got up.

     He walked into the kitchen to find Jessica making breakfast and those sweet sounds of pancakes being baked. He picked at the food that was on the plate in front of him as David walked in fully dressed.

     “I gotta go hun,” he said and kissed Jess on the cheek. He grabbed some bacon then rubbed Tristan’s hair before heading to the door.

     “Where is Mr. Charlotte going?” he asked as Jessica finished cooking.

     “Lieutenant Andrew called. He wanted David to come in for a conference.”

     “Conference?” Tristan asked confused.


     David pulled into the Police department parking lot and stopped. He got out of the truck and walked toward the main entrance. He was greeted by Lieutenant Andrew along with Detective Hawscofe, a stern gentleman with slick back hair and determined grin. The three men entered the conference room with one other Deputy, (insert name).  

     “You’re all probably wondering why I called you in today.” Hawscofe started in. “This morning, as some of you know, a body was found near ? park. We’ve identified the victim as Saldrayes through fingerprint analysis. But only on one finger. He was mutilated.”

     This information sends a vibe through the room of total shock and silence.

     “There were no eyes in his sockets from what was discovered, and his lips were frost blue. The time of death was determined around one AM but the weird thing is that there was hardly any blood or scars on the body. And no fingerprints were found either of whoever did this. Forensics said he was missing organs as well.”

     “Missing organs?” Lieutenant Andrew asked.

     “Yeah. It looked as though whoever did it ripped out the liver and kidneys leaving no evidence behind of how they did it.”

     “An animal?” David inquired as Hawscofe looked over.

     “We don’t know. So I suggest keeping an eye open for anything suspicious. I’ve asked the Lieutenant to contact Interpol in reference to a possible serial murder situation. He’s also going to implement a curfew at dusk in case it is a mad man.”



*The rest you can continue.  The format I use is easy and you can fill in the blanks as you go along.




David comes home and explains to his wife about the situation, after a long talk,

Tristan enters in the room.

and asks  “can I go to school?”

David answered “are you sure, you just got here.”

 “I know, I just want to meet some friends.” said Tristan

Jessica then said  “I think that’s a great idea.”

Tristan smiles and says “alright”

“huney are you sure this is the right time for him?” said David

Jessica answered “I think we should let him explore the world and to start his education.”

“alright if that’s what you want, tomorrow I’ll wake you up and will head” said David

Down to the school…

The next morning David wakes Tristan up and help’s pack his school supplies In his back pack, he then drives him to the school, they come in and David

Signs him up and Tristan picks the classes.




.history and arts

Tristan was happy of what he picked and he then walks to his first class in arts.

Tristan then enters in the class not knowing where to sit but one kid waves to

Him and say’s “you can sit here” he then walks over and puts his backpack on the Floor to the side of the desk, and then he sits down.  The boy beside him sniffs

And balances his glasses.

 “hi, my name is Ralph what’s your name?”


 “Tristan, sick name you’re probably the youngest kid here aren’t yah” said Ralph

Tristan then said  “why you say that?”

.Ralph then said “everyone is talking about you and the situation you were in.”


“yeah, oh shit!” said Ralph


Ralph then said “teachers back quite…”

The teacher was a large women, she wore a long skirt and a sweater that a Grandmother would wear, her brown hair was curled, and she smelled like chicken

Noodle soup, Her name was Mrs. Eliswift, but we called her Mrs. Soup.

            “Today will be talking about the great aspects on Michael Angelo” said Mrs. Soup, As she went on about how magnificent his art was, and how we should follow his Footsteps even though this was only for half an hour it still felt like forever, then the bell finally ranged.

We both then walked down the halls laughing we finally got to his old rusty light

Blue locker.

Ralph then asked “hey so what you going to do today?”

Tristan answered “I don’t know probably go home and do my homework.”

