Nathan, Ben and Me.Mature

"Zo. Zoey. Look at me." Nathan's voice was low and pleading. I turned over. I was naked, under the thin covers on his bed. What was Ben going to say? Shit...  

Nathan sat up, pulling me up with him. He moved in to kiss me, but leaned back, horribly aware of how that only showed more of my flesh, my breasts totally bare. 

"No." I said, my voice as firm as I could make it. But as his warm hands caressed my face, my back, my stomach, my breast, I felt myself giving in to him. His lips we on mine in seconds, his hands in my hair. I recalled last night. All I could remember were brief flashes. My moans, and his unsure whispers in my ear. He had never.. pleasured.. a woman before. I had reassured him, leading him, holding him tightly so our bodies meshed easily. At one point, he had been on his back, me sitting on top of him, grinding down, touching my breasts, my hair.. I had been drunk on the pleasure. 

I frowned, remembering it, and pulled away. He broke the kiss, but his hand remained on my thigh, where it had crept while I had been taking a walk down memory lane. 

"Zo. Its OK. I can make things better, I swear." He murmured. He kissed my forehead, and moved his hand the short distance to my crotch. Again, he was inexpert, but he improvised well, making up his inexperience with his over enthusiasm. I moaned, and he continued, harder, his fingers teasing me, playing with me. 

"NO." I yelled, pulling away. I scrambled off the bed. "I'm leaving, Nathe. I need to.. clear my head. This was all a big mistake. I love Ben." Walking from the room, I found my clothes drying on a radiator. I picked them up, pulling them on hurriedly. My phone was in my bag. I had three new messages, and two missed calls, all from Ben. My heart hammered as I left Nathan's flat and hit the dial button. 

"Zo?" Ben's familiar voice spoke after one ring. "Where are you, Zo?" I took a deep breath, forced my lips into a grin, and made my voice breezy before replying:

"Oh, relax babe, I just stayed at Nathan's during that horrid storm, and I must have fallen asleep on the sofa. I'm really sorry, hunk-sicle. Forgive me?" I put on my best innocent-little-girl voice. 

"Aw, sugar-plum, you know I do! Come home quick, I miss you, you gorgeous thing!" He replied, and I could tell he was smiling. 

"I love you.." I said, and then ended the call. I sighed. At least that was over with. Now I just needed to get rid of the horrible feeling of guilt that had settled in my stomach.. 

The End

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