Cold. It's a feeling that I believe has never been loved. A shivering feeling that goes down your spine when you know something is rong. Yes something was deeply rong. Rong, that's another word that has a very distinctive feeling. You cant really discribe it iether, it's just there. It's a feeling that lingers in the air infront of you like you know something bad has just happened. I felt both these to feeling as I opened the door to our house. Light was streaming in from the windows but in a kind of greenish way. Everything was the way it was supposed to be,nothing out of order. My collection of papers and nicknacks was just as how I left it, messy. My only lasting books were on the brown table near the window and it appeared that my brother had sweaped the rotting floor. I knew something was rong though, I walked up the old wooden floors towards my brothers room. It was quiet, not even the sound of breathing.Silent. I opened Eric's door to find that the rong I had been feeling was very much rong. My brother wasen't in his room. I had a slow panicky feeling bubble up inside of me as I relized this. I rushed to the bathroom to check if he was there,no. I checked in the basement but once again,no. I walked half ran down the stairs to look in the kitchen but just as I had suspected he wasen't there. I started loosing it, opening cutlery drawers and food cabinets as if he would be there. I know I might sound crazy to you but my frightened reaction was very reasonable. You would think I might consider the facts that he had gone to the park with a few of his friends or went to the dumpster near billard road to sneak a smoke

but the thing about my brother is he's different. Were all different. I grabbed my keys from the counter and ran out forgetting to lock the door behind me. It was risky these days to leave your house door open, so many things happened around here that you diden't know what was coming. I started the engine plugging the keys in, then I leaned back and tried to think very hard, nothing. I scrunched up my face concentrating as if my life depended on it, but it wasen't my life in danger, it was my brothers. This thought shook me up even more. It was the hunting season and he knew much better then to be walking around in the evening time. A quick image flashed through my head,the boundy lane,a place we generaly tried to avoid. I looked out the side window watching as abandoned houses passes by,god our world had really come crashing down on us. I knew this fact should have struck me allong time ago but it haden't and I dont think it ever would. I should explain to you everything right now but my brain feels empty. Basicly were all that still lives. Were all young, children really. Our parents died, our grandparents died, even some of our siblings died. It was a deadly virus,some sort of bug but for some reason it diden't kill us young ones. Anybodey now a days gets ready for there 25th birthday because we all know that on your twenty fifth year you will die.

Our world finally stopped,animals died, the skies turned gray and all that was left was children. Our whole world looks deserted now,as if a big layer of black snow had fallen,barrying us in utter darkness. I cant even remember what the blue sky's looked like, they say when you reach fifteen you begin to forget. I am fifteen. Most of us left our homes and took to the streets, there was to much danger in staying in one place. My brother and me had almost left our selves but we learned quickly that hiding in our rotting cold house might just be a better option. And after all this I sit in my small half broken car,torn and dented, like it just came out of the junk yard. It was a big risk taking my car,no one drives anymore,but I needed to get there fast. I pulled to a stop on the side of the road,climbing out. I did a full turn but saw nothing. I spotted a small path leading through mud and followed it.The mud got deep and reached my nees. Who knew what could be in this, bugs,leeches, the thought disgusted me. I moved my way towards a big tree beside me where the land was a bit higher and less wet and muddy. I reached the tree and leaned against it,a bit out of breath. I was about to continue down the path when I heard an ear piercing scream behind me. I looked around franticly, children died all the time,ussaly murdered. The scream could of been my brother. I broke into a run, pushing my way through the muddy grass that gripped at my ankles and cut me. I spotted something move infront of me and another quieter scream suddenly ringed in my ears, whoever this was, was probably dead. A bad feeling sinked into my stomach but I diden't stop running.

"Eric!" I screamed.

I made it into a clearing, out of breath. Bending my stomach over as I were going to throw up.


The voice I heard next was like a gift from god. I looked up to find my brother staring at me. His face looked so perfect, beautiful dark brown eyes, curvy lips, his dark hair falling over his left eye. I was so hipmatized by him that I almost diden't notice the blonde girl who was lying on the ground. She was staring at me to, tears streaming out of her eyes. Her cheek was cut and I couldn't help but notice the kitchen nife in my brothers hand.

"What are you doing!?" I yelled startling both myself and Eric.

I rushed towards him throwing my arms around his neck,pressing my chin into his choulder. I knew I should be mad at him but I coulden't help but feeling so much love for Eric at that moment. I loved my brother more then anything  in the whole world,or at least what was left of it.

"What are you doing I asked?" eying the blonde girl who was now huddled up in ball.

"Miss blondie here was sneaking through our house!" He said a little louder then necessary, I'm sorry Clara but I had no other choice."

I knew what he was telling me, he was going to kill her. We had no choice,this I knew. We had killed other children in the past,almost everyone has but I never came with my brother. It frightened me,I just coulden't handle it. I turned to the girl.

"Is this true?"

"I wasen't up to anything, really,I was just looking for food!" The girl pleaded,looking desperatley between the two of us.