“oh come on live a little, why you don’t come with me and meet some

Of my friends.” said Ralph  

“I don’t know won’t that be weird I don’t even know you, won’t your friends get mad?” said Tristan

Ralph then said “nah there great there not likes that at all”

“What are we going to do?” said Tristan

 “were going to the park, where this guy was brutally killed this morning, So you wanna go?”

Tristan then said “I don’t know it probably won’t be a good idea I’m not who you think I am.”

“nah come on dude it’ll be fun please” said Ralph as he gives him the poor puppy eyes

Tristan smiles and says “sure why not”

When school was finally over, Tristan and Ralph got out and took a bus down,

Got out walked through the neighborhood, and under the bridge and finally got to The park and saw three other people.

We walked up to them and the three turned around the one on the left looked like He was sixteen the oldest he had a cigar in his mouth he smelt like booze,

His hair was long, dark brown, thick and curled it looked like he hasn’t bathed in days, He wore a long black snow jacket and baggy jeans and wore his favorite skate Shoes.

The one in the middle is known for his big chubby cheeks he was known as a Ladies man, even though he was twelve he knew how to get the ladies eye, his

Straight medium short dark natural red hair, and had freckles on his cheeks, He wore blue stalking hat and an orange jacket and ripped up jeans.

The one on the right was eleven he was a little big kid, he had like a short Afro like curled brown/reddish hair he wore dark brown leather jacket that His dad wore in war it’s the only thing that’s a part of his dads for remembrance, And also wore black pants and red hand mitts.

Ralph said “hey guys what’s up, hey I hope you don’t mind me bringing someone, this Kid is awesome.  Tristan this on the left is Dewey and on my right is Tay-Tay  And in the middle is Saden.”

Saden then said in a aggressive tone “what da fuck is this Ralph. I said no visitors.”

Ralph answered “oh come on man this kid is tight, we can trust him.”

.Tay-Tay then said “your too soft man.”

“fine the hell with it, let’s just see the evidence…” said Saden

We then walk down slowly and then saw a white outline of where he died.

Saden then said  “are you serious where the hell is the evidence?”

Tay-Tay said “there it is, it’s the outline of the body.”

Saden then said “are you shitten me I came all this way to see a white line of a suppose to be of a dead man.”

“Yeah so” said Tay-Tay

Dewey then said  “you know I heard there was no piercing wounds, no scars or fingerprints.”

“yeah all they said was he had missing body organs, I can’t believe That didn’t become a blood bath.” said Tay-Tay

Tristan then whispers under his breath “oh it was a blood bath.”

Saden then said “what did you say?”

“he said nothing” said Ralph

Saden then said “shut up I could have swore I heard him say something.”

Tristan said “it is pretty cold and windy, are you sure you’re not hearing things.”

 “come on let’s go to the diner guys and get some drinks…” said Tay-Tay

So they walked downtown and headed to the small diner they entered in the Sweet smell of homemade cheeseburgers struck in their noses, their stomachs

Started to growl even more so they grabbed a booth to sit in.

the waitress walked over and said “what can I get you boys?”

.Dewey then said “ugh five ciders for me and my friends your special garlic fries.”

.Waitress then smiled and said “alright sounds good I got five cider and one basket of garlic fries.”

.Tristan then said “oh and can you bring some salt too please.”


Saden then said “what’s the salt for?”

“I’m thirsty…” said Tristan

After a few minutes the waiter in her white t-shirt and yellow skirt, with light Soft brown hair, she handed us our pints of cider and fries, then Tristan dumps

Half of the bottle of salt in his pint and stirred it up, and gulps it down while doing This, his friends were in awe, their mouths dropped and eyes went wide opened.

He then finally finishes it with big gasp of air.

Ralph then said “hot damn sir.”

 “that was amazing.” said Dewey

Tay-Tay then said “how did you do that?”

.Saden then laughs and says “and why with salt.”

Tristan then said “I need salt.”

Saden chuckles and says “okay that settles this, you are weird but you can totally chill with us.”

