"Babe.. Baaabe.." Ben's sweet whispers awaken me. It has been a week since that fateful night, and I haven't seen Nathan. I haven't replied to his texts, or his calls, all urgently begging me to to take him back, to meet up with him again. I want to respond I was never with him, so I cannot take him back, but I know what we did counts as being.. 'together'. "Babe?" 

"Mmm..." I open my eyes, blink several times, then focus on Ben. I smile drowsily at him, rubbing my eyes, yawning and stretching. Under the covers, I am totally naked. So is he. He grins, and I grin back. We kiss, and it is just moments until our bodies interlock. Anyone listening would've heard some interesting noises. Gasps, moans, me yelling Ben's name and him yelling mine. 

When we come apart, half an hour later, I am hot and sweaty. It is a horribly humid day outside, and about half ten. I stretch, and grab my phone. 3 new messages all from Nathan. The first two are the typical: 'I love you, take me back, I want you...' Nonsense, but the last makes me do a double take, my heart beating double time. 

It reads: 

Babe, if u don't cum c me 2day, 8 o clock, I'm gna cum to urs insted. + I'll tell B jst wt happend last week. N xx


The End

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