How many times had Alex seen her father take apart and re-build that engine on their beat up F.O.R.D truck, enough to know not to try and tamper with it.  She had gone against her better judgment and ‘tried to help her daddy’ she knew she would be in a world of trouble.

   “Alex, what are you doing to the truck?” Alex’s dad Rob asked stumbling up drunkenly behind her.  Alex held her breath and tried to remain calm while she told him

   “I was only trying to help daddy…” but by this time he had allready seen the motor of the truck and was starting to get angry.

   ‘I told you time and time again not to touch my projects!” he gasped with the smell of whisky on his breath pushing her away from the truck and starting to fumble about the engine to see what she had done.  But Alex knew enough about engines to know she had done something wrong to the pistons

   “I lost the rings off the pistons daddy,” she said shyly her orange hair hanging down infront of her six year old eyes.

   “You didn’t loose them, You somehow managed to get them tangled on the spark plug…” Alex tried to slip away while her daddy was talking about engines.  Her dad was an engineer and if there was anything he could talk about for hours and hours on end it was engineering stuff.

   Alexandria slipped into the house quietly her small dainty naked feet making no noise against the cold pavement of the front driveway. Alexandria looked around the front entranceway for some place to hide from her dad.  Her small hazel eyes found the closet and she put her minuscule hand on the knob and was about to turn it when her mother picked her up and kissed her freckle smudged cheek.

   Alex got most of her looks from her father, red hair, freckles and a dimple on her chin. Her mother on the other hand was the most beautiful creature. She had soft nurturing green eyes, long wavy dark brown hair and a slim yet curvy figure.

   “Were you helping Daddy with the truck again my little Greece monkey?” Alex’s mom asked brushing Alex’s bright orange fury of hair from her face. But Alex’s smile vanished when she heard Her husband, Alex’s father yell,

“Where the Fuck did you go! If you broke my fucking truck I am going to snap your neck in two!” Alex’s mom’s eyes grew wide and she immediately ushered Alex into the closet and whispered

“No matter what, promise you wont make a sound”  just before the door swung open and Alex’s six foot two father stood in the doorway, the light from the sun shadowing his face and making his strong muscular body into a silhouette.

   “Where the hell is she! I know your hiding her” he said in a blind fury grabbing Alex’s mothers arm and yanking it hard, She just screamed

   “Owe! Let go of me I haven’t seen her” but he didn’t care about her pleading. He was drunk and when he got drunk he god mad and when he got mad he got violent.

   “You have seen the little bitch! Where the hell is she, I am going to beat some sense into her even if I kill her in the process!” Alex’s mother screamed at these words and began to cry more profusely. Alex’s father let go of Alex’s mothers’ arm and tore upstairs yelling

“Come out come out wherever you are!” evilly.  Alex’s mom fell against the wall in tears and buried her head in her hands. She than sat down on the ground and Alex came out of the closet.

“Mommy, are you okay?” she asked like she had not seen and heard every move step and word of that violent conversation.

“I am just fine dear, look I want you to come with me up-stairs and I want you to go in your room and lock it from the inside okay,” she asked. They crept up the stairs quietly but when they got to the top they could see Alex’s dad passed out by the bathroom, when he awoke he would be grumpy so it would be best to still lock Alex in her room.

Once tucked into her bed sheets Alex’s mother whispered to her in the most loving tone

“Don’t worry, everything will be better by morning” than she left and locked the door behind her. No one could get in that room unless Alex let them in or they knew where she hid her key.

Alex drifted off into a restless sleep, tossing and turning. She had learned to sleep through everything, sounds of fighting through the night. Sounds of her mother Vomiting from stress. When she slept, she was a deep sleeper and she was glad.

Alex woke up, it was the middle of the night. There was a shadow outside of her bedroom and than she heard her father whisper something under the door. Alex got out of bed and put her ear to the crack

“Alex, hunny. Mommy and I want you to come downstairs. I… we have a present for you.” Alex backed away from the door like it had suddenly burst into flames. She bit her lip in thought, she knew she should not let her father in while he was drunk but he had mentioned mommy and a present.

“Daddy, mommy told me not to let you in” Alex said in a quiet yet assertive voice.