“hell yeah you are, I told you this kid is awesome.” said Ralph

Dewey then laughs and says “for now on you’re my hero”

Tristan smiles as he says “alright cool…”

They sat in there for hours laughing, telling jokes, there life stories it became One hell of a day.  That night Tristan comes home running in happy, tells them

Both of him meeting new friends he felt like a new person.

He then gets ready for bed and is tucked in; David then shuts the lights off And goes up to bed.

Then Tristan wakes up and starts breathing heavily and fast his heart is starting to beat fast and deep, he starts to growl very low then his eyes start to glow.

            He then stands up and opens the window

jumps out and runs like the speed of light and Climbs up the tree and jumps rooftop to rooftop he then sees a group of High school jocks they were wearing their football letterman jackets and Very intoxicated they brutally were beating and mocking a homeless man.

The boy jumps down, but like floats down like gravity and he then walks up.

the High school kid dressed like a jock looked over and said “well, well, what do we have here? A little boy has come to The rescue.”

then the other jock wearing a leather jacket and also a beanie and says “come on let’s teach him a lesson.”

the third jock on the left then said “yeah are you ready for some fun?”

Tristan then growled with his sharp teeth showing and says “oh no I’m going to enjoy this night”

They looked at each other in wondering as Tristan growls and plays around with His saliva, he quickly runs up and suddenly appears and straddles on the jock and his Mouth opens big and wide and clenches on the boys face digging his long nails that looked like sharp claws in his Shoulders, the other two started running 

fast in terror, then he made a screeching Sound giving them a bad headache.

They both go on their knees with their hands on their ears and screaming in pain, Then he jumps towards them and finishes them off brutally.

 when he was finished he was walking towards the homeless man with blood On his face and his clothes drenched in it.  The homeless man thanked him for him saving his life,

Then Tristan said “you’re a witness can’t let you live.”

Tristan then jumps up and pounces on him feeding on his chest as the bones in his chest crackle as each one are breaking he puts both hairy bloody small hands on the side of his head and he then breaks his neck to end it Quicker, blood covered his clothes, hands and face he then runs back home, And quietly goes in the bathroom and removes his clothes off and turns on the faucet in the bath time and starts a warm bath, When the tub was filled he goes in it.

Blood started rushing in the water as Tristan was washing the blood off of him, Making the water turned a mucky, dark blood red color, he then starts shaking and Goes over the side and pukes black vomit on the floor.

He gasps for air and lays back in the tub he then goes all the way in the water as he everything he did started to flashback he then pops out and unplugs the drain from the tub and gets out. he walks out of The bathroom with no clothes on but then he hears Jessica say “Tristan”  he then turns and looks at her as he heard her say  “What are you doing?” Said Jessica

Then Tristan say’s “I’m just not feeling good”

“What’s the matter did you eat too much” said Jessica

Then Tristan gives a small suspicious glare and grin in his face and says “yeah a Little too much if you know what I mean?”

“I’ll see you in the morning.”

His pale black eyes and blue lips made Jessica concerned, she walks up to His door and slightly open it and he’s already fast asleep. As she closed the door he smiles.

The next morning police came at the scene of the crime by the tunnels, The yellow do not pass tape stretched around the parameter, detective Hawscofe Was there at the scene with Andrew.

Hawscofe then said “what do we got?”

“three high school students in ages from sixteen to seventeen and this old Man here in his forties.” said Andrew

Hawscofen then asked “do we have any names?”

 Andrew then answered “well the kid on the left his name is stiden rakeneth the one in the Middle is Taylor dushwore the one on the right is teagan rice and the old man Is Terrance reed.”

“so what happened to them?” said Hawscofe

Andrew then said “well so far one kids face looks bitten off yet again no fingerprints and the old man has scratch marks around his body and it Appears to look like his chest was clawed through, and the two other kids their Limbs are gone and we haven’t even found them yet.

“What are we dealing with here?”

Hawscofe then said “I don’t know but we better find it cause I fear for the worse.”

