Its summer. Baby Indigo is now the color of fresh seaweed and as big as my hand and forearm. Love and I try to hide her from the neighbors, but who can help staring at a little angel-mermaid purring like a car motor and yanking bugs from the sidewalk like money?

My Love has rigged this hysterical little contraption for our baby so that she can crawl without scraping her tail on the concrete. Its like a wheel chair almost, pulled together with a pastry tray and some axles from a model car kit. I strap Indigo in by the hips with a belt so it's hands touch the ground, and the thing moves forward when Indigo tries to crawl on it's hands. The Starbucks regulars stop and stare when they see little Indigo escape  from our home on the scooter to the world outside.

People can be afraid, people can be angry. A pastor came down yesterday and pronounced Indigo a demon. It looked up at him with its big shiny-black eyes and cooed at. him. We haven't seen him since.

But people can be powerful. Bobby, the tackle shop owner,comes by weekly to give us the dead worms he collects from the bottom of his tanks, and feeds Indigo lunch.(There are SO many worms to be eaten in one day...) Indigo adores him and Joli, our neighbor, who gave us a "Crib" ( a 40-gallon self-cooling  fish tank). And all the people who cuddle Indigo, smile at me and my Love, offer all of us a word of encouragement.

She learned to talk today. Her first word was "Wow.", directed at my Love, her mother.

The End

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