"Well I can tell you,there aint no food in our house, there ain't no food in anybody's house you fool!"

I was outraged by this stupid little princess who diden't have the brain to think that maybe shes not the only one starving, maybe the whole world was starving! I stood up on to my tippy toes,reaching to whisper into Eric's ear. My brother was seventeen and was very good looking. When we were younger he treated me like a queen. Carrying everything for me. Taking responsibility for me when it was my fault. I leaned in, pressing my mouth to his ear.

"Take her with us." I whispered softly.


"Whats your name?" I asked staring at the blonde girl sitting on the chair infront of me.

"Life" She answered staring down at her feet.

"Why the hell is your name Life"

"My mother said that it's a good name. She said it's an importan name because it represents something that is everything.

"That is the most stupid thing I have ever heard. There is no life anymore."

"My name is Life wether you like it or not." She gritted through her teeth." She suddenly stood from her chair and walked right up to me,her mouth practically touching mine. "MY NAME IS LIFE!"

She then sat back down,quivering with anger. Clearly she liked her name. My brother came back from the kitchen holding a wet dirty cloth. He nelt down so that he was at the same level as Life and then began do clean her wound on her face. I took the Greenadine leaf that had been lying on the ground and began to crush it with my hand. Once I had crushed it enough it quickly turned into a grose green paste. I leaned over to Life and began spreading it over the cut, making sure it covered the complete wound. My brother had made the cut pretty deep wich if your talking strategy was good idea since if she got away there was still a good chance she would die of infection. Everyone dies of infection now.  I looked at her again,relizing she had been staring at me the whole time. 

"Whats your name?" She asked so quietly I could almost not hear her at all.

"My name is Clara,my brothers name is Eric."

"You are very beautiful,very. I had a sister like you once,almost the same." She closed her eyes as if she were searching for an old memory. My hair was a brunette color and my face was pale. I had never associated myself with beauty and although I diden't believe her it was still refreshing to hear those words.

"Thank you" I said trying not to smile.

My brother grinned as  he listened into the conversation. I haden't noticed how pretty Life was until now iether. She had light blue eyes and rosy cheeks. Her slender body and a long elegant neck made her look older not to mention how tall she was. I believe my brother had said she was sixteen. One thing was for certain,I did not want this chick hanging anywhere near me or my brother. She looked like trouble. I smoothed my ripped and sleevless shirt down trying to make myself look a little more tooken care of as her. My brother stood up and stretched his arms up yawning. 

"Well it's getting late, you can sleep in my sisters room."

"What?!" I was mad at him for even considering it.

"You heard me,unless you want her in my room"

I frowned.

"alone."He added smiling. 

"Your disgusting." I said smiling back,hitting him on the shoulder. He laughed and then tackled me down,tickling me ti'll I was practically begging for mursey.  

"Sorry to be asking so many questions but what is rong with your parents bedroom?"

"What do you think" I snarled at her.

"What my sister means to say is, our parents were very close to us,we loved them dearly and just like so many other adults they died because of the virus."

"I know that,but like, whats the big deal, my parents died to and i use there room all the time, or at least when i did live there."

Life started playing with her t-shirt, Scrunching it up then letting go,wrapping it around her finger and she continued this until my brother finally awnsered.

"We'll it's just one of the rules that our parents had made,they alwase said to never go in there room, that it was a life or death situation." Eric looked at me.

"Our parents would never hurt us but when my mom and dad had told us this, I am sure that I saw an evil flicker it my mothers eye, as if she was about to hit me, that had been the day I had come so close to hiding in my parents room during a hind and go seek game. My parents had been so angry,I was seven." I explained in a flat voice.

"Are you meaning to tell me that just because your mom and dad said not to go in your room not to mention that you were seven you really haven't tooken even the smallest peek?!" 

"Listen Blondie, one thing we need to get straight, your not welcome here, your lucky your even alive. Your leaving tomorrow and after that.." I hesitate. "After that we'll just pretend we never met you and that will be that."

She seamed completely offended by this.

"Clara,your being rude sis, just relax."

"You want me to relax! Look at us, were living in a rotting house,were slowly dying! Look around,what's going to happen when slim leaves start dying out,we'll starve,and after that,our world we'll be just like any other,lifeless.

Tears were coming from my eyes, Life seamed to be crying to. I bent down,resting my head on the wood floor. It's horrible, how there really is nothing I could do. 

"I think it's time we all get a rest" Eric sais in a deep voice. Me,Life and Eric all climb up the old creaking stairs. The smell of dust lingers on the wall. I trail my hand on the dark brown banister and dust covers my hand. I look down at my feet, there so sore. Cracked heels and a bad case of athletes foot are the least of my worries though at the moment. I diden't think keeping Life here for the night is good idea infact if I had it my way I would hand her a piece of card board and make her sleep outside. I should just let my brother deal with her before,it was stupid of me to give her any mercy,after all she did sneak around our house.

The End

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