Her Lady, Watched

**Hey! How'd you like that last chapter? I, for one, loved it. But that's just my biased author's opinion. After the wedding which takes place in this chapter, the chapter titles will be changed to Her Majesty to symbolize her union with Alois. Carry on, faithful readers!**

"Lady Jace! Wake upppp~!" Someone was shaking me from my shoulders, which was fairly annoying. And that voice...that could only be...

"Mey-Rin! What on earth are you doing here?" I exclaimed, still recovering from sleep.

"Earl Trancy has allowed me to be your help in getting ready for the big day! C'mon, we gotta get started now, oh yes we do!" She grabbed my wrist, taking me out of the bed with force.

     I looked over at a nearby clock, 8:30 a.m. Groaning, I allowed Mey-Rin to take me into the bathroom. She plumped me down on a stool, opening a large bag of hair products. Straighteners, curlers, pins, hairspray, you name it, she had it. I raised an eyebrow, wondering what she planned to do exactly.

"Mey-Rin, don't you think it wise that I should take a bath first?" I laughed, as she stared at me from behind those glasses.

"Oi, that's a smart idea, Lady Jace. I'll draw it up for you!" She set down the items, laughing happily as she ran the bathwater.

"Hey, Mey-Rin, how come Alois allowed you to be in here? I thought there was some kind of friction against the Phantomhive's and Trancy's?" I questioned, turning to remove my sleeping clothes.

 "Oi, there is. But I'm the only one who was willin' to get ya ready! Alois wouldn't allow Hannah." Mey-Rin turned the knob on the tub, stopping the flow of water.

     As I set my leg into the water, I was reminded of the events of Sunday night. The coughing, broken bones, my blood splattered palm. I took Mey-Rin's hand, sitting in the tub of bubbly water.

"Whatsa matter, Lady Jace?" Mey-Rin inquired, allowing me to grip her hand.

"T-The other night...I had an episode in this bathtub. I was coughing up blood, and even broke a few bones. Luckily, the demon blood inside me fixed those, but..." I clenched my eyes shut, re-opening them shortly after.

"But what, Miss?" She got up to grab a sponge and cloth for washing my skin.

"I'm pregnant, Mey-Rin." I admitted, leaning forward so she could reach my back.

     Mey-Rin didn't talk to me the entire rest of my bath. Once I was done, she helped me out of the tub and got me a towel to dry off. She sat me down once again on the stool, the towel wrapped around my body like a dress. She began using another towel to dry off the damp bits of my hair, brushing it gently.

"Lady Jace, does Master Ciel know?" She said grimly. Great, I've gone and pissed off the woman I'd hope to make my Matron Of Honour.

"No, Mey-Rin. But he is going to be at the wedding this evening, so I supposed I'll tell him then." Shrugging my shoulders, I stared at myself in the mirror as my hair was 'fixed'.

"Oi, that'd be a good idea, Lady Jace." Mey-Rin brought up the curler which she had heated a moment ago.

     Twirling my already curly hair around the iron, she tugged at the handles on the curler a few times to get it right. Mey-Rin fastened most of my hair up in a tight bun, leaving still a substantial amount hanging down, including the curls on either side of my head. Using the hair that remained, with exception of the curled bits, Mey-Rin formed a braid that wrapped around the entire bun, pinning it effortlessly. Stunned, I widened my eyes and brought forth a smile.

"Wow, that looks amazing. Thank you, Mey-Rin." I turned around to hug her, which she returned the favor.

"Oh, we're not done yet. We've still gotta put the dress and makeup on, yes we do!" Mey-Rin laughed, taking me by the wrist into the bedroom.

     There, on a mannequin, my wedding dress was placed perfectly. Hell, I'd almost hated to mess it up! Mey-Rin took the dress down, and I frowned a little bit. She made the motion for me to step in, which I did. The waist hugged a lot more than it had at the dress shop, most likely courtesy of the baby growing inside me. I winced when Mey-Rin finished lacing the back, tying it in a bow. She brought over my heels, and I slipped my feet into them. These seemed more uncomfortable than the usual heels I wear...hm.

