Child Of War

What happens to the mind of a young soldier? I wonder, do they come back as they left? Or come back leaving everything behind..

A Child Of War


He marches and does not know where he goes

         A soul-dier


Not sure if this was the right idea

But now he is sworn by the oath of his word

         A Man


Not many decisions of young,

First step as a man he headed north

Family weeping, friends feel sour, and a pregnant girlfriend

         His mission make it home


Innocent creature, yet he dreams of playing ball

Waking up to Saturday mornings, and does not like feeling alone



In an other country, his keen folk he sees fall

The enemy is all round, dragged to sleep in a whole

Serenaded to sleep by bombs, bullets, tears and moans


He made it threw it, and his eyes he did not close

No longer sick of the smell, a dead body laid near as he smoke



He walks the path, knows the whole, remembers the smell

But the truth is that it doesn’t smell at all


Back home, there is an idea, a goal?

The flight back he wonders, will it all be the same,

Or changed to a new world.


The nights are silent; the air is still too much comfort

When will the bomb fall?



The End

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