The New Hat in TownMature

The late 1800's. At the end of the street for the past 1000 years, a certain family of surgeons have resided for generations. After a few years, the entire family was murdered, save for two; hidden away in a closet, watching their family being killed right before them.
Years later, at the mansion decrepit and forgotten, a young gentleman and his even younger cousin, well dressed and well mannered arrive at the doorstep. Looking to buy the old home, and what they will do with it? No-one knows.

"Have you seen him? Such a dashing young fellow!"

"Quite, I wonder if he's attending the spring ball at Merridew's home."

"Has he been invited?"

"I'll invite him myself if I can make him my husband!"

"Cathy, you vixen!"

"Hush girls! That's him right over there!"

"Now who's that child behind him? Oh, could he be a widower?"

"A widower? My I would hope so and not have any qualms for striving for his eyes on me!"


Across the cobblestone road, talking to the local butcher stood a man of a rather average stature and over-imposing height. Dressed in a long black coat that nearly brushed his ankles with every stride he took, with a wide high collar that revealed no more than his eyes and nose, both shadowed by his wide-brimmed tall hat.

Behind him stood a boy, dressed in a similar manner, but lacking a hat alike to the older. Shoes recently having recently been shined, one could see the sun reflect off the shine they possessed.

Although the few things that made the two strikingly different were subtle, yet so very hard to ignore once they were seen together. The most obvious difference was their hair, the elder possessing darker hair, although whether it was just a darkened brown or a grey-ish black, it was uncertain. The younger had blonde locks, nearly platinum with its luster.

When one looked upon the two, they could see another difference in their eyes. They both had a different reason to speak to others, whether it was because of each other though, or themselves, it was again; Unknown.

Both younger and older males would look people in the eyes and smile at them when they spoke. The younger, a coy slightly ignorant smile; to manipulate. The older, a wide and warm smile; to charm. And as soon as the conversation was done, a neutral frown that teetered on a far away gaze would overtake their faces.

The two didn't even seem to speak to each other in these moments of rest between conversation, as if they could read one another's mind. They both had the same set goal, their own little secret that they wouldn't even speak to each other about even as they walked alone through the town.

As the two neared the mayor's home, where they had been directed to go, again they both wore no expression as they climbed the stairs and rung the doorbell.

It took little to no time for the wife of the mayor to answer, as if she had been expecting them. "Oh! Good afternoon sirs! Are you the new neighbors that rolled into town just yesterday?" The rather plump woman was flushed and wiping her hands on a towel, perhaps the two had interrupted her cleaning.

The older's hat was removed and held to his chest, and a warm smile had appeared on his face before the woman could see any different. "Why yes Mrs. Cathaway, good afternoon. Although I had no idea this many of the residents would have already heard of our arrival, I mean really it is of not that much importance I would think. My little cousin Xiah and, only wish to purchase the old Williams Mansion down the road." Gesturing to the blonde boy, Xiah who nodded curtly in greeting, the elder man bowed slightly at the waist towards the woman in the doorway. "It's a pleasure to meet you, I am Savion Carte."

The End

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