Her Lady, Divided

 After my unpleasant and rather unnerving conversation with Ciel about angels and demons,  I found my way back to my room...alone. The moon cast its light through the large glass windows, onto my door. Turning the handle, I closed the door and leaned against it. I felt tears stinging my eyes, and put my face into my palms.

"Staying out in the streets is looking rather nice, now..." I managed through my tears. Sliding down the door, I curled up on the floor and continued sobbing.

     My mind once more found its way back to Alois. Was Claude a demon too? Must be, since Alois had that Faustian Contract thing on his tongue. I stayed curled up in the floor, feeling no motivation to move.

"My, my, Jace. You've grown quite soft over the past 6 years." A female voice cooed.

"What the hell...?" I stammered, sitting my body up.

"Oh, bother. You mustn't remember me. I mean, you've only seen me once." Although I still didn't remember the voice, an image was brought to the forefront of my mind.

"Etheria!" I screamed, now standing.

"What's with this? Getting all snuggly with nobles? Your father would be gravely disappointed." A shadow from the corner stretched out, forming a curvy woman with long black hair, horns curling from her temples, leathery black wings, and a pointed tail.

"My father abandoned me!" I yelled back, tears forcing themselves forward.

"Not the hell-awful foster parent you had in Manchester. Your real father." Etheria smiled wickedly, walking closer to me.

     I ran at the demon woman, not sure what I expected myself to do. She simply laughed, disappearing into the shadows. My door swung open, allowing Sebastian to enter. He walked over, helping me sit on the edge of the bed. And just like that, my memory of the event was gone.

"My, my, Lady Jace. Why were you causing such a commotion?" His eyes flickered a fuchsia colour, the stare boring into my soul.

"I-I don't know, honestly. I can't seem to remember." I wiped my forehead, pushing my curled bangs aside.

"Well, if you insist. Will you be alright alone tonight, Young Mistress?" I flinched, looking at Sebastian curiously when he used that title.

"Y-Yeah, I'll be fine, Sebastian." I got up to go change into a nightgown.

"My apologies for misusing your title, Lady Jace. It won't happen again. I just got ahead of myself with my Lord's plans." His eyes changed back to red, and he exited the room.

     Ciel's plans? Plans for what? Oh, well. I might as well go to sleep. It's already 11, and I've gotta prepare for the ball tomorrow.

*Time Skip*

"Hello, yes? Ast- Jace? I thought it easier to reach you in your dreams. My name is Hildegard, I'm a uhm... friend, of sorts, of your birth mother. Your mother is an Archangel, by the name of Edeline. She's trying to reach you in the human realm, but can't. There's demons in the place you're staying, which is why Etheria could reach you. Oh! I must go now, Jace." 

     I awoke to the sounds of a cart rolling into my room. Finny was closing the door to leave just as I sat up in my bed.

"Ah, Lady Jace! Enjoy your breakfast, Ciel insisted we bring it to you, so there's no rush. Get ready and meet us downstairs!" The blond male smile widely at me, as I gave him a lazy wave.

"Oh, bollucks. The ball is tomorrow..." I rubbed my eyes, accidentally bumping into the cart. A teacup fell over the edge, but when I cast my full look on the falling porcelain, it halted.

     Still staring at the cup, I bent down to notice that every drop of tea had frozen in air, just like the cup. Unsure of what to do, I slowly returned my gaze to the cart. The cup, along with spilled tea, returned to its original state. Putting a palm to my forehead, I felt warm. Dismissing the rather strange occurrence that just took place, I trudged on over to the open wardrobe. Picking out a long, fitted black gown with lace sleeves, I retrieved its matching corset.

"If I can do that with just the cup...I wonder what else I can do." I muttered to myself, hanging up the dress and focusing on the corset.

"Gah!" I yelped, as the corset finished lacing itself. Smiling triumphantly, I used whatever technique my body was toying with, to assist in putting on the dress.

