Her Lady, Expectant

**So...I hope I'm not hurting anyone's feels just yet. I'm not? Good! My twisted imagination has plenty in store for you guys...After all, I am an author who's heavily in support of Alois Trancy! What's that? You don't like Alois? What the hell are you still reading for...? Author, out!** 

I ran through the snowy, decimated village. Where was I? What was I running from? Who knows... As my legs pushed themselves to their breaking point, I tripped and fell. Scraping my knees on the stone, I scooted up against a wooden house that was next to me. My ears picked up on fast approaching footsteps, as I hugged my legs to my body best I could and hoped they wouldn't find me. I caught glimpse of one's body, as their head swung around frantically to try and find me. Their tall, lanky body, dressed in an all black suit. A woman approached him, placing a hand on his shoulder. "I'm not sure where she went, boss. I can't pick up on her soul anymore." The male growled, summoning large feathered wings from his back. "No need to worry, Azalon. She'll crack sooner or later. After all, we're only trying to tell her the truth." The woman responded, her voice drenched in sass. I heard heavier footsteps, except they were almost next to me. Without realizing, I screamed at the sight of a Hellhound. The two demons snapped their heads in my direction, heading straight for me. I guess...this is what I get for visiting Ashbourne. 

"Lady Jace! Calm down, it's okay! You're okay, they can't hurt you." I felt hands gripped tightly on mine, and looked over to see Alois.

"A-Alo-is..." I muttered, feeling stricken with pain.

"Shh, save it. You're safe now, just another nightmare." He smiled softly, distress occupying his blue eyes.

"You're in a specialized hospital, my Lady. You passed out in the bathtub last evening and were coughing up blood." Claude was standing in the corner, leaning against a wall.

     I passed out? What? Why would I do that? Focusing on my surroundings, I noticed several IV's going into my arms. I threw the blankets off to where they only covered my waist down, and tried to make sense of what I saw. There were circular white pads with cords held under them, going to this large machine next to me. My stomach had some sort of blue gel in some spots. There was a covering over my breasts to keep them hidden from anyone's eyes. A knock came to the door, as a nurse walked in. He held a clipboard, and glanced at all of us with a very abnormal look.

"Earl Trancy, who did you say this woman was again?" He asked, taking a look at the papers he held.

"She's my betrothed! We're to get married tomorrow." Alois stood, clenching his hands into fists.

"My Lord, step down." Claude ordered, walking away from the wall.

"Yeah, right. That makes much more sense." The nurse chuckled, lifting up a paper to look behind another.

"You see, Lady Jace isn't sick at all. There's nothing to worry about." He smiled, beginning to walk out of the room.

"Wait! Don't you dare go without giving answers!" Alois grabbed him harshly by the arm, dragging him back in.

"Earl, if you would ever so kindly let me go and find one of the other nurses, that would be delightful." The nurse yanked his arm free of Alois, shutting the door to my room.

     Alois slumped back in the chair next to me, staring at all the cords and tubes connected to my body. Well, if I wasn't sick, why do I have all these medicines and weird circular things sitting on my stomach? Why so much medicine coming into my body? I looked over at Claude, who had the same straight face as normal. I tried sitting up, but Alois made me lay back down.

"C-Claude...what's wrong with me?" I stammered, forcing myself to sit up despite Alois's opposition.

"Well, you do have demon blood, yes?" He walked over next to Alois who was still in his chair.

"Yes, I-I do...?" I raised an eyebrow at the demon butler.

"And you've recently fornicated with my Master, yes?" I felt my face flush, as Alois's eyes widened.

"Yes, Claude, we did. So what?" Alois turned, placing his hands on his hips in annoyance.

"Your Highness, how are you not seeing the obvious here?" Claude pushed his glasses up, closing his eyes.

"I'm pregnant, aren't I?" I stared straight at Claude, who lightly nodded.

*Time Skip*

     The ride back to the manor was filled with Alois rambling on about how we had conceived a child together. We came to the conclusion that the demon blood inside my body had reacted harshly with the embryo, causing me to experience nausea earlier than I should've. Alois took my hand, helping me out of the carriage. We went inside, and sat ourselves at the dining hall table as we awaited our lunch.

"So, Jace, you all ready for the wedding tomorrow?" Alois flicked his tongue out, showing his contract seal. Looking down, I noticed mine glowing as well.

"I need to go out into London today to get all my necessary means. I'll head out after lunch." I picked up my fork, just in time for Claude to come from the kitchen with carts of food.

"Claude! After you serve us, prepare Lady Jace a horse and carriage. You will be accompanying her into the city. Buy her anything she finds necessary for the wedding tomorrow." Alois began stuffing his face.

"Your Highness, what will you be doing while I'm out with Lady Jace?" Claude spoke monotonously.

"I'll be running around handing out the invitations I finished writing for her. Since she was ill, I wrote the rest." Alois turned to me, smiling with stuffed cheeks.

"Thank you, Alois. And thank you, Claude. Where will this ceremony be held, honestly?" I asked, realizing I wasn't made aware of the most important detail.

"An old chapel off on the East London forests. It's surrounded by meadows. Is that alright, my Lady?" Claude responded, turning to me.

"Perfect, Claude. Thank you." I took more small bites of my lunch.

     After I was finished, I went upstairs and changed into a simple deep orange gown that went to my heels, I grabbed a large matching hat with flowers, lace, and beads in a clump on one side of it. I walked back downstairs, and just before the last step, that sharp pain returned to my torso, causing me to fall.

"I guess you're lucky I'm going with you, Lady." Claude caught me, assisting me when I stood.

