Her Lady, Forever Claimed

     No matter how hard I tried, Ciel's horror stricken face wouldn't leave my mind. Going back to what Mey-Rin had told me, she said that Ciel had feelings for me...yet, Claude could help me find my birth parents. Why was I so drawn to the Trancy boy and his butler instead of the Earl Phantomhive, who had taken me in off the streets?

"My love, is something bothering you?" Alois took my hand as we walked behind Claude to his Estate.

"Just thinking, Alois." I gave him the best smile I could muster, turning my eyes forward.

"Claude! We need to get home now!" Alois demanded, furrowing his brows.

"Yes, your Highness." Claude muttered, turning to us both.

     Setting us both on his shoulders(somehow), Claude began dashing towards the Trancy Estate. Once we arrived, Hannah opened the door for us to enter. Claude spat off at Hannah about who knows what, which scared her off. I feel really bad for her...

"Lady Jace, shall I prepare you a room?" Claude asked, bowing in front of me.

"N-No, Claude. I'd like to sleep with Alois. If, that is, it's alright with him." I turned to the platinum blond boy, who was making his way towards me.

"Oh, it's more than alright." He smiled devilishly, licking my ear.

"As you wish, my Lady." Claude left for who knows where in the Estate, leaving Alois and I alone.

     We walked calmly to his room. He lead me with a hand resting on my hips, trying everything he could to ease my tension. Once we made it to his room, he allowed me in first. I sat on his bed, putting my head in my hands.

"Alois, what have you for night clothes? This dress is suffocating me." I walked over to the boy, who was undressing at his mirror.

"I've a satin gown, if you want. Hannah has it, however." Alois tossed his clothes off to the side, walking around naked. 

"I-I'll go get it, then." I exited his room, trying not to get lost in the huge manor.

    Once I found Hannah, I mentioned the satin robe. She smiled warmly, leading me to her tailoring closet. Once it was in my hands, I thanked her and gave her a hug. She seemed surprised, and quickly bowed, leaving me to find my way back to Alois's room. After getting lost for several minutes, footsteps approached.

"Lost, my Lady?" Claude inquired, pushing up his glasses.

"Eh, a tad bit. Trying to get to Alois's room..." I admitted, scratching my head.

"Allow me, Lady Jace." Claude offered his hand, which I took. He lead me around several corners and a few flights of stairs, before reaching Alois's large room door.

"Have fun, Lady Jace." Claude smirked, leaving me at Alois's door.

     Have fun? What on earth did he mean by have fun? Oh well. I walked in, finding Alois waiting for me immediately behind the door once it opened.

"Alois! You scared the hell out of me!" I dropped the gown, but bent over to get it.

"Jace, tell me something." He shut the door, and I swear I could hear it lock.

"Anything, Alois. What's the matter?" I set the dress on the dresser top, waiting to change.

"Do you honestly have full intention on being my bride?" His face was more serious, which was frightening.

"Of course, Alois. You're my beloved." I walked over to him, caressing his face.

"Good." He looked please, a side smile complimenting his features.

"W-Well, I'm gonna go change now..." I nervously picked up the dress, backing into the bathroom and locking the door.

     The bathroom here was larger than the one I had at the Phantomhive Manor. Phantomhive...Ciel... I shook my head. If Ciel truly cared for me, he would've stayed and let me explain. Him and Sebastian are in the past now... Walking out of the bathroom, I found Alois asleep in his bed. Smiling slightly, I walked over to the opposite side and got under the many silken covers. Snuggling up to the pillows, my eyes drifted shut. Not long after I got in, and just before falling asleep, was I bluntly awoken.

"You said you had full intentions on being my wife, Jace." Alois sounded, pulling the blankets off of us both.

"Alois, what're you doing? It's late." I murmured, trying to pull the blankets back up, but to no prevail.

"Tell me, Lady Jace..." Alois turned me on my back, placing himself on my body.

"Alois what th-" I was stopped by him placing a finger over my mouth.

