Cherub James's day with AmyMature

James and Amy do it

James walked into his old room at Cherub. There was a note on his bed. It said , James I'm having a reunion in my room. I would love it if you came. From Amy Collins . James couldn't believe it , the sexiest girl he ever knew wanted to see him. When James arrived at Amy's room he was surprised no one was there . James knocked on the door. Amy answered. She had a bra and panties on. James had forgotten to zip his pants. He got so hard his penis stuck out of his pants. Amy smiled and said,"glad you came." They started kissing. Amy pulled down her panties while James undid her bra.james started biting her tits.He stopped because he felt something touching his penis. Amy had unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his underwear. She stared biting his balls hard. Then she shoved is balls and penis down her throat. Be sure to look for my next story James will regret what he did.also be sure to tell me what you thought about the story
The End

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