Chapter 4 - Part 2: Strange Places WORK IN PROGRESS

Night had fallen, and the sweet smell of dessert wafted through the air. "Who wants some apple pie?" Rogan asked the table after a farm-fresh dinner. He looked over to Dot. "Besides you, of course, Miss Apple Pie." Dot smiled. "You know it." Pepper smirked and glanced toward his roommate and in return was given a death stare while Dot's fork slowly bent under the immense pressure it was receiving in her hand.

"Well then," Uncle Adam announced. "That was a down-right funny story about you two in that train. Too bad Mr Pepper here isn't a restaurant owner or getting a job would've been that much easier!" The jolly man laughed and nodded in approval at the pie placed on his plate by Rogan. He sat a piece on Pepper's plate as well, then gave the entire remaining three-quarters of the pie to Dot. Her roommate again chuckled under his breath remembering the enormous appetite she wielded when out of nowhere he felt a sharp pain from a kick travel up his shin. 

Adam looked at his niece. "So, are you going to tell me why you're really here little lady?" concern spreading across his face as he held his pie-filled fork midway between plate and mouth. Dot stopped eating and looked down at the pie dish full of crumbs in front of her. "I... just wanted to know more about mom and dad." 

"I... just wanted to know more about mom and dad." 

"Oh." her uncle replied. "Well, we can do that in the morning. How about we get you some more pie." 

Dot arose to the golden sunlight that crept across her old bedroom. She sat up and yawned, inhaling the aroma of one of Rogan's famous breakfasts. "Mmm" she said, stepping out of bed eager to get down to the kitchen. She jumped when her foot stepped on something furry and animal-temperature. "Sweet flying fish! I almost forgot about you, (animal's name)" She bent down to pet him. "Sorry about that, Partner."

<It is nice to know you are aware of the importance of this mission, Miss Meadows.> he thought back. "Yeah yeah, I know... it's just that my uncle never really liked talking about my parents. He always said he didn't like how they abandoned me just they can go travel to strange places." The sunlit floor warmed her feet as she stood and walked to the telescope she had placed in the corner. She wondered if

<Are you getting this?> (animal's name) asked. "Huh?" Dot replied.

<Loud and clear> Pepper answered. <Just remember to not connect us like this during quiet hours... which are from 12:00 pm to 11:59 am> he joked. Dot looked down at her partner. "Um... he can't see inside my thoughts or anything like that... can he?" The Praetencola stretched its legs and proceeded to head downstairs. <Not unless you want him to.>

The End

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