Looking BackMature

Cameron had been arrested before I woke up the next morning. Dilly had come over early and told me the police came during the night and took him away in handcuffs. There were five cop cars and police dogs, even a tactical unit, like a Canadian SWAT; all in black, big guns. Although, that's according to Dilly, and I don't know much I trust him. I know I heard a lot of sirens, though.

It was in the newspaper the next day. The police found the gun, and had Cameron's fingerprints as he'd stolen from an Esso station the year before. My mom moved us to a small town six hours away and sent me to military school, so I don't know if he ever went back to the park once he was out. Apparently they didn't believe someone so young could be a killer without an accomplice. Although the clerk they interviewed said he recalled Cameron being alone that night, the papers said that he was asked multiple times if he had someone with him. Cameron told them no, every single time. I was surprised, but I couldn't have been more grateful. 

I still can't drink cherry Slurpees.

The End

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