“Yes but now she does want you to let me in. so just tell me where the key is…” But he paused in the middle of his sentence to make an ‘Aha!’ noise. Alex heard a clang of metal and than she could see the doorknob turn. Alex turned around and ran to her bed and she lowered herself to the floor and hid underneath it. She heard the door open slowly with a creak and her dad saying

“Alex, where did you go?” quietly. She peered out at what she could see and she realized that her daddy had closed the door behind him. Alex started to cry silently when she noticed her fathers feet start to walk over to where she hid.

Alex couldn’t control her crying anymore and her father started to laugh


          “I knew you couldn’t keep quiet” he said bending down and grabbing her by the feet and dragging her out from under the bed.


Alex opened her eyes to the noise of sirens and she dully tried to comprehend what she was hearing. She looked down at her naked body and realized it was badly bruised. Everything about her ached, her muscles, her bones even her brain hurt.

 Her room was more disastrous than usual, everything was broken, and all her childhood memories had escaped from the toys that lay broken on the floor. Alex gathered her blanket around her and slid off her bed to realize she had a sprained ankle so she limped to the door.

Alex closed the door behind her and she emerged into the hall warily. She could hear lots of people downstairs talking hushed. Alex wondered if her mother was having a breakfast with friends or if her father had invited friends over to have a drink.

Alex let her feet hit each hardwood step of the stairs so they knew she was coming down the stairs. The talking stopped immediately and a man asked

“Hello, who’s there” Alex whimpered at the voice of someone she didn’t know who might help her and she tried to voice the word

“Help” before she collapsed on the last step. She could hear people gasping all around her and talking. Alex wondered if her mother could see her now, she wanted her mother to come to her desperately, to embrace her and again tell her everything would be okay.

She than could feel herself being put onto a stretcher but by that time she was so tired that she just let herself fall, fall fast asleep and into the care of whomever was willing to look after her.


          White bed sheets, where was she? Alex’s eyelids felt so heavy and her vision was very blurred. Alex felt exhausted and every one of her muscles felt tight and stiff. Her vision started to flutter in and Alex realized she was in a hospital bed and she was hooked up to a whole bunch of machines.

          “Hello?” she spat out at a blurry figure she could see sitting on a chair just beyond her visions retained space. But when she had spoke the figure had jumped up and gasped. The figure than ran out of the room screaming

          “Oh my goodness! Doctor, Doctor!” Alex shook the head which was balanced on her incredibly stiff neck, it didn’t quite feel like her own. Alex raised her hands to her face to touch her features. They had changed, her once child-like lips were now more full and voluptuous.  Her now focused eyes fell on her body that had changed also. Her breasts were now that of a teenagers and her legs and torso were extremely long.  Alex tried to absorb the shock of what was happening.

          “Help! Where am I! Who am I! Please, won’t somebody help me?” She pleaded desperately.  She felt tears running down her face and suddenly realized she was crying. A nurse and a doctor came running in the room panting hysterically. They had obviously came in quite a hurry because their uniforms were askew.  

          “Please doctor, Who am I?” Alex asked grabbing the sleeve of the doctor who was now bent over her checking that the various wires attached to her were indeed attached properly.

          “You mean you do not remember?” He asked puzzled. Alex nodded her head but thought hard of what next to say

          “I think I know… I think my name is Alex but this is not by body!” she said as she again started crying.  The doctor hushed her than gestured for the nurse to leave them. He sat down in the chair beside the seat.

          “You'r name is not Alex, it's Elizabeth. Do you remember what happened to you? You have been here, in the hospital for almost 3 years. You have been in a coma, do you understand?” the doctor asked now holding Alex’s hand. Alex stared at this man and than she stopped weeping.

“That cant be right, I am only six… I just fell down, where’s my mom!” Alex asked staring at the doctor, not beleiving a word of what must be lies.

“Elizabeth, your parents, Mr. and Mrs Snow are on their way. I think it’s best if we find someone else for you to talk to. I’m going to call the psyciatry ward and put them in charge of your case.” He said now looking strait into Alex’s eyes. Alex tried to keep her face as strait as possible so as not to show any emotion.

The doctor got up and left after he decided that trying to pursue conversation after this fact was said would be futile.

Alex burst into a fit of confusion and fustration. Why didn't they know who she was? What had happened to her? Her childhood was over so soon; all she had was the future. A future without a mother to protect her.



The End

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