Her Lady, Anew

     Who am I, exactly? Evidently, I bear the name of Jace, Jace Whittaker. I'm only 14, yet I stalk around the streets of London, in hopes that I can find somewhere to stay. Tonight is no different. I held a hand over my stomach, feeling the vibrations from its relentless growling. My shoes were worn down so bad, that my heels caught feeling of the pavement every now and then. I walked for what seemed like forever, until my eyes caught sight of Big Ben.

     The hands on the ginormous clock told me that it was 2:13 a.m. . I searched around for somewhere to sit, and found an alleyway. I pushed myself against the brick wall of a building, sliding down. My dress tore more with that motion, but I didn't care. All I wanted was to relax for a short while. I ran a hand through the unbelievable mess that is my hair. I tried pulling out a tangle, but ended up causing my scalp to bleed. I rested my arms on my knees, and rested my head on that. I sobbed quietly, allowing my tears to fall to the dirty pavement.

"Something the matter, m'lady?" A strong, yet soft voice cut through the night. I looked up to find a pair of red eyes in the darkness.

"Wh-What do...what do you w-want?" I stammered, still in tears.

"Ah, Miss. You're all filthy. If I were you, I'd come with me to my master's estate." The eyes now had a face, and a full body. 

"Again, I'll repeat. What the hell do you want?" I forced myself to stand, facing the man. He wore a crisp suit, and had black hair that was longer on one side and stuck out.

"I'm Sebastian Michaelis. My Master is the Earl Phantomhive. May I?" He extended his hand, which was covered in a white glove.

     Thunder rumbled in the distance, and I really didn't feel like sleeping outside in the rain again. I took this strange butler's hand, to which he scooped me up bridal style and began leaping from rooftop to rooftop.

*Time Skip*

     We arrived at the large estate he had mentioned. I had no words for the size of this place...my low life scum eyes had never seen anything of the sorts such as this. Sebastian set me down, but allowed me to lean up against him since my legs were weak. He rang the doorbell, to which a maroon haired girl with pigtails and big glasses answered.

"Oi, Sebastian. Who might this lady be?" She inquired, poking her face out to where it was in mine. 

"Mey-Rin, fetch the young Master, if you would." Sebastian smiled, closing his eyes.

"Alright, alright." The girl now known to me as Mey-Rin turned around, cupping her hands to her mouth.

"CIEEEELLLLL! SEBASTIAN HAS BROUGHT COMPANY!" Her high pitched voice echoed throughout the massive manor's inside. I covered my ears, hiding behind Sebastian.

     After we had waited for about 10 minutes, a boy around my height showed up to the door in a blue and black complex outfit. He had navy hair, which fell over one eye. There was an eyepatch covering it, triggering my curiosity. His one open and exposed eye was a rich blue colour. He frowned up at the butler, not noticing me hiding behind.

"I see nothing, Sebastian. What have you interrupted my study for?" Ciel demanded, looking quite annoyed.

"Young Master, I was on a nightly stroll, you see, when I came across this damsel. She is quite rugged, but I assumed you wouldn't mind keeping her for at least a little while?" Sebastian grabbed my shoulders, presenting me.

"G-Greetings, Master Ciel." I felt my face begin to blush as I lightly waved at the boy.

     I'm not sure if Ciel was surprised, angered, upset, or what. But his face turned the lightest tint of pink, as he reached out for my hand.

"I would be honoured to do this act of service. Take my hand, if you would. I would like to play chess with you." Ciel didn't exactly smile, but his lips curved upwards.

"I'll prepare her a room, Master." Sebastian bowed, darting off inside.

"Mey-Rin, go prepare snacks and the finest tea for our guest." Ciel turned to the maid, who was flustered.

"Y-Yes, Master!" She saluted, skipping off to the kitchen.

     Ciel guided me through the gargantuan mansion, eventually leading to a room resembling a small library. There was a chess game already set up, the left side of the chair and table facing large open windows. Ciel pulled out my seat for me, pushing it closer to the table once I had made myself comfortable.

"So, madame, do you have a name?" Ciel made his first move, keeping a straight face.

"J-Jace. Jace Whittaker." I moved one of my pieces, knocking over one of his and taking it.

"Well then, Lady Jace, welcome to the Phantomhive Estate." Ciel smirked, closing his eye.

