Her Lady, The Deceiver

     I tried going unnoticed by Mey-Rin, Baldroy, and Finny. Walking as quietly as possible out of the manor, I went to the horse I had ridden yesterday. Throwing on his saddle, I had issues climbing up and sitting on the saddle. After a few falls and scrapes, I finally managed to make it. Slowly trotting across the stone pathway around the large fountain, the door to the manor opened.

"Lady Jace! Where might you be going?" Finny called, running over.

"Just making a quick run to the city. I'm uh...looking at more dresses." I loosened my grip on the reins, angling my body so I could see Finny.

"Oh, alright then. Be back at at least dinnertime." He smiled, running back inside the manor.

     I snapped the reins, riding off to Alois's Estate. It took about half the ride there before reality set in on my current situation. I was getting married. I was getting married! I stopped the horse abruptly at the entrance to the Trancy Estate's driveway. I allowed for the horse to continue slowly, making for more time to think before someone in the manor saw me.

"Lady Jace, my betrothed!" Alois called out. Today, he was dressed in only a simply white long sleeved shirt, a tie, black vest, and his usual weird shorts.

"Afternoon, Earl Alois." I nodded in respect, attempting to get off my horse. I fell again, scraping up my hands.

"Claude! Get out here, fetch Hannah to patch up Lady Jace! She's fallen off her horse." Alois turned towards the manor as Claude rushed out.

"Yes, your Majesty." I felt Claude pick me up, watching Alois hitch my horse.

     The Trancy Estate was different than the Phantomhive Manor, for the Estate had more of a homely feeling. Claude laid me down on a couch in the living area, leaving to fetch this Hannah woman. I cast a glance at my Faustian Contract, and sure enough, it was glowing since I was in the presence of Claude. I started to drift off, but snapped back to reality once small footsteps came closer to me.

"H-Hello, Lady Jace. I'm Hannah, Alois's maid. I'll bandage you up now." The lavender haired woman spoke very quietly.

"Thank you, Miss Hannah." I responded as she took a seat on a stool that was by me.

"So, I hear you're engaged to my Master." Her lips parted into a shy smile.

"Y-Yes, I am. Wait...how do you know?" As much as I was loving Hannah, I thought maids usually weren't informed of their Master's private affairs?

"Alois brags about it all the time." She chuckled, pouring medicine on to my scrapes which made them burn.

"He d-does?" I asked, my face beginning to blush extravagantly.

     Just then, Alois burst through the Estate door, a wide smile on his face as he stretched his arms. He glanced over to where Hannah was tending my wounds, and instantly grew a horrendous frown.

"Hannah! Back away from her!" Alois yelled, startling the maid.

"B-But M-Mast-er...I was ordered to clean up her scrapes." Hannah whimpered, standing and shaking slightly.

"And now I'm ordering you to get the hell out of here!" He screamed, scaring Hannah into running away.

"Alois, what the bloody hell?" I promptly asked as he took the seat where Hannah had been.

"I simply changed my mind on what she should be doing. Nothing to worry about!" And just like that, he was back to his happy, smiling self.

     We sat and talked about ourselves for the longest time. He seemed to be holding something back, however. And I had this nagging feeling inside of myself... Part of me wanted nothing more than to peer into his soul and drool. The other half wanted to hold him as close to me as possible and see into his memories. Either way, I wanted extremely badly for my curiosities to be satisfied. I sat up, placing my hand on his shoulder, staring into his eyes.

"Lady Jace, are you troubled?" His head tilted, allowing his platinum blond hair to fall freely with it.

"No, no, Alois. Just pondering about the wedding." I admitted, smiling at him.

"Well, I've not got all the details arranged. My servants are still making invitations to my family. I suggest you make yours soon." He giggled, removing my hand from his shoulder.

     A clock sounded, and I took a look at it. My heart practically stopped when I noticed the time. 5:00. I quickly stood up, rushing to the door(mind you, running in heels is hard). Alois followed, intertwining his fingers with mine.

"You'll come see me again, won't you, Jace?" He seemed sincere, when I had only just witnessed a freak out. And to add on to that...he called me just Jace.

"O-Of course, Alois. We're engaged." I smiled, trying not to tear up.

"Off you go, then!" He hugged me tight, watching me as I got on my horse with no troubles this time.

*Time Skip*

     I slowed my horse down from its speedy gallop, tying it to the hitching post. I ran inside, attempting to catch my breath. Ringing the doorbell, I awaited someone's presence.