"Your chariot awaits, madame!" Mey-Rin chuckled, offering me her hand.

"Why thank you, oh-dashing-lady-whom-is-escorting-me-to-my-wedding." I flashed a genuine smile, taking her hand.

     Once we got downstairs and to the front lobby, I had forgotten to ask her about being my Matron Of Honour. As I stopped walking, Mey-Rin was forced to as well. She gave me a perplexed glance, to which I hoped to solve by this question.

"Mey-Rin, I n-need a Matron Of Honour s-still...would you mind..."

"OF COURSE I WILL! Can I borrow a dress?!" She beamed, taking both her hands and flailing them around.

"Heh, yeah. Go grab one from the wardrobe in Alois's room." I smirked, going to sit on a couch by the door.

     Mey-Rin was gone for almost 20 minutes. I mean, I did have a huge selection. Placing my hand on my midsection, I felt a dull feeling, sort of like a limp in your throat that won't go away. Placing a hand to my forehead, I felt beads of sweat. Mey-Rin came down a few moments later, in a long, grey, ballgown.

"Come on, my Lady! You can't be late for your own wedding!" Grabbing my arm, Mey-Rin lead me out the Estate door, slamming it shut.

     Placed just a few feet in front of the Estate, there was a magnificent gold and red quadruple horse drawn carriage. My jaw must've dropped to the floor, because I was quite impressed. Mey-Rin assisted me getting into the carriage, and climbed in front so she could steer the horses. I heard the reins crack, and with that, we were off to the wedding.

*Time Skip*

     The chapel at which my wedding was being held was far secluded from any city. Tall trees and bushes of beautiful white roses and black tulips(thanks, Claude) littered the area. Mey-Rin stopped the carriage and hopped down to speak with guests. I peeked my eyes out from behind the curtain covering the window of the carriage door just a tad so I could see some more. The Viscount Druitt was waving his arms flamboyantly around as he talked with Mey-Rin. Ciel emerged from the church, wearing a light grey suit and top hat, with his brown and golden cane.

"Lady Jace, it's time. Are you ready?" Mey-Rin sounded from outside the door, opening it.

"As I'll ever be." I smiled, taking her hand as I slowly exited the carriage. We walked to the church doors, where Mey-Rin slid inside them.

"What're you doing?! Who's walking me down the aisle?" I called after her, making my whispers sound harsh.

"I will be your escort, Lady Whittaker." I turned to see Ciel, who had Sebastian holding his cane.

"Y-You w-will?" I stammered, my face turning tints of pink.

"Yes. I will be. It's my gift to you." Ciel flashed a smirk, interlocking our arms as Sebastian walked ahead to open the doors.

     Everyone who had been seated in the pews, stood. Although I didn't recognize some of these people, I did catch on a few faces. Mey-Rin, Baldroy, and Finny were in the 3rd row. Mey-Rin was blowing her nose and sniffling. Hannah was in the front, looking back at me and smiling. I turned to look through the crowd, and caught a face staring at me from outside. Her eyes were an all around teal, the colour taking up every inch of space in her eye sockets. Her hair was curled, falling upon her shoulders. Squinting, I looked back forward as the piano music started playing.

     Claude was standing behind Alois on my right next to the preacher. I turned to Ciel, who appeared to be struggling with holding back tears. I leaned closer to him, nudging him in hopes he would see everything's okay. Once we made it to the altar, Alois took my hand and the piano music stopped. My mind was stuck on the woman outside the window, until the preacher began speaking.

"We are gathered here today to witness the unification of two young individuals," he began, clearing his throat. "Lady Jace Whittaker and Lord Alois Trancy."

     Everyone in the church took a seat at once. Some women had pulled out fans to try and hide their teary faces.

"Alois, please recite your vows." The preacher stepped back, as Sebastian lay down a table with 2 tall red candles, a cup with an accompanying glass of expensive wine, and the cushion of which my ring had been placed(Alois took it before he left this morning).

"With this hand, I will lift your sorrows," Alois and I turned to face the preacher, walking 3 steps to the edge of the table. "you cup will never empty, for I, will be your wine." He poured the wine in the glass, setting it in front of the candles.