     Taking some bites of the finger foods brought to me, I finished my tea, placing the dishes neatly on the cart to be picked up later. Walking out of my room, I smoothed my dress at the hips, turning to walk downstairs. Ciel was standing in the middle of the hall, gazing out of the windows.

"Good morning, Ciel. How did you sleep?" I smiled, taking my spot by his side.

"Lady Jace, do you think any less of me?" His eye patch was on again, but his one blue eye showed sadness.

"Goodness, no! You've taken in a filthy old rat such as I." I took both his hands in mine, staring directly at him.

"You're still wonderful." I pecked his cheek, making my way downstairs to where the servants were preparing for tomorrow's festivities.

     Mey-Rin, Baldroy, and Finny bustled around the dining hall. Carrying stacks of plates(some falling and breaking), Finny carrying floral decorations, and Baldroy chattering with Sebastian about snacks and drinks. I walked over to the 2, pulling my hair to one side.

"Anything I can do to help?" I smiled, to which Sebastian gave me an odd stare. Baldroy went to open his mouth to speak, but was cut off.

"Actually, I believe my Young Master has plans for you." Sebastian turned me around, with a rather harsh grip on my shoulders.

     Walking out of the dining hall, I noticed Ciel by the front doors.

"Ciel! Sebastian said you needed me?" I brushed some hair out of his face so I could see him.

"Yes, The ball has been rescheduled for tonight. Her Majesty wants me on a case tomorrow, and I've already spent too much money to just cancel this." He rested part of his weight on a cane.

"And what is it you might have me do?" Ciel looked stressed, and I wanted to help him in any way I could.

"I'm sorry to do this to you, but there's one person whose not been informed of this change." I was worried and hopeful at the same time. Ciel turned to me, making direct eye contact.

"It's Alois Trancy." He made his hands into a fist, shattering the tip of the cane he had.

     Why was Ciel so against this Alois character? My heart jumped at the thought of seeing him once more, I found him charming(even though he's a tad creepy). Sebastian walked over to us, cleaning up the mess of Ciel's shattered cane.

"Young Master, we must order you a new one now. Perhaps Lady Jace could do so while she's out? Sebastian cast another glance at me, his eyes that fuchsia colour.

"S-Sure th-thing. I'll be going now." I stared to open the door, as Ciel placed a hand on my shoulder.

"Be careful around him, please, Lady Jace." Ciel looked like a child who wanted to cry, but couldn't.

"Your horse is already prepared, my Lady." Sebastian bowed, probably because Ciel forced him to.

     Walking outside, I noticed a massive yet elegant Clydesdale horse tied to a hitching post by the large fountain. I walked over, untying the lead. Hopping on the saddle, I rode off to the Trancy Estate.

     Several people took their hats off as I rode by. I wonder what for? One person I swore was whispering about me being Ciel's 'beloved'. Finally making it to the Trancy Estate, I was nearly taken to the ground not seconds after getting off my horse.

"Lady Jaaaaceee~!" Alois chimed, taking me in his embrace.

"Earl Alois, I've news." I cleared my throat, backing away from the strikingly blond boy.

"Oh? Do tell!" He placed his hands on his hips, awaiting my news.

"The ball has been rescheduled for tonight, and Ciel wanted me to inform you." I bowed, mounting my horse.

"Claude!" The boy screamed, stomping on the ground. Not seconds after Alois yelled, Claude appeared next to him.

"Yes, your Majesty?" Claude inquired, pushing his glasses up.

"The ball is tonight, now. We need to hurry!" Alois grabbed his butlers sleeve, racing back into the Estate.

     Judging by the placement of the sun in the sky, I'd say it was about 12 or 1 in the afternoon. I snapped the reins on my horse, heading back to the Phantomhive Manor.

*Time Skip to the ball* 

"Come on, Lady Jace! It's not that difficult, no it's not!" Mey-Rin pleaded, trying to get me to straighten my hair.

"It's fine the way it is!" I fought, stomping over to the other side of the room.