"I won't hurt you, Jace. I'm just going to show you how much you mean to me." Alois laughed, pulling off the straps to my nightgown.

     "Have fun.", Claude's words echoed in my head.

*Time Skip* 

     Last night was still fresh on my mind. Fluttering open my eyelids, I noticed Alois laying next to me. His piercing blue eyes staring straight at me, a mischievous grin plastered on his face. I looked around us on the bed, feathers from pillow cases lay astray, along with jumbled blankets and misplaced pillows. I felt my face begin to go hot.

"Still recovering, love?" Alois placed his hand on my face, before getting up to go change.

"Alois, what was all of that for? N-Not that I'm complaining..." I stopped before I dug my own grave.

"Now, you're not just marked with the ring, or Claude's contract seal. No one can take you from me." Alois stood from the bed, allowing my eyes to see his exposed body in full daylight. He took his clothes, going into the bathroom to get ready.

"If Alois's body is still bare...that means..." I sat up in bed, lifting the blankets to see under them.

     Sure enough, I was no longer wearing the satin robe I had put on last night. Sighing in embarrassment, I searched around the bed for the dress. Yes, I had found it at the foot of the bed on the floor. Was it wearable? I'm afraid not. A large tear jaggedly ripped down the front. It forced a laugh out of me.

"Lady Jace, I can have Claude fet-" Alois walked out of the bathroom, to which I wrapped a nearby blanket around my body.

"Dresses. Alois, I need dresses. And a corset. Plus a petticoat." I quickly demanded, trying my best to hold the blanket up.

"I'll send for it, immediately. Why're you covering yourself, darling? I've seen you entirely, don't play silly games." Alois laughed, walking out of the room to find me some clothes.

     Slumping down in a sitting position on the bed, I thought back on yesterday. Ciel...oh, Ciel... My thoughts were focused on him, Sebastian, and the servants for a while. Then, they switched to events after Ciel running off. I've just...I just did...What if...I've had intercourse out of wedlock! I screamed internally at myself, as Alois entered once more with Claude. Luckily, I was still covered.

"Lady Jace, I trust you'll find that wardrobe over there now filled with the most elegant and beautiful dresses and gowns someone like you deserves." Claude stood behind Alois, who was perfectly dressed.

"Please, Lady Jace, get dressed hastily. We've much to accomplish!" Alois clapped his hands, leading Claude from the room.

     I walked over to the wardrobe Claude had mentioned, which was stocked full of dresses of all lengths, with petticoats and corsets to match. I chose a red cocktail dress, which fit to my curves. Long, lacy sleeves hung down. Slipping on heels to match, I left Alois's room. Sighing at the messy bed, I smirked. To think, we both did that. Making my way down the many flights of stairs and long hallways, I was met with Claude, Alois, Hannah, and 3 other servants in the main room.

"Alois, what have we planned for today?" I asked, walking to him and taking my spot at his side.

"Well, we're getting married, yes?" Alois began to twirl a stray hair of mine.

"Yes, of course we are." I responded, not getting what he was saying.

"So, weddings require planning!" He clapped his hands together, twirling around in front of everyone.

"What my Master is saying..." Claude began, before Alois interjected.

"We wed on Tuesday!" The boy exclaimed, taking me by my waist and 'dancing' with me.

"Alois! That's in 2 days!" I yelled.

     Alois rambled on about how he already had half the preparations made, and that I just needed to do my half. Which was, picking out my dress/veil, the flowers, the place, and all that jazz. Alois and Claude left into London to shop around for his things he would need. I walked up to the mini study that was in Alois's room. Still noticing the mess, I took it upon myself to straighten it up. As I was flattening out the sheets, Hannah walked in.

"Lady Jace! Why are you doing this?" She scurried over to me, looking panicked.

"I'm fixing what I did. Well, what him and I did. You didn't take part, so there's no need for you to clean." I finished fixing the sheets, and started placing the pillows.