"With this candle, I will light your way in darkness," Alois struck a match, lighting a smaller white candle and igniting the wick on the large red ones. "with this ring, I ask you to be mine." We faced each other once more, as Alois slipped the ring on my hand.

"I do." I whispered, smiling at the boy.

     I took my sip from the goblet with wine, as did Alois. We stopped enough for the preacher to spout his words, then it was mine turn.

"My dearest friend, if you don't mind, I'd like to stay here by your side." I bit my lip, trying not to tear up. 

"Where we can gaze into the stars...and sit together, now and forever. For it's as plain as anyone can see, we're simply meant to be." I took his ring from the cushion, placing it on his finger.

"I do." He smiled, flashing his Faustian seal. Forgetting, I noticed mine was glowing, but dimmer.

     Sebastian came to remove the table and its contents, slowly, to make sure nothing fell or spilled. We turned to face the preacher ones more, our fingers intertwined with each others. The preacher smiled at us both, opening his hands above his head.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Earl Alois and his new wife, Countess Jace Trancy! You may kiss your bride!" He proclaimed loudly, causing the church to burst into an uproar. Alois planted a elegant but passionate kiss, dipping my body downward.

"You'll be getting more than this later, Countess." He smirked seductively, dragging his tongue off my lips.

     As we stood, we left hand in hand from the church as rose petals and birdseed were thrown at us. Claude caught up, assisting me into a stagecoach instead of a carriage. Mey-Rin and Hannah were seated with me. My understanding is that I was going back to the manor to change for the reception party happening in Alois's ballroom. The girls and I (by that I mean Mey-Rin and myself) talked the whole way home.

"You looked so stunning, Countess Jace!" Mey-Rin had already adopted my new title, which made me smile.

"I believe I'm going by Countess Trancy, now." I chuckled, reaching out for Hannah's hand.

"M-My Countess, you did look beautiful. I'm honoured to be your servant." She flashed a pained smile, but I could see her efforts in trying to be happy.

"Oh, ladies! Stop having so much fun without me, I swear!" Our driver yelled. He was some guy I had seen in the church, that had a severe craved look for Sebastian.

"Uh, Mey-Rin, what'd you say his name was?" I asked, puzzled.

"Oi, that there's Grell. He's known the Young Master for some time now. Although, took a liking to Sebastian, yes he did!" Mey-Rin's face went red, and her nose started to trickle.

     The rest of the ride was in silence. We arrived at the manor, and this fellow I had learned as Grell was extremely loud and annoying. Although, while I was up in Alois's room with Mey-Rin and Hannah, he walked in and gave some pretty decent fashion advice.

"Everybody knows you're already the center of attention. So, go for something flashy! Show your class but in a very explosive way!" Grell was forced out by Mey-Rin.

"He's right, Countess. You needs to find something snazzy, but still dignified. Here, lemme see what you've got." Mey-Rin walked over to my wardrobe, throwing it open.

     Hannah dismissed herself to prepare to the after party with Grell. Mey-Rin and I looked at dress after dress, but couldn't settle on one. When all seemed lost, I noticed a dress buried behind all the others in the back. I pulled it out, almost snapping the hanger.

"What do you think, Mey-Rin? Will this do?" I held it up in front of my body. It was a satin, violet, A-Line dress.

"Yes! That'll do perfectly, Countess Trancy!" She clapped excitedly, ready to help me into this one.

     After was fixed the dress on and let my hair down, we headed for the ballroom. My heels clicked against the wooden floors, and I was feeling happy for the first time in a long time. Once I got down the stairs, I noticed all the guests starting to file in. Ciel was the first one I saw, who was still in his same outfit. I smiled, but my heart hurt to see his eyes that emotionless. Granted, he was a distant kid, but today was worse than normal.

     Alois burst through the doors, and headed straight for me. His hands traced along my hips, which to this point wasn't that strange anymore. We laughed with each other for a few moments, before heading out into the crowd for our wedding party. As we were walking into the ballroom, I thought I heard my name called. Swerving around, I saw that same woman from the church window, peering in from outside.

The End

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