Katherine Mary Anna Junji aka Kitty doesn't fit in. So when she finds out she's moving to Chikamia, a home country she knows nothing about, she's thrilled at a chance to start over. She makes some friends and begins to settle in, but then something threatens to ruin everything...

Kick Me Always

Kitty hated school. It wasn't that she got bad grades or that the teachers treated her unfairly. It was the kids. It was because of them that she stood in front of the school, trying to work up the nerve to go in. Come on, Kitty urged herself, go in! She kicked a stone.

"You're going to be late," she muttered. A gust of wind blew and she shivered  in the cool autumn air. School had just started. It was hard to believe this all  had  started just a few months ago. The day she started middle school. She had been so excited, until she had The Incident. She had been eating lunch in the cafeteria. She had gotten soup. She seriously regretted that now. She was walking to a table when she tripped over her shoelace and spilled it all over Linda Becker, the most popular girl in the school.

Kitty watched in horror as beef broth and carrots landed all over Linda's brand new jeans, the very thing she had been bragging about before she got soaked in soup. Kitty had said sorry a million times, but nothing could have prevented what happened next. The next day as she came into the school building, a boy came up to her and said,"HeyKick Me Always, get out of my way!" Surprised, she realized that everyone in school was calling her by her new nickname, courtesy of Linda. It had been like that ever since. She sighed and walked toward the school, crunching through leaves. As soon as she walked inside, her troubles began.

"Hey, Kick Me Always, you're breathing my air." Kitty groaned and turned around.

Standing there with a sneer on her face was Linda Becker. Linda flipped back her hair over her shoulder and shifted her weight. She was mean, but she was also very pretty. She was some kind of Latino blend, with long black hair and dark skin. She also had a hourglass figure, while Kitty considered herself a figure O. Her mother always told her that she would grow out of it, but at 45 her mother hadn't exactly grown out of it herself.                                                                                                          

Kitty pursed her lips. She really didn't want trouble this morning, but Linda was asking for it.

"Just leave me alone." Kitty begged.

"Leave me alone,"Linda said mockingly."Really Junji, did you go to whine school, or were you born this annoying! Now if you'll excuse me I can't stand your stench any longer."

Pinching her nose, she walked away, bumping Kitty as she went. Kitty felt tears welling up in her eyes. She hated school, she really did.

The End

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