The girl and the dragon

  This was her last moment of life and she was absolutely terrified.

  All the teachings of the priests of the glory awaiting those in the afterlife never entered her mind. She had been a good girl haven listened to her father and the Priests and the Elders. She helped when help was needed, even unasked for sometimes. But all that never entered her fear struck mind. When your 12 and teeth bigger than your head are about to eat you, somethings are far from thought.

  It was a little early for pin' tano berries but on this side of the hill well sheltered from the trade winds by the hugh ironwood trees, they ripened faster. There were a few people in the village still with the Cough and Tegain knew the berries were in short supply this early in spring. Only the most scarlet and softest were picked. No need to make the brew anymore bitter then it already is. Even here a lot of them were not quite ready yet.

  It had taken a few seconds to realize all the birds had fallen silent. And like a untrained child, she had stood up and looked around. She immediately knew her mistake and silently brated herself. The sound of enormous wings could only mean one thing.


  Without even looking, she sprinted for the Ironwoods. Panic was welling up , but she tried her best to hold it at bay. Or at least not let it consume her mind. The trees were her only hope and they weren't that far. She could hear the incrediable swooshing coming closer. She risked a quick glance back and her throat almost closed. The dragon was very close and was huge! And a Red! She was doomed, even the giant trees might not be enough to stop this one. Reds were the most feared of all the Dragons. Fearing nothing and incrediably hard to kill, whole villages have been consumed in a single attack. It was too close and too fast. She knew she would never make it. Tears filled her eyes. A dip she couldn't see and the ground was suddenly not where her foot was expecting it. Stumbling she went down onto her knees and quick like a long eared regaan she was back on her feet.   A cyclon wind blew her off her feet and almost before she hit the ground she was grabbed by the dargon.

  This was her last moment of life and she was absolutely terrified.

 Claws as long as her body held her in a crushing grip. She couldn't draw a breath but the dragon's head filled her world. She was lifted higher and the long sinuous neck shot forward, a mouth filled with teeth bigger than her head filled her vision. She would have screamed but there was no air in her lungs. Suddenly the jaws stopped dead, a for a second of eternity she stared down the gaping maw of a the biggest Dragon she ever had the misfortune of meeting.

  Suddenly the Dargon's head pulled back and if Tegain could have read the facial expressions of dragon kind she would have said consternation. The Dragon regarded her, head unmoving, eyes unblinking. Tegain beat her tiny fists against the claws but to no avail. Her lungs were runnng out, her vision starting to go red. So fast she couldn't follow, the long neck shot forward and she was staring at a hugh nostril. But she was passing out and the terror was almost beyond her now. Her hair swept forward blinding the little vision she had left as the Dragon inhaled.

  'It's smelling me..''  she though and suddenly the crushing pressure was gone, she sucked in hugh gulps of air. She realized she was falling, the ground seemed such a long way down. 'It threw me?'  All thought of the dragon were lost as she slammed into the ground, the little air she had gotten exploded from her chest. Everything swam and she couldn't breath yet again. Tegain struggled for breath and watched the dragon watching her almost in as much terror as she had at first beheld it. Then it snaked forward like lightening and pinned her to the ground effortlessly. Again giant breaths as it smelled her. The mighty head drew back and with almost delicate care, the Dragon extended a free claw and pulled her left hand out where it could see it. Tegain still fought for breath and her head swam between terror and confusion. The Dragon studied her hand, the one she had always been so self conscious of. Most people thought 7 fingers was a curse.

  Once again she was released and she still fought for breath. The Dragon watched her for a second then ever so delicately a claw came forward and gently pushed down on her chest then stopped the pressure. Again the claw pushed down, then released. Suddenly, sweat sweat air rushed into her starving lungs. Great racking breaths filled her world.

  She tried to stand to run but between the burning of her chest and all the aches of a hard landing, all she managed was getting to her knees and crawling. Again the Dragon gently reached out and causually knocked her over. She tried to get up again and once more she was knocked down. This time she was pinned gently to the ground and the Dragon studied her.

  For the first time Tegain screamed then screamed again. The Dragon cocked it's head regarding her. What looked to Tegain as a shaking of the massive head and what could have passed for the rolling of giant gemstone eyes, she was scooped up and after a couple of bounds, the dragon soared into the air, Tegain in claw.

  She screamed again but this time it wasn't in fear of the Dragon... well mostly.

The End

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