Making FriendsMature

Well, that was weird. 

First, we get a new girl that I have to show around the school, then she faints when I touch her. And to make matters worse, some little kid is now tailing me. I look back and see him still there, walking in between passing people and staring at me with those creepy looking eyes. How did he even get into Red High? He looked too young to even be in middle school... Well, MAYBE he was in middle school with how short some of those kids were, but definitely not a high schooler. 

"Who you staring at?"

I looked to my side and noticed, for the first time, Cindy walking alongside me. Today she had chosen to grace me with a decently regular t-shirt. Sure, it emphasized just how much size she had in that area, but at least it didn't give off a ton of cleavage... 

"Some kid has been following me all morning..." I told her, glancing back and seeing the kid gone. Well now, maybe Cindy was as scary to others as she used to be to me...

Cindy took a look and then gave me a confusing glance. "I don't see anyone...."

I sighed. "Well, don't worry about it. What's the next class?"

"Math with Mrs. Scott. We are both in that class." 

I shook my head. I knew that. Why did it skip my mind then? 

Death approaches you.

I nearly tripped as the words came into my mind.

"Are you OK, James?" my sister almost shouted. From the looks of the guys that passed, I knew I would be an object of jealousy every time Cindy was around me. 

"Yeah," I told her. What was with the voice lately? The first time I heard it was before Mr. King had died. I didn't believe it then, but his death made me wander about it. The next time was when that girl - Elle - had came earlier. Sure, I just shrugged it off, but now I was getting goosebumps. Was I going to die? 

Nevermind! All I could do was ignore it! No need to over-react! 

"Cindy, I'll see you later. I think I feel off. Gonna see the nurse." Cindy looked worried, but eventually I convinced her to go on and not tell our dad. Lord only knew he would get mad. Sure, I was a star athlete. Sure, I made sure the house stayed clean since mom left. And sure, I even helped cook meals when asked! But, nah... Dad only cared about my failings, not my achievements. 

Ugh... Anyway, back to reality. Maybe there was some stress-related thing the school nurse knew that I could be suffering from... Better that than the voice be some sort of real thing... 

I rounded a corner and then turned into the nurse's office. As usual, the front desk was empty and the nurse was off dealing with some kid in the back. Maybe it was that Elle girl? Well, I didn't want her to be sick, but part of me couldn't help but feel this was Karma getting her for being so stuck up.

And then the kid walked into the nurse's office. 

Wait... maybe he was the nurse's son or something? Made sense. I couldn't think of any other real reason he would follow me here. Of course, the boy staring at me wasn't helping all that much. Great. 

The nurse came out of the back of her office, then. She sort of seemed surprised to see me. Odd.

"Oh, James," she said, smiling as usual, "Ms. Elle was just asking about you. You should go see her."

I sighed and stood up to do just that. I kind of felt responsible for her fainting even though it was in no way my fault. She was just weird. Or maybe she was like Cindy when she got out of her last relationship. One touch made her jump from anyone. Well, aside from me who received way too many hugs after she got to feeling better. Eh, oh well. Maybe Elle would be a normal girl in time.

I walked into the back room and, sure enough, their she sit on the nurses bed. Lovely... She even seemed to have that blank stare. That had 'trouble' written all over it. 

"You wanted to see me?"

Elle's eyes narrowed slightly at that. "Yes," she said, her voice sounding slightly menacing. Well, she had been that way earlier, too. "What are you?"

Well, that wasn't expected. "A very confused guy," I said slowly, "You hit your head when you fall?"

Well, that certainly cleared up the mean look. "Sorry, I guess I thought... Nevermind."

I laughed. She was an odd one. Maybe it was just a bad day and all. "First day of school can be tough, Elle," I said, extending a hand, "How about we be friends? You seem smart, so I can cheat off you, and I tend to have some reliable friends."

She nodded and gave me a wary smile, but didn't take my hand. Yup. Just like Cindy. Someone in Elle's life made her afraid to touch people. But, to this extent... "Just don't touch me again, OK?" 

"OK, OK. Anyway, we have to get to class. It's Physical Education, my favorite, so we can't be late."

And that is how I made friends with Elle. But.... Why was she important..?

The End

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