Cherry Soda Tastes TerribleMature

This is a short bit from a story I'm working on, edited from its original deviantART version. One character tries to patch things up with another character.

"Hey, I got some cherry soda…you want it?"

Whoever said the way to win a guy over was with food is a liar.

I smiled as best as I could with the cool, red can stretched out to Arkham. He didn't move from his spot on the ground. His face was barely visible under the dark-coloured hood, but his head tilted up to meet the can. He just stared at it for a while, then looked me in the eye, a puzzled look on his face.
I tried to hold my smile, despite that the cold rain was starting to make me regret wearing a skirt and no jacket. I pushed away the blue clusters of hair behind my ear.

"I-if you like, I've also got Lemonade!"
"…are you trying to poison me?"
"Huh?" I looked at him, then at the can. "I-I'm sorry, what was the question?"
"Is it a poisoned drink." He raised an eyebrow. He spun his shovel in his hands, waiting for a response. I could feel my jaw hanging off the rest of my head and my face grow hot. I signed an "X" with my arms in repeated, frantic movements.
"Wha-No! No poison, not trying to kill you! I-I haven't even opened it!"
"Umm…calm down, Blue…"
"If you want I'll drink it and you can have my lemonade." I mentally bitchslapped myself; cherry soda tastes terrible. I really bought the lemonade for me...

Arkham just sighed and held his hand out.
"It's fine, I'll take the soda…thanks…"
A wave of relief crashed over me as he accepted the red tin and opened it. The fizzy stuff squirted his hand, but he just wiped it on the grass. He was about to take a sip, but he stopped himself. I could feel my heart sink.
"W-what's wrong? Is it flat? Did you stain something?"
"…this is a bribe, isn't it?"
I could feel my left eyelid begin to twitch.
"Why are you so suspicious; can't friends bring their friends soda?" I groaned, slumping into the grass next to him.


I grimaced…a forty-dollar skirt and my favourite purple leggings had just been brown and green'd by the freshly dug mud. The bottom of my yellow singlet was beginning to stain, too...

The End

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