Chapter 2: Hand of the ReaperMature

The week following the death of Mr. King had been full of mixed feelings for the people around me. My sister and dad thought he was a great man, but didn't put any more thought into it, really. The other teachers were saddened by his death - apparently he was teacher of the year to all of them or something. Also, my friends seemed to think it was a feat that immortalized King as a 'badass.' That's just how we were, really, but I wasn't really feeling the same.

The only thing on my mind, for the few nights that passed, was the message I heard. "He will die saving to other," I said on Thursday night as I lay in bed. How had I heard that? It didn't make sense! Even if it WAS a figment of my imagination, that was a bit weird. I mean, I predicted someones death just hours ahead of when it happened! 

I decided to leave my thoughts at that for the night. The next day marked the end of the first week and Mr. Andrews, a man with a huge love for extreme sports, had taken over Mr. Kings place as homeroom teacher. Luckily, he wasn't as harsh as Mr. King, which made me feel awful just to think about. Who feels relief that a new teacher replaces their now-dead homeroom teacher? I shivered. Maybe that premonition had just got to me too much..

I fell asleep rather quickly and the next day came fast. As usual, I woke up before my sister and left as she was just getting her shower. My dad had been gone for an hour, leaving an extra alarm clock as his "love ya and have a good day" instead of the actual words he used to say. 

Traffic was nonexistant - As Sam would say - so I got to Red High early. It was a pleasant enough thing and gave me time to hang out. Now all I needed to do was find someone to hang out with...


My friend was sitting in the front of the school, sitting on a bench playing a handheld game. Every one of my friends had their quirks, really, like Leo's books and Sam's head, and Kaleb was the 'gamer.' It was rare to see the skinny loser not playing a game. It was a wonder how his grades were decent. Did he have games to study?

"Hey James!" Kaleb said, putting away his game and standing up with bump fists. 

"Wow, you put up your game for me," I said sarcastically, "I seem to be a woman with an incredible body."

Kaleb punched my arm - or tried to. The guy was super weak and I was as athletic as they came. "Shut up," he laughed.

"So, why did you miss the first few days of school?" 

Kaleb scratched his head and laughed a little. "Well, I kind of wrecked my moms car and had no ride..."

I couldn't help but laugh at him. I knew Kaleb was a bad driver, but who could wreck a Prius? Weren't they supposed to have fancy gear that prevented that? Well, I wasn't about to question him and it wasn't like I even had time.

Dave Pull, the Principal of Red High School, walked up to us with a girl in tow. Well, who was this chick? A new girl? No, I had saw her in the hallways on the second day of school.

"Mr. Samsom, Mr. Patterson," the Principal said, "This is Ellenore and she has been reassigned to be in all your classes, James. Since you share the classes, I was hoping you could show her to the rooms and help her request what she will need."

With that, the Principal left me with the girl - Ellenore, was it? - and walked away quickly. It might have been my imagination, but he seemed afraid. Well this was usual. A new student comes in and they are toured by another student with the same classes. But, why was this girl assigned to my class?

"You can call me Elle," she said. Why was her voice shaking? It was almost not even noticeable, but I caught it. 

"Hey, I'm James," I said, "Nice to..."

She is the hand of the reaper. Death watches you.

Well, this was going to be fun.

The End

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