Her Lady, Betrothed

     Feeling unimaginable pain taking over my body, I fluttered my eyes open. I was in Ciel's room! Sitting up, my chest burned.

"Lady Jace! You must be careful!" Mey-Rin rushed over with a cold cloth, placing it on my forehead.

"Mey-Rin, wh-what happened...?" I was still dazed, but slowly coming to.

"Young Master found you passed out in front of the manor! What were you doing, Miss?" She placed pillows behind me so I could remain sitting up.

"I-I just went out for some fresh air, that's all." I placed a hand where Claude had put the Faustian Contract. I felt nothing, but the area was still hot.

"The party's still going on, my Lady. I've changed you into a more simple gown to avoid you passing out again. I suggest you see the Young Master immediately." Mey-Rin bowed, exiting the room.

     Standing up out of bed, I walked over to Ciel's mirror. I leaned in as close as I could, feeling above my heart from where Claude had placed his hand. What on earth had I done? How do I tell Ciel? No, no. That will all have a time. I smoothed out the gown Mey-Rin had changed me into, and walked back down to the ballroom.

"Lady Jace! You've had me worried. How do you feel?" Ciel walked over to me, taking one of my hands.

"I-I'm fine, Ciel. Shall we dance?" I wanted this godforsaken night to be over with.

"If you insist..." Ciel frowned slightly, leading me to the dance floor.

     Almost the whole time we were dancing, I kept my eyes on Alois. Who was standing with Claude near the snack bar. Ciel noticed my distress, and immediately took up on it.

"My Lady, what's the matter? Are you still ill?" He slowed down the dance, but all I could do was look away.

"May I be excused, Ciel? I don't feel right." He nodded solemnly at my request, as I watched him walk into the dining hall with some other guests.

     I looked directly at Alois, motioning for him to follow me outside. We met, along with Claude, by the large fountain where all the carriages were parked. I took him by his shoulders, pushing him against a carriage door.

"Oh dear, Lady Jace. You're already feisty and it's not even the honeymoon~!" Alois snickered, sticking his tongue out to reveal the contract seal.

"Alois, what in hell's name did Claude do to me, exactly?" I stared at him directly, not breaking my eye contact.

"You see, my Lady, if you'll let his Highness go..." Claude began, walking next to Alois and I.

"What. Did. You. Do." I ordered, dropping Alois's collar.

"You made a contract with me. So I've placed a seal, an exact replica of my Master's, only a tad larger. Look just above your heart." I did as Claude said, lifting up my hair to look.

     I almost screamed at the sight. Yes, I had a seal exactly like Alois, and mine was glowing. I looked over at the blond boy, who was admiring the sight before him.

"Alois, stick your tongue out." I ordered, turning back to him.

"You're so bubbly, Lady Jace." He smirked, sticking out his tongue at an attempt to lick my nose. Alois's seal was glowing like mine.

"Your seal will glow like that whenever we are in close proximity of each other." Claude pushed his glasses up, staring at Alois and I.

"Lady Jace, let's go dance!" Alois took my wrist energetically, beginning to lead me off.

"Your Majesty, it's getting late. With your engagement to Lady Jace, we need to make preparations." Claude walked towards us, extending his hand for Alois.

"Claude! One more dance!" Alois pleaded.

"-sigh- Yes, yes, your Highness." Claude stayed by what I assumed was their carriage.

     As Alois and I made our way back inside the manor, Ciel flashed me a very unflattering look. Alois pulled me onto the dance floor, as a voice came over the speakers.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is our last song. Grab your date!" Alois looked at me with a wicked grin.

"It's our time, my Lady." He bowed, facing the palm of his hand upward. Looking over my shoulder at Ciel, I noticed him looking rather heartbroken.

"I'd be honored." I took Alois's hand, getting into the position for the dance.

     It was a slow dance, one that required a lot of up-close-and-personal actions. He kept trying to drag his tongue along my neck, and nip at my ears. I kept feeling flustered, so I'd always shake my head away. He stared at me with those icy blue orbs, a pouting motion being made with his lips. The song ended, as him and I bowed to each other.

"See you soon, my betrothed." Alois knelt down, kissing my hand.

"Farewell, Alois." I gave him a hug, picking up my dress. Filing out of the ballroom with the guests, I instead turned to go to the dining hall, where I'd most likely find Ciel and everyone else.

     I walked in to find only Ciel, sitting at the head of the table. He was eating a dinner Sebastian had prepared, since his butler was directly behind him.

"Please, sit down, Lady Jace. You must be ever so tired after this evenings festivities." Sebastian pulled out a chair, and I sat in it.

"Thank you, Sebastian. I'm feeling much better now." I awaited my food to be placed in front of me.

     Sebastian placed a plate with a decent size slice of cake, and sat a drink down next to it. I began eating small bites, since my stomach was still a tad bit nauseous. Ciel cleared his throat, to which I looked up.

"So, you've got a thing for the Trancy boy? Tell me how that works out." Ciel abruptly stood up, storming out of the dining hall.

*Time Skip*

     The rest of the night went by painfully slow. Mey-Rin came to draw my bath, but didn't speak at all. Once she began scrubbing my back, I tried to break the silence.

