Chapter 1: A Glance at Ordinary Life (Part 2)Mature

The rest of the day passed by pretty fast. My teachers were Mr. King for homeroom, Mr. Bale for English 2, Mrs. Scott for Algebra, Mr. Coleman for P.E., Ms. Ring for Biology, and Mrs. Harris for Outdoor Activities. Despite having Leo and Kaleb in Algebra and Sam in Biology class with me, I was mainly excited for P.E. and Outdoor Activities. I wasn't exactly booksmart like Sam and not the reader like Leo. Instead, I preferred to be outside and active.

Sadly, my active classes were boring since it was the first day. Mrs. Harris just babbled on about safety and knowing the importance of your limits while Mr. Coleman simply had us introduce ourselves and then introduced himself. They seemed to be polar opposites, but not like me and my sister. Mr. Coleman was easy-going and seemed hard to anger and Mrs. Harris acted - and even looked like! - a military drill sergeant. This year would be interesting, but hopefully fun.

After school, I met up with Leo and Sam - Kaleb had to leave early for some reason. 

"Yo, Sam," I said as he got near my car where me and Leo waited, "How was your first day?"

He groaned. "Well, I hate biology but having you in there should make it a bit better. All the other classes seem pretty much easy." Sam, despite being booksmart like I mentioned earlier, was terrible with science. It wasn't that he couldn't do it, it was just that he didn't like it. 

"Man, you have all honors classes other than that," Leo said, walking to the shotgun seat of my Honda, "How are they easy?"

"Just are. Math and English are subjects that doesn't require a lot of smarts." Sam hopped in the backseat and I got in the driver side. Sam better not dirty up my clean car like he always did or I swore I'd beat him. "You guys are just stupid."

I laughed at the idiot in my backseat. "Haven't you ever heard of not insulting the driver?"

Sam rolled his eyes in my mirror. I am going to beat him someday, I swore I would. "You like this car, it's not like I have to worry about a wreck."

"Yeah, but he might like hurting you more now, Sam," Leo piped in. How right he was.

"Oh well, where we going to?"

I cranked the car and put it in reverse. "Well, to celebrate the first day of school being out and the third month of you having a job, Sam, I figured we could head to the Corner and get lunch on you."

The idiot sat up straight on that. Well, that would teach him. Though, to be honest, I had planned this from the start. "Why do I have to pay?!"

"Because you have more money than us!"

"Just because you won't get a job, Leo!"

"Guys, shut up," I said. Sheesh, it was like they were kids. "Think of it this way, Sam: If you pay for our food, my sister might think you're pretty cool. Chicks like that sort of thing."

That shut him up. Even put a smile on his face. Of course it did. He had a crush on my sister for two years now and had even confessed, though she was getting over Frank at that point so I had to stop all that. It was annoying playing big brother to my older sister sometimes, but since Dad was working all the time and Mom had left, there was no other choice.

We drove listening to a mix of Rise Against, Hinder, and Lincoln Park and talking about some of the things we planned on doing this coming weekend. I liked times like this the most, I think. No worries in the world, good friends to talk to, and the freedom of being able to go anywhere I wanted. Aside from the dread of school having just started, today was a good one. 

Well, until the incident that came later. 

We got to the Corner only ten minutes later and took seats near the TV. Leo and me ordered while Sam dreaded the money he would have to spend. Despite all that, though, he was happy to hang out. We hadn't been able to chill for over a month since my sisters car was messed up. Dad bought her a new one along with mine just the week before.

"Next time we got to invite Kaleb," Leo said with a mouthful of fries.

"Why, so I can pay for him too?"

"Come on, Sam," I said with a laugh, "We all know Kaleb is too skinny to eat that much."

We all laughed at that. Kaleb was tall but skinny, so we always made fun of him for it. We were a normal group, though. I was the athletic one, Sam the average one, Leo the short one, and Kaleb the skinny one. None of us felt like we were better or worse than the others and I think that's what made us such good friends. 

Sadly, my days in this group were short. If only I had seen it then. But, of course, even if I had seen what was coming, there was nothing I could do about it. No one could change the events that would come. 

We kept talking for about ten more minutes before the TV flashed with new news. At first I ignored it, but Sam's eyes grew wide as he watched, forcing me to turn and pay attention to the woman on the TV screen. I really wish I hadn't. It is a stupid thing to say, but maybe that would have spared me at least a day more of peace. Maybe.

"...collapsed with a man inside it," the woman was saying, "From eye-witnesses we have gathered that the building was already due for demolition since it had nearly been hollowed out by the recent fires. Mr. Herald King, a teacher at Red High School and retired Navy Seal, was walking along the road heading home when he noticed two children playing in the condemned building. The building started to crumble and Mr. King was seen running in to save the two children. Police have found the body of Mr. King among the rubble on top of the children. As far as we know, the children were only bruised and knocked unconscious, while Mr. King has passed. Truly, this is the story of a hero in..."

I stopped listening. Mr. King... He will die saving two others. How had I heard that voice before this? Wasn't it just a coincidence? Yeah, it had to be. There was no way I could have foreseen this. Nah, I am just tired. This was a terrible thing, so I was just stressing my brain, right?

Sadly, I was not tired. I hadn't known it then, but this was a beginning. Mr. King was the first casualty of my life. The first of many.

The End

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