Jack runs down the large hallway and through the French doors at the end

The french doors burst open, revealing an enormous floor tiled like a chessboard.

Now Jack was afraid.

Suits of armor stood against one wall and the smell of horse manure wafted through the air. There was a case against the opposite wall holding swords and jousting equipment.

Was this man crazy?

Jack didn't really have time to figure that out. The two goons were rushing behind him into the room. He ran across the board, looking for a good place to hide. His eyes fell upon the suits of armor, and he ducked behind one as the French doors banged open.

As the first man stepped onto the chessboard, a strange transformation took over him. The foot resting on the black tile disappeared into his pant leg and his arms shrunk. His head started to grown a snout, and a pink tongue came lolling out of his mouth. He started to pant. And then he disappeared into his clothes, which were heaped on the ground. A hound stuck its head out from the pile, sniffing the ground.

The second man took a good look at the board and ordered, "Tobias, search!" before jogging back out the French doors.

His palms sweaty, Jack looked for an option. If only he could get a sword from the case! But there was no telling what these creatures were capable of.

Then Daryl came bounding through the door, smiling prettily.

"Need some help, Tobias?" she asked, dancing onto the board.

Jack watched as she turned from an ordinary looking girl into a queen, her hair falling to the floor in cascades of nut brown. Her dress was now a gown, silvery and bell-shaped, and she wore a crown, which was covered in rubies.

He noticed she had the queen she had been using in the game on a chain around her neck. How odd.

The End

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