Chapter 1: A Glance at Ordinary Life (Part 1)Mature

"And this next song goes out to Cindy, who-"

The radio shuts off at the same time as my Honda. Another year at Red High was here and I was definitely not ready. I pulled the keys from the ignition and grabbed my bag from the passenger seat. I was a Junior this year, so I got to drive to school for a change. It was good to not have to deal with bus drivers, but with my parents that meant car payments and gas money. No more money for fun for me.

I glanced around the parking lot, but saw nothing but seniors parking and walking toward the large brick school building. So, none of my friends were driving this year? Well, that was fine. Kaleb, Leo, and Sam weren't the kind to waste money when they could just take a bus. Cheapscapes. 

"Yo, James!"

I nearly jumped at the sound of my name but relaxed when I saw Cindy walking my way. She had on her usual tight jeans and look-at-my-boobs shirt that I hated. I had thought she would be getting to school late, but I guess that was too much to ask for. 

"Hey, sis," I replied, waiting until she was beside me to start walking again, "what brings you to school on time?"

"Very funny, brat," she said, pushing her long blonde hair back and smiling. We weren't very nice to each other, but I wouldn't say we were distant. The year before I had beaten up her boyfriend who had been hitting her and she seemed to be attached to me now. Maybe she was scared of being hurt again. All I knew is that it was annoying.

"So, what classes do you have, sis?" I asked as we walked into the building. A few guys that looked to be jocks pointed and eyed my sister, but I ignored them. She, however, seemed to flaunt herself. My sister was not a whore, but she was extremely proud of her body.

"Well, hopefully a few with you," Cindy said nudging me, "but I doubt you have Physics or Pre-Cal." 

"Of course not," I replied with a sigh, "My brain is normal sized, not gigantic like yours." Despite being only nine months apart in age and in the same grade, me and my sister were polar opposites. While she was smart and dependent, I was athletic and independent. And my grades weren't the greatest...

"Whatever. Anyway, I'll see you after school. I see Beth and Sarah." I nodded, seeing one of my own friends near a water fountain down the hallway. Cindy walked off toward a door where two attractive girls were waving. Neither of them I knew, but I rarely peeked into my sisters life anyway, let alone any other girl. 

I walked over to where Leo stood, his head in a book as usual, and leaned against the wall. 

"Another year..."

"...another headache," Leo answered, closing the thick book and looking at me with a grin. 

I clasped hands with the shorter kid. "You actually passed?" I asked him. Despite being a bookworm, Leo wasn't the brightest bulb in our group.

Leo punched me in the arm. "Of course. I can't leave all the good girls to you, idiot."

I just rolled my eyes. 

"You're not still upset over Jessica, are you?"

It was my turn to punch him in the arm. "That girl? No, I am over her. Just want to focus on getting good grades so I can stay on the basketball team."

Leo nodded and smiled smugly. "Yeah, you did almost get kicked off."

The bell rang at that moment, signalling five minutes until class started. I quickly pulled out my schedule and headed toward my room after waving Leo goodbye. He was going to another class, sadly. Would be really boring without that guys jokes. Hopefully one of the other guys were in my homeroom though.

I found Mr. King's classroom in the 300 hall and quickly took my place in the rear of the classroom. Well, damn, I thought, none of my friends were in this class after all. The teacher looked like some prison breakout too, with a massive frame and a scar on his cheek. Better not piss him off. 

As the remaining kids took their seats, Mr. King started taking role. When he called James, I raised my hand. It might have been my imagination, but the teacher gave me an odd look. Almost like I was some sort of shiny object in a box full of dull bulbs. Odd, but I ignored it. I was a normal kid, not some troublemaker or ace student. It was just my imagination.

"Welcome to your first day as Juniors in Red High School," Mr. King said in his deep voice, "I am sure you are all excited to be Juniors, but there are some rules..." 

I started to ignore the man, then. It was the same every year. The teacher would assume the kids were excited to be in their grade and then lay the rules of the school on them. Classic roller coaster tactic. Something good, then something bad. 

The man certainly knew how to talk, though. But wait.... What was he saying? I tried listening to Mr. King, but realized that, though his mouth was still moving, I couldn't hear a thing. And not only that, I could hear nothing else. The shuffling of feet, the occasional dropping of a pencil, or even the whispers of students. Nothing.

And why was I calm?

Then I heard it. It started as a whisper, but then grew louder. It was like someone trying to say something as they walked toward me. I felt no fear, but it took me a while to comprehend just what the voice had said. It was like trying to grasp water at first, but gradually understanding came.

That man will die saving two others.


Then all sound came back. Mr. King had stopped talking and was now staring at me, along with the rest of the class. "Is there something you didn't hear, Mr. Samson?" Mr. King said with annoyance. 

"N-no, sorry!" I quickly replied, trying to keep myself calm under the large teacher's gaze. Dear God, he was scary. I made a mental note to not piss Mr. King off. Ever. 

But... that voice? No, it was probably just my imagination. I didn't sleep well last night, so it was normal to hear voices, right? Yeah. I focused on paying attention to Mr. King. Might as well learn as much as possible from the man so I could regain the ground I already lost. I hoped Cindy was doing better than me so far. 

The End

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