     We played chess for a few hours, until Sebastian knocked on the door, entering immediately afterwards.

"Sebastian, is Lady Jace's room ready?" Ciel stood, facing his butler.

"Yes, young Master. It's 5 a.m. and a storm is rolling in, so I suggest you sleep. I'll guide Lady Jace to her room." Sebastian took my arm, and lead me to where I'd be staying.

     I was completely taken aback by the size of the halls in this manor. I'd never seen anything close to this! We made our way to a room that was on the front facing side of the manor, the door right in front of several large mirrors. I could see the storm Sebastian was talking about, and it looked menacing.

"Lady Jace, I'll draw you a bath if y-"

"No, thank you, Sebastian. Could you send in Mey-Rin instead?" I did not like the idea of a boy's butler drawing up my bath water.

"Of course, my lady." He bowed slightly, leaving me to the extensive bedroom.

     Exploring the room while I waited on Mey-Rin, I noticed several paintings of her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth. They all hung flawlessly upon the deep crimson walls. All around the overwhelmingly red room, golden designs curled around the walls and dazzled the bed set. A knock came to the door, which I went to answer.

"Lady Jace? It's me, Mey-Rin." She poked her pigtails through the door.

"Enter. I trust Sebastian sent you to draw my bath?" I brushed some knotted hair from my face.

"You bet! I also brought you some fresh night clothes, yes I did!" Mey-Rin smiled broadly, placing the gown on my bed.

     I sat on the bed, awaiting Mey-Rin to finish with the bath. I peeked in a few minutes after she started the water, and was amazed at how perfectly arranged and well-kept the bathroom was. Flawless white counter-tops with bright golden trim shined with the light. After Mey-Rin finished drawing the bath, I dismissed her so I could strip down. 

     Placing one leg in the warm water, I smiled as widely as I could. Never in my life had I had a bath such as this... I sat myself down in the tub, allowing my whole body to be buried with bubbles, only from my nose up was visible. I almost fell asleep, if it hadn't been for Mey-Rin re-entering the bathroom.

"Mey-Rin, why have you come back in here?" I ask curiously, poking my whole head and shoulders above the water.

"It's time for you to be scrubbed, Lady Jace. Oh, I apologize for not telling you oh yes I do." She hung her head, the huge glasses covering her eyes slid down here nose.

     I sat up in the bathtub, allowing her to run over my back with a poofy sponge and drizzle soap on my frail skin. I winced every now in then, since I had bruises all over my back from being thrown around. Living on the streets for 6 years straight isn't easy, you know.

"My, my, Lady. You've gotten into quite the scuffles, haven't you?" Mey-Rin was now working on getting my hair untangled. 

"It-It's nothing, really. Living like I have...you just sort of get used to it." I was lying through my teeth, but those are stories for another time.

"Well, the young Master wakes up at 10. It's now 6 if you would want to sleep a few hours." She bowed to me, hanging a fresh towel.

     Standing up out of the bath, I wrapped the towel around me, forming a little dress. Walking back into the monstrous bedroom, I picked up the nightgown and went back into the bathroom to change. Looking at myself before I put the gown on, I noticed just how beaten my body looked. Bruises on my arms, torso, hips, back, you name it. 

     Sliding the silk gown over my freshly cleaned skin, I rubbed it on my wet hair. I flinched, when I realized that my hair would most likely curl overnight. I opened my door, walking over to the massive windows to get a look outside. The perfectly trimmed garden lay in wait at the oncoming storm, small raindrops beginning to pelt the glass and earth. I jumped and yelped a tad when footsteps approached me.

"Ease yourself, Lady Jace. I see you've bathed, how was it?" Ciel was looking straight at me, he was in his night clothes as well.

"I-It was delightful, Master." I felt my face blush, but for what? I turned back to the window, rain coming down harder.

"Please, address me as Ciel. I came down to say that I wanted to see you in my study, first thing after breakfast." He outstretched his hand, looking upon me with a straight face.

"Yes, Ciel. Sure thing." I nodded, shaking his hand.

"Goodnight, Lady Jace." The young boy turned away, walking back down the hall.

     As I came back in my room and shut the door, thunder bellowed from outside. I'm glad there's no windows actually in my room... I hate storms! I thought to myself, curling up under the comforter blankets. Resting my tired head on the plush pillows, I fell asleep instantaneously. 

The End

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