Jack takes the smaller door immediately to his right

The moment he opened the door a rush of cold air tickled his skull and a stale, musty smell interacted with his empty stomach, making him feel a little sick. He dogged into the room anyways, trying to ignore his apprehension. 

The room was dark but for a sickly light that filtered in through the closed Venetian blinds covering the one small window.  Large shapes loomed eerily in the dark. Although he didn’t want to be found, he also didn’t want to trip and break his neck in the dark, so he felt along the wall and flicked the light switch on. 

He nearly screamed. A tall man with broad shoulders and a sword in his hand was standing there, a few feet away, staring at him. Jack was reaching for the doorknob, his back against the wall, when he realized that the man was frozen.  No, not frozen, the man was fake; made out of wood or something. He was reassured enough to look about the rest of the room. There were more wooden people, soldiers with swords, and a fantastic knight riding on a huge wooden horse in the corner.  The big ones were life sized, but there were also lots of smaller figures arranged in no particular order.  Jack was just noticing that there were tables also containing even smaller figures when something moved in the back of the room.

He jumped clear off the ground and opened the door in fright. A man wearing a strange tall hat, which looked suspiciously like the ‘bishop’s hat on a chess board, raised his head from the table against the far wall where he sat.

Jack was frightened, but he was also curious.  For a moment he couldn’t decide to run or stay and find out who the strange man was.

The End

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