Astayni, the impossible child, is both an angel and a demon. With both highly toxic forces fighting inside her body for control, how will she cope when she is thrown into earth, forced to live amongst people? Her human name is Jace Whittaker, an English female who roams the streets of London at night. Only to be discovered by the demon butler, Sebastian Michaelis.

Born of a forbidden partnership, Astayni is both an angel and a demon. Nobody believes she exists, since angels and demons are prohibited to even interact. Her mother was an angel, and her father was an extremely powerful demon. Astayni does not know what she actually is, but knows that there are forces inside her begging to take over. On earth, she is known as Jace Whittaker. Walking the streets of London, England on a stormy night, she runs into an alleyway, only to be discovered by Sebastian Michaelis. Sebastian has his suspicions about Jace, but pushes them to the back of his mind. Ciel takes an extreme liking to her(sorry, Lizzie doesn't exist in this story), and denounces any of the slightest suspicion Sebastian has towards Jace. How will Ciel, Sebastian, and the rest of the group react when they discover she is the Legendary Forbidden Child?

This is the prologue. It will be told in 3rd person, and take place before Astayni is outcast to Earth. She is only 8 years old at the time. The prologue takes place in Ashbourne, the rift between heaven and hell.

     Archangel Edeline walked fearfully through the cobble streets of Ashbourne, the only place where she could catch sight of her husband, Stephanus, the Devil's Hand. She watched through her golden eyes as her daughter, Astayni, wobbled around just feet in front of her. As Astayni began to giggle and play in the flowerbed of dead lily's, cracks appeared in the stone walkway, and a red light appeared through them.

"Stephanus? Are you there?" Edeline whispered, her frail fingers and long nails grazing her face.

"My love, I'm here." Stephanus materialized, walking over to his wife. They wrapped each other in an embrace, Edeline began to cry.

"It's time, Stephanus! The scribes of God have already sent out for my capture..." She fell forward into her husband, sobbing lightly.

"Daddy, why is mommy crying?" Astayni peered up at her parents, her hazel eyes filled with curiosity.

"It's alright, Astayni. Mommy is just stressed." Stephanus responded to his young daughter, pulling away from Edeline.

     Edeline and Stephanus knew that their mere partnership was against both the laws of heaven and hell, and was punishable by the most brutal of deaths for them both, including... their daughter, Astayni. Stephanus scooped up his child, as she giggled and pulled at his tie, her blonde hair falling straight upon her shoulders. Edeline looked at her daughter with what appeared to be happiness, but despair danced around on her flawless face.

     The family walked in silence down the streets, passing by raggedy wooden shacks. Edeline took notice that the breeze had stopped, and so had the occasional bug chirps. The three stopped at a crossroads, as Astayni began to cry.

"Shh, Astayni, darling...shh..." Edeline took her daughter from Stephanus, holding her close.

"Edeline, they're here." Stephanus said lowly, shifting his gaze around rapidly. The wind picked up to where it harshly whipped around Edeline and Astayni's hair, making the small child wail louder.

     A beam of light shot down from the sky, destroying a nearby hut. Red flames burst through the stone to the left of Edeline, Stephanus, and Astayni. A woman with gold hair and solid blue eyes came forth from the wreckage of the wooden hut. A woman with eyes black as pure cold crawled up from the fiery pit that had formed from the flames. 

"Archangel Edeline, you are being charged with heresy against the Holy word. Come with me, immediately." The angel extended her hand towards Edeline, who only hugged her child tighter.

"You can't, Hildegard! I have a child!" Edeline shrieked, tears once again forming in her eyes.

"You're pathetic, Edeline. To be taken as high as the rank of Archangel, yet only to betray on levels this horrendous." Hildegard spat, lowering her hand.

     To the right of this conniption, the woman that had rose from the flaming pit stared directly at Stephanus, her black eyes piercing directly through him.

"Conspiring with angels, Stephanus. That's an all time low. Oh, and that's really saying something considering you're the Devil's Hand." Black horns curled forward from her temples, as leathery wings extended from her back.

"Etheria, sister, please understand. My daughter's life is at stake here!" Stephanus threw his arms out, begging with the demon.

"Demons aren't supposed to feel anything but hatred, Stephanus. It's over." Etheria shot forward a black bold, which turned into chains, bounding Stephanus.

"No! You can't do this!" Edeline cried out, dropping her child. Astayni gripped her head, whimpering.

     Edeline raised her hand towards Etheria, blue energy pulsating from her palm. The energy caused Etheria to fall into the pit, holding onto the edge with her hands. The Archangel looked down upon the demon, and for a moment, snuck a peak at the flaming depths of hell. Her eyes widened, and her lips parted in surprise.

"This is where your filthy husband belongs, darling. Look upon the flames of hell, and despair." Etheria released her grip, but not before casting out a black snake that grabbed onto the chains bounding Stephanus.

"My love, it's okay. Take good care of Astayni." Stephanus slipped back into the pit, which closed up.

     Edeline turned around to find Hildegard holding Astayni, an angel blade threatening to slice her neck.

"Come with me now, Edeline." Hildegard's tone had changed.

"If I submit, will my daughter walk free?" Edeline stood straight with her hands into fists.

"She will, but will forever be doomed to roam the Earth as the freak child she was born as!" The blade was drug across Astayni's cheek instead, allowing blood to pour from the deep cut from beside her eye, all the way down to her jawbone.

"Astayni! Fine, win..." Edeline dropped her gaze to the broken cobblestone pathway, as she was surrounded with blue and white light.

"You've chosen wisely, Archangel." Hildegard cast a portal with her hand, throwing Astayni into it.




The End

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