Oh God..Mature

I gulped. It had been nearly two months since that event filled night. Ever since, I had been secretly seeing Nathan whenever I could, using different excuses each time. Ben was happy, he thought I was making good friends, and besides, if I was happy, so was he. After a time, I began to relax a little I wasn't so tense, and Nathan, Ben and I even went out for a drink a few times. As far as Ben was concerned, Nathan was just a gay best friend type of thing to me. 

But now... Now, nearly two months later, I was scared again. I was late. Late for my.. time of the month. Late by more than three weeks. Even the thought of what might be happening made my pulse race. Telling myself it was nothing, I made myself go to the medicine cupboard, where we always kept a test, just in case, and took it out. I completed the test, and waited for five minutes, as the instructions said. With trembling breaths, I forced myself to look down. As I did, the little red line formed. 

One red line. Positive. I was... Pregnant. But who was the father? 

The End

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