A note from the author...

Oh my gosh, you've finally finished, do I hear you say?

Yes. I have FINALLY finished 'Chess Pieces', It's hard to believe that I started writing the first few chapters nearly TWO YEARS AGO! It seems crazy how I've left it so long to finish. I guess a lot of my reasons for neglecting if for so long when I did was because of school work and me having absolutely no time to do anything other than study and work towards my exams.

Now that I'm out of school and have had plenty of time to myself, I've really felt that I should pay attention to my beloved creation and finish what I started. I really do love 'Chess Pieces', along with the original 'Playing Cards' before it, and am quite sad that it's all finished.

Of course, for those of you who have read the last couple chapters, there is a slight cliff hanger. I have ideas for a third book, sequel to 'Playing Cards' and 'Chess Pieces' and have a rough idea for a story line but, at the moment, it's all a bit of a blur and nothing is set in stone but I will tell you this: I do plan on writing another book at some point in the future :)

Please rate, comment, subscribe and be wonderful as always. You are what keeps me writing and you are who inspires me to be creative and not spend all of my spare time watching daytime television or lying in 'til midday.


Much love,


The End

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