Child Abuse

Cassandra has been abused all her life! She thinks it is normal until she meets 'the boy'.

Some parents are the best and love their children to bits. Others are still good and love their children but not as good as looking after them. The last section plus the section we will be looking at, is the section where parents do NOT love and do NOT look after their children.

Amanda Soppings is the mother in the story. She has eyes as blue as the sea, hair as golden as sunrise and skin as red as blood. Amanda enjoys enflicting pain on others and has many a fun night hurting her husband. Amanda is also very very nosy and thinks that if you do not know everything you are worth nothing at all.

Henry Soppings is the father in this story. He has eyes as green as grass, hair as black as the darkest night and skin as white as new layed snow. Henry enjoys being hurt and reading the paper.

Cassandra the poor child who was born to these to people looks nothing like either of them! Cassandra has Hair as brown as a brown beetle, eyes as brown as mud and her skin is a perfect pink. Cassandra enjoys Playing and chatting with friends.

You might be thinking... Well this does not really mean she is being abused does it? Well think again because she might be abused because of her looks or just because she was a perfect child. Also isn't it mostly familys that look perfectly normal that abuse their kids?

The End

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