Prologue: Telling of a StoryMature

From the lips of a man, comes the tale of the Cheshires - beings that exist outside of reality and the laws which make reality work. Able to see the future and move between realms of possibility, these beings are hunted by the organization called Alice. James, a kid who knows only normality, will find himself in the middle of war just starting.

"So, kid," the gruff looking man says to me from across the embers of the campfire, "What's your name?"

I don't answer. My name is James Andrew Samson, though none of these slobs need to know that. They will be dead and gone eventually, anyway. They always die...

"No answer," another man - this one scrawny and sitting on the remains of a brick wall, "Just like most of them." He snorts, a sound that I find disgusting from these humans. "It's better just to ignore them, John."

The gruff man - John - laughs. It is obvious he has no heart in his laugh. I do not fault him for it. There is little to laugh about in this ruin of a world. "I know, but it's good to try."

Try? Humans always did try, but, in their ignorance, they mess up and ruin what they already have. Why can't they see that trying to do something sometimes is the opposite of good? It was stupid. 


Both men looked to me, surprise in their eyes. "Y-you spoke!" John said, standing and looking to be excited. Was he this excited by a monster's words?

"James, huh?" the scrawny man said softly, "Why don't you tell us your story?"

"My story...?"

"Yes," John said insistently, "It might make you feel better to let everything out?"

"Let everything out..." I pondered for a moment. What did I have to lose? These men would die once the planet ran out of oxygen and forced all of them to the dead. Why not humor them until their demise, then? "I suppose I can do that."

The men both sat down near the fire, letting the embers rise as they poked it and placed a bit of newspaper from the ground in it. Though they looked about to faint from hunger, there was eagerness in their eyes. I had seen it plenty of times, in plenty of realities. They were desperate to get their mind off the unquenchable hunger. 

"Well, where should I begin... I guess I will start with a fact: I am not human. I am a Cheshire and it was my fault your world crumbled so easily...."

The End

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