Cam Shows UpMature

“Oh, hey Cam, I thought those kids were going to bust our window.” I noticed he had another bruise on his arm, and his lip is split and swollen, but didn't ask about it. In the previous two weeks, it seemed that every time he came around he had a new bruise or cut, and always insisted that we couldn't hang out at his place. Whenever I asked him about it, he suddenly became furious, so it wasn't long before I stopped asking. His frequent bouts of anger started shortly after the first time he'd shown up at my house with a black eye. 

“Whatever, Jerr. I was at the ball field with Dilly and Nick, and Dilly says he went down to the 7-11 earlier and they had cherry Slurpees.”

“Yeah, so?” 

“So? Come on, let's go!” He pulled me out to join him on the dandelions we have in our yard instead of grass. “They haven't had cherry in almost a month. I want to get one before summer ends.”

“I don't got any money.”

“Go steal some from your mom. It's Friday night. You know she got drunk and passed out watching Wheel of Fortune. And it's not like you got a dad who'll beat you if she finds out.”

He was right, on all counts. “Yeah, alright.” I hopped back into our trailer and made straight for the living room.

“Jerrad! Grab enough so we can rent a movie and get Doritos,” Cameron yelled at my back.


The End

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