Tegain's resolution becomes iron-clad

Above her, Mama Red grunted and soon Tegain again felt the clamp of mammoth teeth on the back of her dismantled tunic. Her feet dangled uselessly as the huge dragon once again placed her near the Redlings, who were calm for once and staring at something outside the nest – their fallen sibling, no doubt. As if a little slow on the uptake, it seemed as though they finally realized the extent of Mama's anger, and they were properly mollified by the gruesome sight of it.

Tegain, for her part, would have none of it. She screamed and wiggled and struck at the heavy scales which gripped her. She threw curses at great volume, the likes of which had never before passed from her lips. If she survived, her decorum would surely be a source of private embarrassment for some time. As her situation currently stood, however, she didn't care. What the hell? She was most likely a dragon snack anyway.

You cur,” she wailed, “you big, mean bully! How could you do such an unspeakable act to your own kin?! You --”

Just as she was about to let loose another salvo of bitter insults, her tunic could no longer withstand her flailing, and it let go, and Tegain free-fell just long enough to register the height before crashing into the scratchy (yet thankfully well-cushioned) nest with a jolt. Her breath was forcefully expelled from her lungs and tears of pain spewed from her tightly closed eyelids as her teeth rattled upon impact. She let out a refined, “Huhhhh!” and attempted a breath, but failed to grasp any oxygen. Instead, her ribs throbbed and her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she arched her back and looked up to the sky.

Would her savior come from above?

No. There was only Mama Red, who filled Tegain's vision and glared down at the young girl with steely intent. It looked as though the big old girl was losing her patience.

Tegain didn't care. Even though her lungs burned with lack of oxygen, and even though she was pretty sure she had cracked a rib, her mind knew there was really only one course of action.

With a smirk touching her lips, she raised her good hand and proudly presented Mama Red her middle finger.

The End

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