Her Lady, Social?

     I awoke peacefully, stretching my arms above my head. The door opened fully, giving way to Sebastian, whom held up a dress on a hanger.

"Lady Jace," Sebastian began, walking in the room further, "I've an outfit picked out for you by the Young Master. Breakfast will be served shortly, so I recommend getting ready hastily." Sebastian hung the dress up on the wall, exiting my room.

     Walking over to inspect the dress, my eyes widened immensely. It had no straps, but a collar of sorts that wrapped around the neck, going over the bust and joining the rest of the dress. It was royal blue, with lace covering the skirt. The part that went over my bust was lace, as well. I went to put the dress on, when my eyes were drawn to the corset sitting on the dresser. Groaning, my mind made me realize...I've never put a corset on before.

     Standing in distress for what seems like an eternity, another knock comes to the door.

"Lady Jace, breakfast is s- Oh, dear..." Sebastian backs away slightly, not sure what to think of me in my petticoat holding a corset.

"I've uh...never worn one before." I mutter, feeling my face turn a million shades of red.

"Don't worry, my Lady. I've had to put the Young Master in one before, I'm sure this won't be any different!" He chuckled, flashing his vibrant red eyes at me.

     After 15 minutes, we finally forced my upper body into the insanely tight death trap know as the corset. Sebastian also helped me slip my dress over my petticoat, making sure it was folded evenly.

"Lady Jace, may I?" Bending his arm outward, I looped mine through. We walked all over the manor, finally making it to the dining hall.

     Ciel sat as the head of the table, he was wearing a suit that sort of matched my dress. I smiled slightly, walking over and taking my seat adjacent to him. Sebastian brought a cart out, tea cups and small desert plates sitting atop it. He slid a plate in front of me, a hefty piece of cheesecake perfectly decorated with syrup and chocolate shavings just waiting to be devoured. He then poured a cup of tea, setting it on a doily.

"Lady Jace, I have a trip to the city planned for today. Mind coming along?" Ciel looked up at me from his plate.

"S-Sure thing. What's there in the city?" I took a bite of my cheesecake. It was heavenly.

"Sebastian, if you would. Describe today's events." Ciel wiped the corner of his mouth, turning to his butler.

"We've invitations to pass out for the Phamtomhive's Annual Hallow's Eve ball. Therefore, catering reservations must be made as well." Sebastian bowed to me, but once he stood up, cast a rather bitter glare.

"A ball?" I said curiously, never having been to one before.

"Oh, yes! The Young Master has the most elegant parties, yes he does!" Mey-Rin came dancing from the kitchen, two other boys following behind her.

     Sebastian scolded Mey-Rin about some plates she broke this morning, all the while her face was beet red. The two blond boys both stared at me, as did I to them. 

"Oi, I'm Baldroy. I'm the cook 'round here." The taller one with a cigarette spoke.

"I'm Finnian! You can just call me Finny, though. I do the gardening." The short one with red pins in his hair smiled.

"Lady Jace, if you wouldn't mind accompanying me to my study? Sebastian, you and the servants clean this up. We leave in 20." Ciel stood, walking away from the table.

"Sure thing, Ciel!" I picked up my dress, walking after him.

"Yes, my Lord." Sebastian called after his Young Master.

     I followed Ciel up the massive staircase and to the left, heading for his study room. My heels clicked on parts of the floor, that being the only sound. Once we made it to Ciel's study, he offered me a seat in front of his desk. He quickly organized the papers, books, and stray pens on his desk.

"Lady Jace, I've a very special job for you today in regards to the Hallow's Eve ball happening this Friday." He put his elbows on the desk, resting his chin on his folded hands.

"Yes? What might that be?" I moved around in my chair, trying to get myself comfortable.

"While Sebastian and I make the food reservations and such, I need you to go around and pass out the invitations." Ciel pulled a large stack of envelopes from a drawer in his desk, plopping them down in front of me.

"Baldroy will be driving your carriage, and Finny as well as Mey-Rin will accompany you. Baldroy already knows exactly where the addresses are, so you shouldn't have a problem." He stood, as did I.

"Consider it done, Ciel." I smiled, extending my free hand.

"Thank you, Lady Jace. I will show you to your carriage." I followed Ciel from his study, meeting Sebastian and the 3 servants by the front door.

     As we all headed outside, I noticed 2 separate carriages waiting in front of the manor. Ciel did as he had said, helping me into mine. Mey-Rin and Finny sat across from me while Baldroy climbed on top to steer the reins on the horses. I pulled up the curtain on the tiny window, waving farewell to Ciel who waved back, and Sebastian who stood with a glare on his face. What the bloody hell did I ever do to him? I've known him for a day! Sighing, I relaxed as much I could against the carriage seat as it rocked along the pathway.

"So, Lady Jace, what's the Young Master have for us to do?" Finny propped his hands on his knees, leaning forward.

"We get to pass out the invitations." I flicked open a fan that I snagged on the way out, bringing cool air upon my face.

*Time Skip*

"Well, that should do it!" I yelled out, popping my back and resting against a light pole.