“this has to end soon.” said Andrew

then Hawscofe said “no I think this is just the beginning”

That morning Tristan wakes up and gets his clothes on and puts on his gray Snow jacket and goes outside and walks towards the sidewalk and sits there, Then Gideon shows up behind him.

“hi” said Gideon

Tristan just stares at the ground as Gideon continues talking.

“what you doing?” said Gideon

Tristan then said “just sitting.”

Gideon then said “look why can’t we be friends?

I’m not like going to hurt you.”

Tristan answers “I know but I don’t want to hurt you I’m not what you think.”

“what do you mean?” said Gideon

Tristan then said “I carry something that’s UN natural I’m a bad person.”

Gideon then said firmly “no, no you’re not I might not know you or what you’ve done but that Doesn’t make you a bad person, your better than this.”

“ why do you want to be my friend?” said Tristan as he looks over at him when he hears him say,

“ cause you need one like I do.” said Tristan

Tristan then smiles as he brings his hand out towards him and says alright”

Gideon said as he smiles and grabs his hand “friends”

Tristan then said “well I gotta go to school um maybe when I get back we can meet Up again.”

Gideon smiles and then says “sounds good to me.”


Jessica then drives Tristan to school on this cold morning, she drops him off Right as the bell ranged, he gets out and waves then runs up the stairs and in to

the school. He enters in the gym class, twenty of the students were all lined Up in the middle of the court in there gym uniforms.

The gym teacher comes out in his baggy shorts; white t-shirt and wearing a red Baseball cap, he yells boy’s today you thought you might have some fun, well

I’m sorry to say life isn’t very fun.

My job is to prepare you for the hard, cruel working world, right now I need you All to run me some lines stop till I blow the whistle.

So we all started running back and forth, up and down the courts for ten minutes, Then he whistled and yells give me fifty push up’s, I can’t hear you.

I felt like I was in the marines I was waiting till my stomach gives up and I would Puke we finally were done and went to the locker room to take showers. Then Tristan saw Gideon getting picked on by these two bullies then they slapped him in The face and threw him on the ground, then Tristan walks up and stands in front Of Gideon.

the bully wearing a ripped up sweatshirt and said “who the hell are you?”

Tristan then said “come on guy’s just walk away he didn’t do nothing wrong.”

the bully chuckled and looked back over and said “oh yeah, what are you going to do about it your just a small twelve year old Kid.”

Tristan then said firmly “I’m warning you, please walk away now” as he stared at the bully and his eyes went real big and became black.

“okay, okay sorry to bother you, it will never happen again” said the bully as he walked away

Gideon then said “how did you do that?”

Tristan then helps Gideon up and answers”how did I do what?”

“that’s what you just did, if I did that they kick my butt.”

“ I just had to show them whose boss.”

“oh well, ouch!” said Gideon

Tristan then said “what?”

 “oh it’s nothing just a scratch of when those guy’s threw me down.” said Gideon

Tristan then said “do you trust me?”

“what?” said Gideon

Tristan then asked again “I said do you trust me?”

“ sure I guess so.”

Tristan then said “then let me see your arm, now hold still” Gideon then holds his arm out and Tristan grabs his arm in his hands, he then breathes in with his eyes closed And then exhales on his bloody wound making the wound disappear into Like a dust.

Then Gideon looks around his arm, his eye’s go wide open as he is confused Of what just happened.

Gideon said “how did you do that?”

“I didn’t do it, you did you trusted me. Hey me and my friends are Having a campout tonight want to come?”

Gideon then said “ I don’t know my parents might not like the idea and it might be Awkward around your friends.”

Tristan answered “nah come on that’s nonsense, trust me it will work out.”

 “okay I’ll go…” said Gideon

After school Tristan and Gideon grabbed their stuff and went to Ralphs House, they set up there ten person size tent, he had a back yard but behind that There was this wasted property back woods where we set up the tent.

They made a campfire and joined around it, by the warm fire and sat there Laughing and roasted marshmallows.

The End

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