I made my way towards Gym-or as he called it, Physical Education class. Emphasis on Physical. If I was lucky, we would be playing dodgeball. I'd purposely get hit and spend the rest of the class watching from the bleachers. Harmlessly.

There was a locker waiting for me, in it was a pair of uniform gym clothes. I scoffed. The girl next to me giggled. I glanced up at her. My eyes instantly averted to her chest, which stressed the fabric of her uniform. It was hard not to notice Tits McGhee. I mean, how she didn't have back problems was besides me.

She cleared her throat and I ripped my gaze away. I hadn't meant to gawk. Perhaps she'd think I was perverted and keep her distance. 

"Their real. Can you believe it?" Her peppy voice beckoned me to look up, at her face this time. I was unsure of how I should respond.

"I'm Cindy." She extended her hand for me to shake.

I lamely gave her the peace sign. "I'm Elle. But I'm sick, so..."

Cindy eyes narrowed and her face tensed. She leaned in closer to me. In a whisper she asked. "An STD? I once had-"

"What? No!" I interrupted. "Wait, you do know that an STD can only be transmitted sexually right?"

She blinked, obviously confused.I turned away from her to get changed into my gym clothes. My shorts were a little too snug around my  butt and my shirt showed off a sliver of midriff. I could not believe this was deemed school appropriate!

 I shoved my feet into my sneakers and tried to pull my shirt down lower, unfortunately this left me exposed up top. The other girls had fled the locker room and into the gymnasium.I gave up and slammed my locker shut. 

" Fiesty" A familiar male voice broke into the silence

"Jesus Christ!" He had scarred me out of my wits.

Death clicked his tongue. "Not quite."

No, far from it, I had noticed. He leaned flirtatiously against the locker adjacent mine. Today he was disguised as a teenager, not too much older than myself. He was lean and his muscles were defined in all the right places. Longish black hair fell into his ice blue eyes. His face was chiseled, and lips lush and plump. 

I groaned. "If you think disguising yourself as a hot teenager is going to make me like you then you're pretty twisted."

Death grinned. Amusement shone in his eyes. "This isn't a disguise Elanore, this is how I really look. I stopped aging once I died and was assigned to Death."

I glared at him, though I was angrier at myself for calling him hot.  

"I have an assignment for you Elle."

"Piss off."

He cleared the distance between us and took my chin in his hand, forcing me to meet his gaze. "That boy James. I need you to keep tabs on him."

I tore my chin away, feeling bolder with him then I ever had." Do it yourself."

He returned my glare, and a wave of pain took hold of every nerve in my body." You were born with the gift of nine lives. When I killed you, I had already stolen one. It wouldnt be hard for me to do this eight more times, Elanore."

I cried out from the pain, or from the memory, I wasn't sure. I shut my mind off. I didn't want to relive my death, or my resurrection at Death's hands. It was too much to handle right now.

Shuting my mind off, left me to deal with the physical pain. I cried out again as I slumped against my locker. The pain didn't ease up. I knew Death wouldn't stop it until I agreed to his terms. "Oh, alright!"

He smiled victoriously. "I'll come back tomorrow, I expect a full report."
In a flash he was gone.

I stole a moment to get my nerves under control. When I entered the gym, I noticed the students were paired up for a strength training exercise. 
The gym instructor Mr. Parker, blew a whistle to get my attention, even though I had already made eye contact.

"Elanore, you're late! Partner up with James."  He handed me a scorecard with a pencil. 

I glanced at James as he made his way from the locker room. What were the odds! I waved him over towards me, and offered him a warm smile. I wasn't sure I could do this. How could I get close to someone I didn't want to touch in fear of breaking them.

James glanced at his paper. "Sit ups. You first."

We found an empty mat on the floor and I took position. James placed his hands on my sneakers and I nearly kicked him in the chin. "Wh- what are you doing?"

He looked around the room, I followed his gaze. Everyone else was assisting their partner in the same way, by holding their feet to give them some leverage.
"Everyone else is doing it," he said innocently.

I crossed my arms over my chest. "Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn't mean we have to."

He smirked and I wanted to kick him for real. I allowed him to hold my feet as I didn't see enough reason to fuss. It was only my sneakers. 

"So James, what are your plans for the rest of the day?"

He gave me an odd look. I wondered if my hot and cold attitude was confusing him yet.

The End

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