"Lady Jace, guests are already arriving!" She eventually forced me down, using strings to tie my wrists and ankles.

     I sat in the chair angrily as the hot iron forced my curly monstrosity to lie down. We finished straightening my hair what seemed an eternity later, as Mey-Rin presented the dress I'd be wearing tonight.

"Go on, go get your petticoat!" She smiled, her dorky glasses bouncing against the bridge of her nose.

"I can't believe you've talked me into this..." I groaned, fixating the poofy petticoat.

"Ciel and the guests will love it!" She giggled, tying the large bow to rest on my tailbone, the petticoat holding it up.

     I twirled, once the dress was put on. Its rich orange lace gave way to black and orange waves intertwining with each other. It was strapless, exposing my shoulders. The bruises were fading, but some light scars remained. Mey-Rin left, allowing me to fix anything on my own. Looking in the mirror, I noticed a long scar on the left side of my face. Tracing it, images rushed through my mind of a woman dragging a long, silver blade across my skin. Shaking my head in hopes the images would leave, I left my room and made my way for the ballroom.

"Lady Jace, the show's just beginning." Ciel called to me, at the bottom of the staircase.

"C-Ciel, you look...stunning." I took my arm in his, walking inside the ballroom. Guests cheered, clapped, and yelled as we entered together.

     The first couple hours went by heavenly. I had a few glasses of champagne, and was chatting away with some people when I felt a harsh tug on my shoulders. Turning, I noticed Alois almost face to face with me.

"Good evening, my beautiful Lady." He smiled, extending his hand as a waltz began to play.

"Alois, it's so nice to see you!" I grinned, following his lead in the dance. I'd never danced before...yet this came so easily to me.

"Lady Jace, I've a very important proposal for you." His icy blue eyes not breaking contact with my hazel ones.

"Oh? What might that be, Alois?" I tilted my head slightly.

"I want you to be my wife." Alois had a straight face, and even though the music kept playing, I felt my whole world stop.

"A-Alois...I don't know what to say..." I stuttered, looking away from him.

     He took my hand, leading me outside the manor and into the forested garden. Claude was standing in a clearing, his eyes glowing gold and light orange, just like the pentagram on Alois's tongue. Alois stood me in front of Claude, walking to his side.

"Claude, I think I've scared her..." Alois pouted, hugging his butler's arm.

"Dammit, your Majesty. Can't you just follow a simple plan?" Claude sighed, pushing up his glasses.

"Wh-What do you guys n-need?" I stammered, bringing my arms around my shoulders to try and keep warm.

"I've told you, Lady Jace. I want you as my wife." Alois sounded annoyed, which made me flinch.

"What my Young Master is trying to say is...we can help. I know how to reach your birth parents, but for a price." Claude pushed Alois away, and walked closer to me.

"What might that be?" I asked, my blonde hair falling on my bare shoulders.

"You have to make a contract." Wind gushed by, adding to the creepy atmosphere.

     Ciel had talked to me about contracts. It's that thing that caused him to have the pentagram on his eye! And Alois on his tongue! My mind was rushing, and suddenly, I was bombarded with memories. Memories of Etheria, Hildegard, each time they had visited me last night. I grabbed my head and yelled, falling to my knees.

"Claude! What's happening to Lady Jace?" Alois begged, tugging at Claude's sleeve.

"She's remembering. Being around a demon of my caliber has triggered relapses in her memory." Claude helped me up, Alois behind me for assistance in standing.

     I peered up at the demon, his eyes still glowing. Reaching a final decision, I shoved Alois away from me, to which he scoffed. But once he noticed Claude raising his hand, he calmed down.

"I'll do it. I'll make the contract. I'll marry Alois." I never removed my gaze from the ground, except when Claude lifted my head.

"You might feel a slight tingle." His gravely voice muttered, placing a hand over my heart.

     After the tingling sensation and slight burn had lifted, I felt dizzy. My vision went black, and I felt my body collide with the cool grass.



The End

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