"Ah, Lady Jace. You've made it back." Sebastian was the one to open the door, and he didn't seem the slightest bit pleased.

"I was out on the town today, Sebastian." I replied calmly, stepping inside the manor.

"You'll find Ciel in the dining hall, Lady. Dinner is just about ready." I walked through the doors to the massive hall, Sebastian following and going into the kitchen.

     I sat down at my usual seat, taking a look at Ciel. He seemed lost in thought, so I waved my hand in front of his face.

"Ciel, what's the matter? You seem bothered." Still looking at him, Sebastian brought out carts with our dinner upon them.

"N-Nothing, my Lady. I was just planning." Ciel began to eat, ignoring any of my further attempts at conversation.

     We ate in silence, Sebastian still piercing me with a dreadful stare. As I was finished, I stood up to leave. Sebastian came up behind me, throwing my body against the wall. Trying to prop myself up on the floor, I heard Ciel screaming at his butler.

"Sebastian! What the absolute hell?! What's your reasoning for such a heinous act?!" Ciel threw his chair out from under him, racing over to me.

"Young Master, her soul..." Sebastian began, his eyes shining an unnatural shade of pink.

"C-Ciel..." I stammered, coughing in futile attempts to catch my breath. At my next cough, I felt the pain completely disappear.

"Lady Jace, I'll escort you to my room myself. Sebastian, clean up the manor before you're allowed to rest. The. Entire. Manor." Ciel was furious, but picked me up with ease.

     Ciel was still using extreme caution with me, even though I'd insisted that I was fine. His excuse was that 'I'd just been thrown against a wall!'. Truth be told, I felt nothing. And with the force Sebastian used plus the fact he's a demon...surely something would've happened.

"Lady Jace, please excuse me. I'll go fetch some tea and bathing soaps." Ciel threw the blankets over my body, leaving his room.

     Minutes upon minutes passed, as I just lay there, staring at the walls. Soon, though, footsteps approached the door along with the metal squeaking of wheels. As the squeaking and footsteps stopped, another set of shoes hit against the floor.

"Sebastian, is the manor flawless?" One of the bodies was Ciel.

"Yes, Young Master. I've cleaned every room except yours, which will be done to where I will not disturb anyone." The other, was Sebastian.

"Also, what was that, earlier? Why did you throw Lady Jace like that?" Ciel's voice was angered with a tint of sorrow.

"My Lord, if I may...with the force she was thrown at, at least 4 ribs would be broken, and she would have severe bruising. I did it to prove a point. Please, allow me." The doorknob to the room was turned, as I put on my best calm face.

"H-Hello, Ciel... Sebastian." I turned to the 2, shifting so I sat on the edge of the bed.

"Lady Jace, if you would ever so kindly pull your dress down  so we could catch a glimpse at your back." My eyes widened at Sebastian's request, as I looked to Ciel for guidance.

"Just...go with it, my Lady." Ciel sighed. He didn't even look like he knew what Sebastian was doing.

     I hadn't worn a corset today, so that meant my bare chest ran the risk of being exposed. I pulled my dress to my hips, putting both arms over my breasts to hold and protect them from being even more exposed. I turned so my back faced them, and I heard Sebastian scoff.

"Young Master, I've bad news." Sebastian's tone changed. I put my dress back on, turning to look at the pair.

"What? What's the bad news?" I asked, as clueless as Ciel was.

"I'm afraid you're not human, Lady Jace." Ciel and I both stared at Sebastian, our eyes as wide as a New Moon.

"What...what do you mean she's not human?!" Ciel blurted, making his hands to fists.

"There is no way a human could recover this quickly from the force I threw her at." Sebastian walked over to me, placing his arm around my shoulders.

"There's only one way to get answers. Sebastian, prepare a carriage. We're going to meet the Undertaker." Ciel made his way into a huge walk in closet, shutting the doors.

*Time Skip*

     Riding through the city at 8 p.m. on a Friday wasn't that rare, apparently. Usually, while living on the streets, I'd find a barn or something to an old place to make my bed in. But tonight, the streets were packed. Oh no...what if I saw-

"We're here, Lady Jace. If you'll excuse me a moment..." Ciel opened the carriage door, peering up top to Sebastian.

"What's that about, Ciel?" I asked, brushing a blonde curl from my face.

"The Undertaker only gives information if you tell him jokes. And, he only laughs at Sebastian's jokes." Ciel muttered, turning to face the odd looking shop.