"Mey-Rin, why is Ciel so angry with me?" I asked, my blonde hair falling into the soapy water.

"He believes you've fallen for the Trancy Earl and not himself. Ciel finds it very hard to attach to people, so once he does it's a 1 in a million chance, oh yes it is." She poured warm water over my back, wringing out the cloth.

"Mey-Rin, I can't expect to be here much longer. I've overstayed my welcome." I laid back in the tub, allowing my hair to dance in the water.

"How do you mean, Lady Jace?" She brought in a freshly folded towel.

"Just...trust me, okay?" I looked up at her with my hopeful hazel eyes.

"As you wish, my Lady. I'll be taking my leave, now." Mey-Rin bowed, leaving the bathroom and then my bedroom.

     As I lay in the tub, I felt a tide of emotions overcome me. Did I want to cry? Or scream? Perhaps bust up my knuckles in a fight...who knows? I pulled the plug, watching the bubble filled bathwater spiral down into the drain. Wrapping the towel around my body, I walked out into the bedroom. My blonde hair was in long, clumped together strands from being wet. Shaking the water out, I bent over to get into my drawer for a night gown.

"And to think this is the body soon to be mine." I felt a hand glide just above my bum, and turned around to squeal. A finger was placed over my mouth.

"Shhh, my love. There's no need to cause a fit." Alois scoffed, turning around and sitting on my bed.

"Alois! What in the name of hell are you doing here?! Ciel will have your head!" I hurriedly picked out a gown, rushing into the bathroom to change.

"Your windows are very easy to crawl into, Lady Jace." I heard him giggle from the room.

     Suffering from insane embarrassment, I walked back into my room, not looking Alois in the eyes.

"Alois, why are you here?" I turned, walking over to face him.

"Just to give you this." He grabbed my legs, pulling me to where I was straddling him. I've never been in a situation like this, so my face went red as driven blood.

"A-Alois!" I stammered, watching him pull his hand out of his pocket, his other hand resting on my lower back.

"For you, my Lady." He bent my head down to where my forehead met his shoulder, whispering in my ear. He finally got the nip on my earlobe he wanted, much to my dismay.

     Soon, a cold sensation enveloped one of my fingers. Looking down, I noticed a ring, almost identical to his, wrapped around my ring finger. The only difference, was the band was bigger, allowing for larger diamonds surrounding the red stone. 

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be leaving." Alois leaned our faces close together, but didn't make a move. He drug his hand around my hips before going for the open window.

"Goodnight, Lady Jace. I hope you sleep well." I noticed Claude standing on the windowsill, as he scooped up Alois and jumped away into the night.

     I wrapped myself up in the satin blankets, staring at the cover that hand over my bed. I rolled over, squishing another pillow on the side of my head in hopes I would get to sleep faster.

"Jace! It's me, Hildegard again. I just wanted to let you know..." Hildegard's voice cut out as she was interrupted by another. "Foolish, angel! Your stringy harp playing games won't get you anywhere! You obviously see the path she's chosen!" A voice I recognized as Etheria verbally attacked Hildegard. "No! Jace! Listen to me! Please, I'm an angel of the L-" A violent slap echoed, and I opened my eyes. My body was in some kind of white room, wearing a grey robe. Looking around, I saw nothing but endless white. A small burst appeared in front of me, causing me to shield my eyes. A light blue background appeared, showcasing a woman in an elegant white robe with a golden strap, her blonde hair curling gracefully around her shoulders. Another burst happened, showing flames and darkness. A woman in a tight black tank top with leather leggings, large black feathered wings, black pointed horns that resembled a rams, and a thin tail with black rings pierced into it. She held out her hand, her wicked, pointed smile complimenting her soulless midnight eyes. I began to reach for hers, for the images of Alois, Ciel, Claude, and Sebastian floated around her. 

     I awoke startled, the sun filtering through the back windows of my room. Odd, there weren't any windows when I first got here, only when Alois and Claude showed up... I got out of my comfy bed, going to pick out the dress for the day. I chose a short dress that poofed out at my hips, stopping at my knees. It was a plum purple colour with blue buttons and a white bow around the waist. As for shoes, a pair of navy heels did the job. Walking out of my room, I was immediately met with the face of Sebastian.

"Please follow me, Lady Jace." I did as he said, my heels clicking against the wooden floor.

     As we made it to the front room, Ciel was dressed up rather nicely, a new cane in his hand. He turned to face me, and smiled(as much as Ciel can smile). I relaxed in relief, knowing he wasn't as mad as he was at me last night.

"Ciel, you said you had a case today?" I asked, walking next to him.

"Yes, Lady Jace. But unfortunately, I cannot allow you to go with. Instead, you will be staying here today with the servants." Ciel placed a hand on my shoulder, and I sighed in disappointment.

"Best of luck to you today, then." I replied, giving him a hug. Ciel seemed stunned, but eventually returned the hug.

     I stood on the front porch as Ciel loaded into the carriage with Sebastian driving. I waved my hand lightly, walking back into the Phantomhive Manor.

"Maybe I can arrange a meeting with my fiancé..." I thought to myself, shutting the massive doors behind me.


The End

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