"Yes, indeed I am." I smiled, walking to the front door.

"Goodbye, my darling." Alois hugged me, opening the door for Claude and I to exit.

     Climbing into the carriage, I took a look at the boy whom I was to be married to tomorrow, and smiled with contentment. Claude snapped the reins on the horses, and we headed into London.

     Once we arrived, it was a little more crowded than I'd liked. Claude tied the horses to a post in the town square, coming to help me out. I carefully exited the carriage, almost falling over from pain again. We walked the city streets for a while, before I noticed the dress shop I had written down on my paper. Walking inside, the cashier eagerly sent someone to assist me.

"Why, hello! What're you looking for today, Miss?" The woman happily smiled, placing her hands together.

"Oi, madame, I'm looking for the top of the line wedding gown line. I'm getting married tomorrow." I smiled, curtsying to her.

"Ohhh~! Yes, I'll show you right away." She took my hand, leading me up the stairs to the second floor of the store.

     She brought me to a room with white, white, and more white. Dresses of every kind imaginable lined the walls and hung from the racks placed throughout the large room. There were even a few splotches of blue, burgundy, or grey. I began walking, running my hand along some of the fabrics.

"Is this your fiancé, ma'am? You know it's bad luck for the groom to see the dress before." She turned, facing Claude and I.

"I'm her and her betrothed's butler, madame. She is to be wed to the Earl Trancy." Claude bowed, taking the woman's hand.

"Oh! You're Alois's bride to be..." She trailed off, walking us through all the dresses.

     I stopped myself at one that was being displayed upon a mannequin. Running my fingers through the silky fabric, I smiled. I asked to immediately try this one on. The woman happily took me to the fitting rooms, assisting me in walking back out to stand in front of mirrors. The dress was strapless, a heart shaped top extending into so much poof that it went out 3 or so feet in front of me. I turned to Claude, saying this was the one I wanted. (**A/N:see http://www.farfetch.com/shopping/item10184471.aspx?utm_source=polyvore.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=Dresses%20Group%20C for dress picture if interested.)

     Leaving the shop, I was barely able to fit the dress in the carriage with me without ruining it. Claude sat me down, standing outside the carriage door.

"Where to next, Lady Jace?" He asked, placing his white gloves on his hands.

"The best florist London has to offer, if you will." I smiled, looking over once more at the dress.

"Well then, if you don't mind, my Lady...we could just walk. It's only a block or so away." Claude took my hand, helping me out of the carriage.

     Once we opened the door to the florists place, a tiny bell sounded. We looked around, trying to find a cashier to help. I sighed, getting annoyed at the situation.

"Lady, if you want, I can make my own floral arrangements." Claude placed a hand on my shoulder, causing me to turn arround.

"If you can get black tulips and yellow roses, an enough of them, be my guest." I scoffed, turning and leaving the florist.

     Climbing back into the carriage for what I hoped was the final time, I noticed a familiar pair walking down the street. Focusing my eyes, I noticed it was Ciel and Sebastian. I knocked on the carriage roof, getting Claude to momentarily stop. I pushed open the door, landing on the sidewalk and hastily running over to them. Claude yelled at me to stop, but I ignored him. Once I reached the two, I placed my hand on Ciel's arm, to which he turned around.

"Ciel! I'm so glad to see you!" I smiled, using every bit of willpower I had to keep from hugging him.

"L-Lady Jace...I see you're alright. We noticed Claude rushing you to the hospital yesterday." Ciel appeared to be holding back too, as Sebastian just stood behind him.

"Yeah, I'm fine. They found out what was wrong. I'm j-" I cut myself off, unsure if I should tell him or not.

"You're what?" He inquired, stepping closer to me.

"Lady Jace, I believe we should be going. You'll need all the rest you can get for tomorrow." Claude walked up behind me, staring Sebastian down with a death glare.

"Ah, yes. That's right, your wedding is tomorrow. Please excuse us, we're just picking out a gift. We'll see you tomorrow, Lady Jace." Sebastian bowed, taking Ciel and heading the opposite direction.

     Claude took my hand, leading me back to the carriage. I hopped in, situating myself next to my humongous dress. Despite just running into Ciel and Sebastian, I felt happy. I closed my eyes, taking a nap until we arrived back at the Estate.

*Time Skip*

"Lady Jace! Did you get everything?" A voice piped up. It was Alois, which meant I was back at the manor.

"Y-Yes, Alois. Everything is all set for tomorrow." I groggily exited the carriage. The pain in my torso had subsided to a dull feeling.

"Claude took your dress and hid it. He won't let me see!" He complained, making a pouting face.

"It's bad luck, love. You can't see." I smiled, patting him on the shoulder and leading him back inside the Estate.

     Dinner had already been set on the table, but I wasn't hungry. I just sat in my chair adjacent to Alois, lost in thought. Claude took note, and walked over next to me.

"Lady Jace, how do you fare?" He asked, placing a glass of water next to me.

"Like death, Claude. I didn't know pregnancy was supposed to be this hard this early on." I complained, faking a half smile.

"Well, don't forget. You do have demon blood. And, bones were broken." He picked up Alois's plates, taking them for the kitchen.

"Jace, I think it's time to retire. Shall we?" Alois stood, reaching for my hands.

"Yes, Alois. That'd be delightful." I smiled, standing up slowly.

     He lead me to his room, preparing himself for sleep. I got under the covers, still watching him as he walked all around his room for no other reason than that he simply could. This was the one I was marrying tomorrow. I placed a hand over my torso, rubbing softly in a circle. And you are the reason worth staying.



The End

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