Cherry SlurpeesMature

Loosely based on real events.

Getting cherry slurpees with Cam are normally the highlight of Jerrad's summer. However, tonight turns out much differently.

Knock. Who the hell is that? I lifted my head from the bed, listening for another knock. It's probably just those dumb new kids down the street, throwing rocks. I flopped face-first back into the pillow, leaving just enough room for one eye to peek out so I could keep watching Boy Meets World. I would be pissed if they broke our front window again. Mom would have made me clean it up.

Knock knock. “Shit-balls,” I said, kicked the blankets into a tangled mound at the end of the bed and stomped to the door, which was next to my closet and went right out to the front yard. I was ready to jump on my bicycle, chase down those little dicks and punch them in the face. But when I yanked open the door, I saw a familiar face.

Cameron and I had both moved to the trailer park when we were in sixth grade. I thought he was the coolest because he had a remote-controlled car and new Nike Pump sneakers. When he asked if I had any awesome stuff, I said that I had a 50cc dirt bike, but it was getting fixed. He was pretty impressed. It was almost true, too; I did have a dirt bike once, but I crashed it into the lagoon and told Mom someone stole it. Cameron and I had been best friends ever since.

Three years later, Cameron stood in my doorway, wearing an oversized, hand-me-down windbreaker and those same Nike Pumps, except they were tattered and didn't have laces anymore. I just about ran him over in my hurry to get out the door. 

“What the fuck's your problem?” he asked.

The End

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