The Wyvern Robe

Mama froze and looked down upon Tegain and the runt stupidly. Her eyes flashed from one to the other in utter confusion; perhaps she was surprised at the runt's unexpected show of valor, and she was stuck for an appropriate reaction. In any case, her head hung still with indecision.

The sight of a half-naked girl and an awkward little runt dragon taking a combined fighting stance against a mighty Red Dragon with a bit of shredded tunic dangling from its mouth didn't seem like a particularly funny image to Tegain, and yet there was an unmistakable laugh which warbled through the air behind her, from somewhere beyond the nest. The presence of another being was like a punch in the gut, and Tegain's head spun with confusion as she turned to face the new dragon who found this scene humorous.

Except... dragons didn't speak. Could they laugh? For that matter, did they even have a sense of humor?

Tegain's spinning head forced her to a knee as she looked to find the owner of said chortle, and her imagination thrummed to life. Was the new dragon large enough to be a threat to Mama Red? Would the two dragons fight over the table scraps that Tegain and the runty Purple were? Or could they escape during the melee? Or did the arrival of a new predator simply increase Mama's need to eat them? Her overactive imagination sped away from her so quickly she didn't even realize there was no additional dragon.

The Mama Red temporarily forgotten, Tegain shook her head to clear the fog, “What the hell?”

She stood on her tiptoes, but still saw nothing which could have chuckled, and she frowned. She had heard that one's life passes before one's eyes as death nears, but could that memory flash drive a person to imagining non-existent laughter in thin air? Tegain was probably sure she didn't want to go mad right before she died. She didn't know if the Ferryman catered to the daffy.

Maybe it was Death itself, welcoming her to its black embrace with a hearty chuckle. Or maybe Death, too, thought death by dragon was kind of a slap-stick way to go.

Tegain didn't agree, and wrinkled her nose with the severity of her frown.

The End

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