"L-Lady...why, why are you so nice to me..." Hannah began to tear up, sitting on a nearby chair.

"Hannah, the question is, why is Alois so rude to you?" I began to gently pat her shoulders.

"H-He's a bipolar boy, with a worse than tragic past. I know it's not his fault, but..." Hannah broke into sobs, as I helped her stand.

"Hannah, go. Rest where ever your room is. Please, let me clean his room up." I flashed a genuine smile at her, to which her puffy eyes looked thankful.

     After I finished setting the pillows in their proper places, I sat down at the study desk on the far left side of his room. I brought out a writing utensil and paper, beginning to jot down ideas for Tuesday. Then, it hit me. The realization rammed into my brain like a train-car. Who do I make the invitations out to? I don't have any real family, and I'm pretty sure my foster parents are dead... Beginning to tear up, I quickly wiped away the drops trickling down my face.

     Instead, I wrote down the name of a nearby florist and dress shop. I would visit those tomorrow. Finishing out my list, I brought the piece of paper over to the mirror and pinned it to the glass with the frame. Looking at myself, I noticed a faint bruise on my chest, right where the Faustian Seal was. Looking closer, small teeth imprints were there. Dammit, Alois! 

"Lady Jace, I've brought you tea and biscuits." Hannah muttered, slowly opening the door.

"Much appreciated, Hannah." I walked over to the cart, graciously sipping the tea and taking bites of the biscuits.

"Is there anything else I may do for you?" Hannah kept her gaze downwards, allowing her lilac hair to fall in front of her face.

"C-Could you draw me a bubble bath, Hannah? I've much to do for the wedding." As much as I hated asking stuff of people, I just didn't have time to do it myself.

"As you wish, Lady Jace." She turned, walking into the bathroom.

     I sat back down in the chair at the study desk. Picking up the quill pen, I began to write out invitations for the wedding. The first one, went to The Undertaker. I started to write another, when Hannah walked out of the bathroom, telling me my bath was ready.

"Hey, Hannah?" She perked her head up, walking over to me.

"Yes, my Lady?" Bowing her head, her eyes met mine.

"Who normally gets invited to weddings? I'm stumped on who to invite." I admitted, placing the quill in the ink container.

"Usually, if it's an Earl or royal getting married, it's customary to invite other royalty. I'll be going now, Lady Jace. Dinner is to be made." Hannah curtsied, exiting the room.

     I looked to the bathroom door, which was open still. Bah, I'll finish the invitations later. Getting up from the chair, I was met for a sharp pain in my torso. Grabbing my stomach, I stumbled but quickly recovered. Shaking my head, I walked into the bathroom and shut the door, locking it. Taking off my dress, I hung it up on a nearby hanger. The bath water was warm, and all I added was bubbles. Using my hand to stir the soap around, I then climbed in.

     The bath was so relaxing, I almost fell asleep. I began to wash my blonde hair, which would need a cut soon, and preferably before the wedding Tuesday. I thought to add that to the list of things to do as I was rinsing the soap out. A sharp pain once again returned to my torso, but it was more dull. I tried sitting up, but the feeling was similar to being stabbed. I started coughing, covering my hand with my mouth. Taking my hand away, my eyes were met with the scene of blood on my palm. 

"Jace! Lady Jace! Lady, open up!" Alois was pounding on the door copiously. Alois? How was he home so early?

     I tried to talk to him, but my body was once again sent into a coughing fit. With blood starting to accompany the bath water, I tried standing. Much to my dismay, I slipped and fell, landing back in the water. Alois's knocking grew more urgent, and so did his yelling. I felt my bones snap, which caused me to arch my back and wail in pain. My vision grew blurry, as my eyelids felt heavier and heavier. The last sight I remember seeing was Claude kicking in the door, splintering it.

"Claude, quick! Get her to the hospital! Now, go!" My body was lifted out of the bathwater by Alois.

"Jace...don't...d-don't you dare leave me..." Alois sobbed into my shoulder, as my eyes finally slammed shut.


The End

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