They stayed at the lake for some time, sitting side by side in the sun, fingers intertwined.

“It’s so beautiful here, isn’t it?”said Izdihar, looking out at the trees and buildings reflected in the surface of the lake.

“Mm,” murmured Faruq, without taking his eyes off her face. He leaned in to kiss her again, but at that moment they heard laughter from the other side of the lake and pulled apart quickly. A child was running along the path, his mother strolling along behind.

“We’d better get back,” said Faruq.

Izdihar wished they could stay there forever, but the people invading the solitude of the park signalled the return of reality. They didn’t want anyone to get suspicious. She nodded.

Faruq helped Izdihar into the coach again. As he went round to the front, he thought he saw movement through some of the bushes, but when he looked closer there was nothing there. He climbed up, took the camel’s reins and thought nothing more of it.

Mazin, walking away in the opposite direction through the trees, smiled to himself. That had been interesting. Very interesting indeed.

The End

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