     Ciel kept staring at me. The look in his eye told me he wanted to say something, but couldn't. A few minutes later, we heard a guffaw so loud I'm surprised the carriage windows didn't shatter. Ciel opened the door, letting me take his hand so I could exit the carriage safely. Walking in, a man with long grey hair and a absurd scar stood before me, Ciel, and Sebastian. The man also had long dark robes, with a black hat.

"So~, this is the Missy you were wanting to know about?" The Undertaker giggled uncontrollably.

"Y-Yes, my name is Jace Whittaker." I stepped forward, closer to him.

"My, my! You've an interesting soul, indeed! Sebastian, mind explaining to me exactly where you got your accusations from?" The Undertaker reached a bony hand for a vial. An odd coloured liquid swished around inside the glass.

"I had thrown Lady Jace up against a wall. With as much force as I had used, she should've had broken bones and several horrible bruises." Sebastian bowed, stepping back next to Ciel.

"Here, darling. Drink." The vial that The Undertaker had been holding just seconds ago met my lips. The liquid poured forth, sliding down my throat. It began to burn, and I was forced to my knees on the ground, gagging relentlessly.

"Undertaker! What have you done?!" Ciel tried to come to me, but was held back by Sebastian.

"Holy Water, my Lord." The Undertaker placed the empty vial on a nearby counter.

     I was still coughing, trying as hard as I could to get the burn to go away. My fists were pounding against the wooden floor, causing them to get scratched up. Turning my eyes to Ciel, to say that he was appalled was an extreme understatement. Sebastian was emotionless, while all The Undertaker could do was smile.

"Holy Water...so you're saying..." Ciel spoke, almost at a whisper.

"She's a demon, Ciel. Well, at least part demon. The Holy Water has a much harsher reaction to pure blood demons." The Undertaker took on a straight face.

"So, there's s-so-something else inside m-me?" I choked, relieved that the burning feeling was receding.

"Aye. But, I'm not sure. It's not human, I can tell that much." I was helped up by the creepy man, who placed me next to Ciel.

"Hold on a moment...Lady Jace, let me take a look at your face." I was pulled back into the grasp of The Undertaker.

     He traced his long, black, cold nails along my skin. I would still erupt into coughing fits, which made him frown. Feeling his nails along my scar made me jump back, taking my own hand to cover it.

"How'd you get that?" He asked, a completely different tone of voice than a few moments ago.

"I-I don't know what you mean..." I was lying again, which hurt my heart to do.

"I think you're lying, Lady Jace. Your reaction to me t-" He was cut off by a low humming sound.

     Me, Ciel, Sebastian, and The Undertaker all looked around the room for the source. Our searching stopped when a certain part of my body began to glow. I looked down to my chest, it was the contract seal. I tried covering it up, but Sebastian spun me around again, the familiar force present. Ciel just stood there, taken aback.

"That's...that's a..." Ciel stuttered, almost breaking into tears.

"Young Master, you know what this is. It's a Faustian Seal, just like yours, and mine." Sebastian peeled off his glove, revealing the same imprint on his hand that took over Ciel's eye.

"The question is...where is this demon..." Sebastian kicked open the door to The Undertaker's shop, making him pout in the distance.

     Across the street, a peppy voice was heard giggling and talking about something none of us could hear from where we were. Walking outside the shop, I clapped my hands together to get his attention. Alois ran over, enveloping me in a hug. Claude stood at the other side of the street still, dead-eyeing Sebastian.

"Lady Jace, what is the meaning of this?!" Ciel demanded. It was the first time I heard him yell, which scared me.

"Ciel...I can ex-explain." I began to tear up, but Alois took a finger to my cheek, wiping away the tears.

"She's made a contract with me, can't you tell?" Claude monotonously stated, now eye-to-eye with Sebastian.

"Oh, I see alright." Sebastian muttered, resisting to engage in a fight.

     We all stood in awkward silence, as I began rubbing my thumb over the engagement ring Alois had given me. He noticed, lifting my hand up to show everyone. Dammit, Alois! Ciel doesn't know! Sebastian and Ciel turned to look, and were utterly shattered. Sebastian looked angry, while Ciel appeared emotionally defeated.

"I will not tolerate you speaking at such atrocious levels with my betrothed, Ciel Phantomhive!" Alois yelled in the same angry tone he had yelled at Hannah.

"Ciel..." I reached out to him, but Sebastian only took him up and ran towards their Manor.

The End

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