Land of the LivingMature

"Um Elanore,-"

"Elle," I cut in. "Call me Elle. Elanore was my Grandmother."

The boy, James winces at my tone. Wasn't I just a breath of fresh air?

"Right. Elle. The next class we have is Global History. Follow me," he says leading the way. I cross my arms over my chest, allowing my messenger bag to serve as a bumper between myself and the bustle of other kids filling the hallways. The last thing I want to do is have an accidental brush with someone.

My reluctance to touch anyone must be some kind of psychological  guilt trip. I know I'm not going to physically hurt anyone, I could only reap my assignments anyway.

I scoff at my own bitter thoughts. Assignments? Rather harsh. Perhaps I was losing my humanity. My detachment and lack of interest lately were all stemmed from Death's involvement in my life.

"I'm flattered to know I have such an impression on your social life." Death's voice creeps into my mind.

I can tell he's still disguised as the Boy Scout. Somehow that makes this conversation all the more creepier. "Don't you have anything better to do?" I shout back at him.

The boy, James, stops in his track. He turns to me with a dirty look upon his face. "If you have a problem with this you can take it up with the principal. This isn't exactly my idea of fun."
Heat floods into my cheeks. Clearly, he thought I was talking to him when I was yelling at Death.

Death tsked. "Well whose dumb fault was that?"

I glared, which I realize was completely pointless. James returns my glare, which of course was meant for Death. I scramble for something nice to say, a cover up for my attitude, when suddenly I'm jostled. 

A kid, balancing a tower of text books trips and takes me down with him. 

James bends down to help me up. I reach for his hand. The moment his fingers clutch my wrist I'm thrown for another loop. His eyes flicker. One instant their flooded with gold light, and the next their not. I blink away the vision.

The sensation of a thousand needles impedes my hand. A sharp pain in my head seizes me. It's a different kind of pain then the one I felt with the premonitions. It doesn't go away for awhile.

The boy I tripped throws his books into a sloppy pile and reaches for my elbow. I swat him away with my free hand. 

Before James can pull me to my feet, there's  a high pitched sound resonating in my head, like someone running their fingers over a glass filled with water. Chimes.

My vision goes blank. I can hear people, but their voices are distant. A crowd gathers around me. The only distinguishable voice belongs to James. "Elle, come back to me Elle." 

Did he really say that? His words sounded so familiar and personal, not like those of a stranger. 

I open my eyes and a blinding light engulfs me. I panic and warm tears trail from my eye ducts. I somehow angered Death and in retaliation he ended me. My life, my family - all ancient artifacts!

A lady I don't recognize comes into view. The lights fade as she clicks off her otoscope. I sigh in relief.

"Hi Elanore. How are you feeling?" The lady asks pleasantly.

I rub my eyes and grunt an incoherent response. I'm not even sure what I said.

She helps me to sit up and makes me sip water. The voice of Death returns. "Rest up Elanore. I'll find you later." His promise sounds like a threat. I shiver and the nurse drapes a blanket over my shoulders. 

"Where'd that boy James go?" I ask the nurse. I suddenly had an overbearing need to find the kid and wrangle him for answers. Was he too one of Death's lackeys? Or someone sent to spy on me? Just from his touch, I could tell one thing was certain; he was not human.

The End

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