Chick Lit Story (title yet to be decided)

What will you do when your gorgeous best friend decides that she wants everything you want, no matter what?

The thing about best friends is that you don't know exactly when you stopped being best friends. Let me make it a little clearer for you: it's when you become best frenemies with someone that you stop being best friends. You don't see it coming, like an oncoming train on the track of failure. Instead, you expect your best friend to always guide you; to always hold your hand when things get bumpy. You never expect them to sneak behind your back and do un-best-friendly things. 

Nelly Linton and I, Kaylin Roberts, became best friends when we were ten. Nelly always wore the same purple bracelet with the bright blue words "Stuff Happens" stamped on it. Her shirts were always a little too tight and her skirts always a bit too short. She was cool and I was in desperate need of coolness, so it was a sort of fate type of connection when she moved into the house beside ours. Her ringlets of red hair caught the attention of everyone and her blue eyes always explored everything with genuine interest. To a girl like me, whose chestnut brown hair and bland brown eyes felt a bit too blah in a world of blonds and dimensional brunettes, Nelly was the epitome of natural beauty. She made adults smile with her cuteness and boys blush with her allure.

Nelly became my frenemy when she took the acting job I wanted since I was sixteen. She became my frenemy when said acting gig took her out of Burlington and straight into the heart of Toronto, effectively reminding me of how much better she is than me. 

The final, and indeed killing shot to our friendship was when Nelly started looking cosy with her co-star off-screen. The man she knew I'd pined for for years. I don't mean pined for in a "I'mahugefanofyours" type of way. We had a connection when we first met, I swear. 

But I'm getting ahead of myself. 

I have to start from when my friendship with Nelly went from all-nighters and tell-alls to enemy of my heart number one. I guess in a way, it started the day that Nelly decided that she wanted to be an actress too. 

Be warned, love and dreams sometimes don't go so well when your best frenemy is involved.

The End

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