"We've given all the invitations out, haven't we?" Mey-Rin asked, her high pitched voice sort of whining.

"We better have, because I'm starving!" Finny cried, wiping his forehead.

"Oi, you aren't the ones who have been operating this bloody carriage!" Baldroy yelled from atop the carriage, lighting another cigarette.

     As the 3 of us climbed back in, I startled myself with something I had sat on. Digging under my dress, I pulled out another envelope. Mey-Rin cried in distress, as Finny just peered at it curiously.

"Well, who's it say it's for?" He asked, trying to console Mey-Rin.

"It says it's for the Earl Alois, head of the Trancy Estate." I sat the envelope down, getting up to go tell Baldroy.

"Don't, Lady Jace. I'll tell him." Finny voluntarily got up, as I glanced over at Mey-Rin with apologetic eyes.

     The horses jolted off, the 3 of us inside the carriage sat in silence. The ride seemed to be longer than the others. Mey-Rin had recovered from her fit, to which I cast her a smile in hopes she would feel better. We arrived at the Trancy Estate, as Baldroy opened the carriage door for me to climb out. Invitation in hand, I walked up to the door and rang the bell.

"And who might you be, madame?" A tall butler, sort of resembling Sebastian, with glasses and a much more gravelly sounding voice, bowed.

"I'm Lady Jace and I bring an invitation for... Alois?" I drug out his name, hoping I said it right.

"Ah, yes. You're looking for my Master. Allow me to fetch him." The butler bowed once more, shutting the door to go retrieve Alois.

     Moments passed, and I began to grow hot standing in that dress for so long. Soon, the door opened, revealing a male a little shorter than me with piercing icy eyes and platinum blond hair. He wore a plum long coat with a forest green vest and white undershirt. He grinned wickedly at me, grabbing my hands harshly and spinning me around.

"Oh, you're just so light and dainty! I bet your will would be fun to break..." He sticks out his pointy tongue, making a licking motion extremely close to my face.

"U-Uh-Uhm, my Lord, I bring an invitation from the Earl Phantomhive." I barely managed to break my arm free of his grasp, handing him the invitation.

"Ooooh! Claude! Look at this! The Hallow's Eve Ball my dear Ciel hosts is coming up in 2 days!" The obnoxious yet somehow charming boy grabbed onto his butler's suit, tugging erratically.

"Yes, Master. We'll make preparations immediately. Thank you, my Lady for this most gracious invitation." Claude walked back inside the Estate, leaving Alois and I alone.

"I'll take my leave now, Earl Alois." I curtsied to him, turning to walk away. I felt a hand slide around my hip, twirling at the ribbon around my waist.

"I'll dance with you first." Alois snickered, waving his tongue out at me. Wait, is that a pentagram?

     Walking away from the creepy situation as fast as possible, I hopped back in the carriage in one move. Mey-Rin had passed out, and Finny just nervously smiled at what he just watched. The carriage ride back to the Phantomhive Manor was lengthy, but my mind was bustling with thoughts about Alois. Yes, he was weird as all get-out, but there was just...something.

     Back at the manor, once Mey-Rin, Finny, Baldroy, and I had entered, the heavenly aroma of food made us all drool. I sat down at the same spot I had this morning, adjacent to Ciel. I smiled at him, which he just glanced up at me.

"Ciel, I was handing out the invitations today, right?" I put a few bites of lamb into my mouth, chewing entirely and swallowing before speaking again.

"Yes?" Ciel glanced over at me.

"There was this one, the last one, in fact. His name was Alois Trancy. He kept flicking his tongue out at me, and I was curious as to if I actually saw a pentagram on his tongue." I wiped my mouth, catching a glimpse at the relentless glare Sebastian still seemed to cast on me.

"Lady Jace, if you would, follow my Young Master." Sebastian coldly demanded, taking Ciel and I's plates.

     Ciel took me by the wrist, leading me off in a direction of the manor I hadn't been in yet. We climbed several stair cases, not in the favor of my heels or poofy dress. Once we reached the top, I noticed a sign on the door that read "Earl Phantomhive". This was Ciel's room. He unlocked the door, allowing me in first. Once we were both in the room, he shut the door and lead me over to a set of glass double doors that opened to a balcony. 

"Please, Lady Jace, have a seat." I placed myself upon a cushioned chair which faced Ciel at an angle.

"What's the matter, Ciel?" I asked, my words traced with worry.

"You in fact, did see a pentagram on that scum Alois's tongue." I was a little offended by Ciel calling him that, but pushed it aside.

"What of it?" I asked once more, wanting to get straight to the point.

     Ciel pushed his navy bangs aside, revealing his black eye patch. I brought a hand to my mouth, my long nails grazing my lips. Ciel used his whole hand to lift up the eye patch, revealing a vibrant purple pentagram, surrounded in spikes. It didn't bother me so much as that was the same pattern only different colour without the spikes on Alois's tongue. This design took up his entire eye.

"This is what happens when you make a contract with a demon." Ciel ripped the patch off entirely, tossing it over the edge of the balcony. 

The End

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