Ben and I.Mature

"Babey!" Ben called as soon as he heard the door shut behind me. He walked into the hall, wearing nothing but jeans, and boxers, of course. His muscular chest was bare, so different to Nathan's skinny, muscle-less torso. He was smiling a massive smile, his wide lips curved back to show gleaming teeth. His blue eyes sparkled, and his cropped blonde hair was damp. He was probably fresh from a shower. 

"Hey, gorgeous," I say quietly as he slides his arms around me. He kisses my collar bone, my neck, my cheek, my lips. Then he breaks off and we stare into each other's eyes for a moment. Then, scared he will see the deceit behind this happy, innocent front, I look away. "I'm gonna go grab a shower. I'm all icky from sleeping on a sofa." He smiles. 

"Kay babe." We kiss one more time, then I disengage myself from his arms and walk to the bathroom. I am naked, and about to turn on the water and step under it when his cold hands slide around my waist. "Oh hello, beautiful. I thought I would join you," He whispers in my ear seductively. I look around, and notice he has stripped off. Grinning, I pivot in his arms and step backwards into the shower. He turns it on, and kisses me as the water hits our interlinked bodies. 

He tickles me and teases me, touching me all over. I do the same to him, still with our lips interlocked. 

"I need to wash my hair..." I say quietly to him. 

"Okay gorgeous. I'll be waiting in the bedroom." He winks at me before stepping out of the shower. I wash my hair and the rest of my body slowly, trying desperately to scrub away the dirty feeling that has settled within me. But it will not, will never, go away. Because every second I am with Ben is a lie, every word I say.. Every kiss, every touch... 

When I get out of the shower, there are tears streaming down my cheeks. What am I going to do? 

The End

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