Shahrazad talked to Tommy constantly all afternoon, and though he couldn’t understand, he was quite cheerful company. He watched as she died some strips of leather in a tub and cleared all her things away. He looked through her boxes of finished jewellery, occasionally pulling out a piece for a closer look.

When she filled a bath and handed him a towel, he scowled, and the whole time he was in the bathroom she could hear him grumbling in his own language through the door. He ate double helpings of her stew that evening, and she made up a bed for him on her sofa. Almost as soon as he’d got in, he was asleep.

Shahrazad watched him for a while. He looked much younger sleeping, and very innocent. He couldn't be more than twelve years old. How had he made it here by himself, and why? What had he left behind? He was a little mystery...

“What am I going to do with you?” she murmured.

It took her a long time to finally get to sleep.

The End

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