She tries to bring an end to the game

"Yes, I am." He said. Still growling at the Biship Jake moved.

His niece watched the game a couple of more moves between her uncle and Jake. She paid attention to Jake's facial expressions. She had a feeling what he was thinking.

"Uncle, aunty wants you back at the house. She's kind of worried." She said. Trying to get her uncle o make eye-contact with her.

"Tell her I'll be home when I'm done work." He said. Not looking back at her, but moved his Queen.

"Check... mate..." Jake said nervously.

"Uncle. Your wife wants you back home right now." She said. With her voice more serious, instead of sweet and nice.

"Fine!" He said furiously. Banging his fists on the chess board, messing up the pieces. He got up and walked away from the table.

"Thank... you..." Jake said nervously.

"No problem." She said. Getting up and leaving the table, with Jake sitting alone with the board to clean up.


"Pearl. Why did you intterupt my game with the boy?" Uncle asked. When she caught up to him.

"Uncle. Look at the time. YOU might've missed your meeting with the family. I'm here, becuase Aunty Nalley asked me to picked you up." Pearl said. Walking along side of him.

"I'm talking about the game. Not that." He said. Straighting his back, holding his shoulders up high. Showing confidence and 'no one bothers me' attitude.

"You might get him fired with your stubburness about the game between you two." Pearl said.

"I'm good at chess. I should win everytime." He said. Sounding like a child almost, with his boldness look.

"Yes, you are good uncle." Pearl said. Giving up on trying to get him to forget about the game.

"Tomorrow. I'm gonna ask him to have another match of chess." Saying to himself.

"Uncle." Pearl said. Making the word drag on longer then usual, with concern.

I saved him today, but from now until tomorrow I have to do my best to get Uncle Kelly to forget about the match. Pearl thought. Walking silently with Kelly at her side towards a car.

The End

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