An Eventful Night.Mature

Nathan grins, and says: "I know babe. You just can't wait to get away from Ben, huh? You love me way more, right?" I hesitate. 

"Um, yeah, sure." I say slowly. He frowns for a second, but then I pull him over to the sofa and sit him on it, sitting in his lap and kissing him, letting my hand brush against the zip on his jeans. He curls his arms about me and kisses back, his hand on my exposed thigh. It isn't long before our clothes are discarded and we are in the bedroom, our bodies interlocking intimately, noises of pleasure escaping both of our lips. 

At about eleven, I break our embrace, slowly drawing away. 

"Babe, I'm gonna go." I say softly. "If I go back to Ben early, saying I missed him too much to spend the night away from him, he'll lose all suspicion, kay?" 

"Alright, gorgeous. Run back to your silly fiance." He smiles and helps me back into my clothes. We kiss one last time and then I am out of the door, spraying myself with perfume and trying to make myself look rumpled and drunken. 

When I get in Ben is slumped, fast asleep, on the sofa, fully clothed. A re-run of Desperate Housewives is on. I turn it off with a grin, waking Ben with a kiss on the lips. His eyelids flutter, and he awakens with a smile. 

"Hey babe.. Is it morning already?" He asks sleepily, yawning. 

"No silly, I just couldn't spend a whole night without you.." I frown, making my eyes wide and teary. He just smiled, and pulled off his top. Less than half an hour later I was locked in the embrace of my second man that night. I should have felt guilty, but all I really felt was the pleasure.  But in amongst it, there was one thought that made my heart pound. The little voice in the back of my head, whispering sinister messages:

Two guys in one night.. What'll be next? Three, four? You are such a slag!

The End

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