The desert stretched on endlessly to the horizon in all directions and a man was making his way slowly across it. The sun glared down on his back and the wind swirled sand all around him, his purple cloak flapping behind him, but still he trudged purposefully on over the sand dunes, head bent and eyes shielded from the sandstorm. He walked on without looking up, until as the fierce wind let up for a few seconds he allowed himself a glance at the horizon ahead. A magnificent city had appeared under the sun, a cluster of gleaming spires surrounded by white buildings. The sight shimmered in the heat haze. The man pulled a waterskin from inside his cloak and took a short drink. Satisfied that it was no illusion, he smiled a little and started walking again, slowly but resolutely towards the city. He did not notice the flash of white behind him, or the small figure scurrying along in his wake...

The End

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