Cheating, Lying.Mature

As we walked, the heavens opened and rain began to fall, hard and fast. As always, he was prepared, pulling out an umbrella and holding it over us. But as the rain fell harder and harder, he looked at me, and smiled. With a grin, he threw the umbrella into the road, using his now-free arms to pull me into a dance. I twirled, unable to hold back a smile, a laugh. Then he slid his arms around me, lifting me and I threw back my head, letting my sodden hair fall back from my face, laughing and laughing. As he gently set me down, I saw that my skimpy white summer-dress had become rather.. See through. It clung to all my curves, showing my matching black lace lingerie. I sighed, but kept smiling. There was nothing I could do about it now. 

"Where are we?" I asked.

"Near mine! You should stop by, dry off!" He replied, his voice raised so that he could be heard over the patter of the rain.

"Yeah sure!" I replied, not thinking much of it. Nathan was just a friend, and besides, I was pretty sure he was gay. We entered his place, and he pulled off his jumper, laying it across a radiator. He touched my arms with both his hands, and murmured:

"Ohhh, you're cold!" He stared into my eyes for a long moment, before continuing. "Lets get you out of these wet things." Silently, nodded, relaxing and letting him slide my sopping dress up and over my head. My eyes were closed, so I didn't notice anything strange until I sensed a light brushing over my stomach, up, over, and then a hand was cupping my breast. I opened my eyes, shocked. He had taken off his shirt and jeans, showing his skinny legs, chest and arms. His arm was outstretched, and even he looked a little shocked. 

"Wh-what? What are you doing? You're meant to be gay!" I muttered. 

"I thought I was.. Until today.." He said, and then, without another word, he pulled me into his arms, and his warm, soft lips were on mine. I let my own arms slide about him, not a thought going toward my boyfriend-no wait, my fiance! Then, his hand was sliding up my back and fiddling inexperienced-ly with my bra. I giggled and stepped back, loosening his grip, reaching back and undoing it myself. It was on the floor before I remembered this was Nathan, not Ben, my fiance... 

But it was too late now. Nathan's hands were cupping my breasts again and he was kissing me, kissing me harder and deeper than before. One hand still cupping my breast, he reached down and snapped my knicker elastic. I gasped, and playfully twanged his, my hand brushing his crotch. And then his hand was in the same place, trapped between both of our under-garments. That was when I gave in to desire. I snaked my hands around to his butt, and pulled off his pants. He stepped out of them, smiling. He did the same to me.

And that's when I made the biggest mistake of my life. 

The End

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