“Oh Shahrazad, I’m so glad you – who -?”

Shahrazad closed the door to Izdihar’s rooms behind her and gently pushed forward the small figure, swathed in a cloak too big for him, the hood down past his eyes.

“Izdihar, this is Tommy.”She pulled back the hood and stood with her hand on his shoulder.

Izdihar gazed at the little boy in utter amazement, speechless. She knelt down and peered into his eyes, then looked up at Shahrazad. “But - but he’s so pale! He’s like a ghost... What...?”

“I found him. He’s from over the mountains.”

“Over the mountains? But how did he get here?”

“I think he followed the king.”

Izdihar was speechless. She was still staring at Tommy as if trying to make sure he was real.

“What are you going to do?”

“I need to see your father.”

The End

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