Shahrazad was asleep at her table, hair stuck to the side of her face, her cheek resting on the picture Tommy had drawn of the king between the two mountains, when a sudden noise behind her made her jerk awake.


Out of the darkness a voice said “Shahrazad...”

She jumped up and lit a lamp. There he was, looking as relaxed as though he’d just popped out for a stroll. She grabbed him and gave him a hug. “I thought you weren’t going to come back...” He just looked at her, slightly confused.

            “You’ll be hungry, I suppose. Come on...”

            Later on when Tommy fell asleep on her sofa, she stood watching him, no longer tired at all. Now that she was no longer worrying about the little boy, she was starting to wonder if she had really done the right thing. Could she really take care of a child? She didn’t know if she really wanted that responsibility. She liked being on her own. But she had felt somehow that if Tommy was going to have to stay in the city, he should be with her. She had found him after all. Maybe she was being silly, but she already felt like there was some kind of connection between the two of them...

The End

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